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  1. This just arrived in the mail. I needed a new hammer & I use Ultra for a lot of my tools, so the extra tips & holder were a bonus. Haven't used it yet, but initial quality is awesome. Hope you guys are doing well!! http://www.ultradenttools.com/index.php/accessories/wedges-punches-hammers/a26b-balanced-body-hammer.html
  2. Your site is very nice! Can you share how you did the "instant free quote" ? Is you website off a WIX platform? Thanks
  3. congratulations
  4. FTW
  5. Great! How about yourself? I've been checking out doording and its like a ghost town over there
  6. hi In for the win
  7. I need a shop truck!!
  8. Can't wait to check this truck out in person Stewy. I'll be there, hope to run into a few of you guys.
  9. In it to win it!
  10. Cool video!! You have skill/style with your yellow squeegee
  11. How is your day going? Mine is going great so far! FTW
  12. any business can pay you good money. There is a picker uper in Vegas that makes bank. Do what interests you, I think Steve Jobs said "the way to be successful is to love what you do"
  13. did I win? FTW
  14. You still here Dave?
  15. I use 2.5oz per gallon in Vegas, works good.