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  1. Thought the same thing! However im working it into my routine as it does make it easier
  2. Wait... Are you leaving them a form at their house? You leaving the sq/price?
  3. We were dead now busy
  4. 15 is a bitch to cut no matter how you do it. We have used the FH to cut it, the trick is to plan on only using 2 of the edges and cutting the other 2 on the glass itself. The best tip I can give you when using the FH iswhen the piece is pulled down to the desired length, use a piece of duct tape on the right edge of the film and stick the film to the FH itself. Then plunge your knife through the film 1-2" from the left edge and cut as usual to the right. Then cut the 2" remainder on the left. ..this helps stop the film from racking as the weight pulls it down as you are cutting. We also use the large snap blade knives to cut the film aganst storefront type frames. like these? http://www.autobodytoolmart.com/images/Product/large/EQU-OH1-HB5-Olfa-Knife-Breakaway.jpg
  5. i get rolls cut 26/26/20 to do f250s on plotter with no 2nd quessing
  6. Ive always had a helper when installing safety film. 1. Spray glass 2. Have helper get off liner 3. Spray film too. 4.Hang It seems that your first couple passes at top always had that weird "hazyness ,champagne etc with a Thors Hammer.
  7. I put 11 mil on our shop front door and an attachment system. It had some "champagne" looking stuff in it. It faces due south and i kid you not it took 6 months for it to go away.
  8. LLumar makes SCL SR PS 15
  9. I lost my sanity one week trying how to cut it nicely. Lost a year of my life in 1 day trying to figure out how to do it on the film handler. I was able to cut it on a plotter to "score" the film. Then put it on the table and used an olfa knife to cut it on the score line. I want to meet the best 15 mil installer and watch him start to finish. Then i want to see the hazyness " champagne".. See the install 3 months later to see if it dries out like mine.
  10. 2008 Chrysler 300 did it.
  11. We have been involved with "LLumar" for 35 years.. Shows something about a brand/manny that you can trust in for warranties
  12. My prices are similar. However you state $250 to scrape rear glass. When you quote removal with client do you leave them with $150-$250? They have to agree in writing with that price?
  13. Pinnacle has been 99.5% for a long time
  14. Buddy in Hawaii has been testing it.