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  1. I had Express Window Film turn purple instantly when used alcohol. Not a good idea for auto
  2. That was quite a few years ago, I'm surprised he didn't say anything. I didn't notice it, and that's not how my jobs usually turn out. But still, a BAD example
  3. 30!? Damn Tom I've got some CF projects to do this summer, I might be able to help you out when I do
  4. Missed that one slightly
  5. x2
  6. Representin' TD! I like the sides, nice and clean and not 'too busy'
  7. Great job(s) F1!
  8. Thank Sy, Had a Rockford 1501bd hooked to them mate
  9. Cleaning out my Photobucket account and finding old pics today. Had a custy get a quote from me but decided to attempt it themselves. Needless to say, he was very happy to pay the money and bring it in afterwards. When he brought it back to me: When it left:
  10. Fiberglass subwoofer enclosure I built for three JL 12W3v2's
  11. Molded a double DIN head unit and a Garmin into a 2002 Tahoe
  12. Center console overlay I did in real carbon fiber. Off-topic but thought some may find it interesting
  13. That thing is awesome looking TTTT!!!