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  1. Pic of the Week #570 Submissions

  2. My mistake. Picked wrong quote

  3. Pic of the Week #565 Winner

    Excuse me?
  4. Pic of the Week #565 Winner

    What does Air80 read?
  5. help!!!

  6. Pic of the Week #559 Vote

    How much for the custom frost?
  7. Pic of the Week #558 Winner

    High Patrol loves car like that
  8. Pic of the Week #560 Submissions

  9. I want to change the industry

    About $300 to strip a 4 door car
  10. I want to change the industry

    Let's say the auto tint industry is making me lose the love.
  11. I want to change the industry

    Our industry is plauged by the dreaded strip and retint the back glass. The film fails in time. The work required to do it and the customers willing to pay for it is a thorn in our side. Warranty work is still a pain for all parties Could you imagine just literally peeling it off and reapplying when it turns? Won't have adhesive failures.
  12. I want to change the industry

    Static cling film for rear glass only. Am i crazy? It wont work for rollups
  13. Comparing 2 Films TSER %'s

    I say it has metal in it. I do alot of cars with Comfort and a piece of Pinnacle on the back for no extra charge. They start to eyeball the dyed film when ceramic is out of the budget.
  14. Comparing 2 Films TSER %'s

    Got alot going on in my life. Business is short handed right now.