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  1. Hello Blade been off for a while..all new guys here..J
  2. I had a terrible time with some DR15 curling up and peeling off. Almost every window sun or not.That's not right..had to drive 25miles to redo the curling. probably cost me another job..Some was oin the sun and some not..
  3. Who has the best white out.. not frost..I don't want to use vinyl thanks , oh well, who has the best frost while we're at it?
  4. They have another corner of the store with b/out half way and they want it top match..This is corporate so too much trouble to talk to someone who can change the deal..Thanks for the help all
  5. I have a storefront east and west windows non tempered. They want to put up shelves in front of the windows and want the windows blacked out so the shelves aren't visible from the outside. They want to put the film partially up the windows about halfway. They go up about 8 ft but they just want them tinted 4 ft up so light can come in above the shelves. There are also 34x33 windows bel;ow the big ones that they want fully blackedout..I did another store like this about a mo ago and as far as I know no problems..should I do it? I warned them about glass breakage. I'm in San Diego so it rarely gets above 100C but it does somethimes and these shelves will block and circulation to cool the glass..what would you do? thanks I don't want to put blackout on the exterior cause it won't last..I know the answer is black vinyl but they want it inside..
  7. Don't worry about what to do in your down time..You're in San Diego..lot's to do..and you'll probably tour the factory..
  9. I got a good tip and have used it''Tint it with newspaper and let it sit for about 10 minutes it worked for me..seriously
  10. I've put black vinyl on exterior without any issues..yet
  11. That's right Mdog..Thanks TD for keeping us all together on here. I remember the first time I logged onton TD and spent a couple of hours reading.I learned alot about the internet by being a member and am proud of being #26 on the member list..Expertint
  12. It was hard finding each other without knowing what we all looked like but the Monte Carlo brewery was a good place..Have fun and make a big TD sign or tell the hostess where the TD party is..
  13. Hey Blade and guest..have fun over there..seeing you two was the highlite for me that year...Joseph
  14. look at my number #26 I've been on for a long time and still read but don't do much work anymore..keep on tintin boys expertint
  15. I put an add in the worked for me..brokers didn't