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  1. Anagraph express plotter

    hey you still got it?
  2. Nissan Kicks beware 3rd brake light

    Take care popping it loose, the plastic that holds the clips is super thin. easy car besides that.
  3. Contract Bond

    You might want to say where your from, that would be a start.
  4. I keep getting dirt in my tint/help/ suggestions please

    What the hell is a Northstar?
  5. Most annoying customers

    No customers in shop. PERIOD! I tell them we had someone slip on the wet floor and fall so no exceptions! Yes a guy did slip a number of years back, luckily one of us was right beside him and caught his arm. Old dude probably would have broke his hip.
  6. 2018 mustang any surprises??

    Main thing I noticed extremely tight getting in back seat. same with 18 camaro.
  7. Tinting school bus

    So, who's done one? Its a full size bus not the little one. 44 panes 1x2 and 2- 20''x20'' It seems light gaps will be an issue, plus dirt. Any idea on price? Thanks guys
  8. Warning Lexus 460 door panel

    Did a 2011 front door panel only has 3 screws BUT WATCH POPPING UP THE SWITCH ASSEMBLY! The surrounding material is way soft and will tear in a heartbeat. I used a nylon trim tool and it still was wanting to gouge it. Happy tinting folks.
  9. 2016 Ford Focus and RS model

    rear deck pulls out easy, just 4 clips.
  10. As the title says, the gaskets seem rough. I'm sure someone has done one. Thanks.
  11. What font is this???

    Thanks guys.
  12. What font is this???

    Anybody recognize this weird font? I swear every kid in graphic design school makes 10 fonts a week. Thanks!
  13. 2018 431I grand coupe

  14. 2018 431I grand coupe

    430 not 431 sorry for the typo
  15. 2018 431I grand coupe

    anything special to watch out for, besided the owner? Do the gaskets need felt? and do you pull the door panels? thanks