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  1. 120 miles out
  2. I'll get you some pics
  3. I've been busy gentlemen
  4. I saw a picture.. " not naming names" of some guys holding a 100" roll of Llumar
  5. I truly like this video and his logic
  6. Has alot of sensors. Anyone doing them with any issues with Air 90?
  7. That one might spray water pushing on it or pulling on it
  8. Where did you here that bud?
  9. Orange County?
  10. Might work with the Liberals
  11. id like for you guys to try a regular hair dryer on the inside to ad a little heat
  12. Blue towels dont absorb well or glide on tint well. Low lint though
  13. Wanting to try static cling over my installations on doors to prevent knicks from keys/rings by the push bar. Anyone ?
  14. Small torch to heat up sides for fine tuning
  15. I haven't read all the posts but why would you be shrinking fingers on the sides?