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  1. Tint Artist

    Last one to post #913

    Been a steady week here in florida after the midterms! I was worried it might effect how people spend there money! Hope things can get more civil!
  2. Tint Artist

    Pic of the Week #598 Winner

    Congrats!!! Very nice!!!
  3. Tint Artist

    Last one to post #912

    Just got done voting! OMG!! What a line i had to stand in! 2 and a half hours before i got in! The line looked like a caravan of voters!l lol
  4. Tint Artist

    New Florida Window Tinting marketing strategy

    I voted for Trump and i'm a registered republican but i would be to afraid some angry democrat would torch my shop or vandalize it! we live in a civil war time as far as politics are concerned! It's bound to offend someone because there stance is different then yours! I want every ones money! Therefor i make it a point not to talk to anyone about religion or politics while i'm at work! Having a cold beer after work at a bar is a different story though! lol cheers!!
  5. Tint Artist

    Last One To Post #903

    I installed a tv in my bay with a fire stick so i get sunday ticket so i can watch football! Every other weekend my kids are at there mothers so i work! Sunday has become one of my best days because everybody else is closed and alot of people are off work! So i load up my schedule and make extra money!!
  6. Tint Artist

    Last One To Post #903

    Packed schedule on a Sunday!! I'm happy i think! nope!! i'd rather be fishing or bowling! Well ..good morning to all that is working today!!
  7. Tint Artist

    Pic of the Week #593 Winner

  8. Tint Artist

    What did you tint today?

    Boyee that's clean for an 84!! Nice work!!....I graduated in 84!! Oh god i'm a geezer!
  9. Tint Artist

    Last one to post #897

    late lunch today!
  10. Tint Artist

    Pic of the Week #592 Winner

    Nice work!!! I love flat glass jobs like that! Easy money!!
  11. Tint Artist

    X-zacto knifes

    Yeah i just went to the olfa super store on line and saw it with a bunch of other cool knives that they have! ....screwing in one blade at a time sucks with exactos! i look forward to using it!!
  12. Tint Artist

    What did you tint today?

    Nice job!
  13. Tint Artist

    X-zacto knifes

    I use exacto knives for tint graphics and i never knew about the olfa art knives! I'm gonna give that a whirl! It looks useful and i can see using it on an old f150 slider like drtint said!!
  14. Tint Artist

    Last one to post #896

  15. Tint Artist

    New Tint Shop Need advice

    Im quick to tell people that most of the cost that you pay for is the talent of the application that we do at our shop as compared to the guy down the street! sell yourself and dont be shy about it!!! Confidence goes along way and be super nice to people!! If there is one thing that besides great work that is mostly important it's being friendly and nice! people want to be treated good and will return to that!! Good luck!!!