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    I ride road bikes & Love my 2016 CAAD 12. I also enjoy MMA, Shooting, Hiking, Tennis, Poker, Mob stuff,
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  1. Last One To Post #881

    Same in Vegas. Hot like usual but with some humidity. My weeks starting off strong.
  2. Last One To Post #881

    How's everyone's week starting out?
  3. Tinted a friend’s Miata hardtop

  4. Sole Proprietor vs LLC

    (not tax advice and talk to accountant) I'd do SP first, it's cheaper to start & you'll probably have a loss the first year or two, and if you're working somewhere else it makes it easy do deduct your losses on your taxes (pass through or something like that), once your up and running LLC. You can homestead you house and have the same protection. I'm not sure your situation. In Las Vegas, the common trend is having a personal guarantee even if you have a LLC.
  5. Pic of the Week #584 Submissions

    this is going to be a tuff week, so many excellent jobs!. Is that Mercedes the 4x4 2(squared)? I hear those are the awesome off road.
  6. It's not the same, but with him MIA these might be the next best thing...
  7. Pic of the Week #582 Winner

    looks good!! I think those are a blast to drive
  8. Last One To Post #871

    Happy 4th of July
  9. Tinting from home

    definitely get your neighbors on board. Make sure the film is picked up. You have a sweet spot right now, and one bad neighbor complaining to the right people can make it all go away.
  10. Pic of the Week #580 Vote

    #6 was my truck in high school, same color and everything but mine was a '78 w/460
  11. Any Hott summer weather tips??? Cold water ?

    you're probably right @Bham The ice packs I use are the hard plastic kind and I wash them before giving them the plunge, and have filter, but I can totally understand and see that any chance I can eliminate a possibility for contamination I should take it. thanks for the idea
  12. Picked this up today

    thanks @davebheam
  13. Create your own EPS file.

    great vid!
  14. Any Hott summer weather tips??? Cold water ?

    I use the orange tint slime & also put ice packs in my 5 gallon tank. Ice would dilute my solution as it melted, ice packs were better option.
  15. Last one to post #833

    raining in Vegas, I love the smell of rain in the desert