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  1. Post 9 is important
  2. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c6-corvette-general-discussion/3118086-do-blacked-out-tail-lights-pass-texas-inspection.html Good luck
  3. Wish Smartie was still around
  4. I'm wondering if it could be used for us flat glass guys behind tight areas where drywall is 6 inches from glass.
  5. Yes alot of times you have to stand infront of plotter and pull the film when it is coming out so it doesnt "bunch" "curl" on it self
  6. LLumar ATR would be the best film at a cost that is worth it.
  7. Guys!! The UV will destroy the SR coating on these "open" boats.... You have to explain that to them.
  8. Cut down one of those pool noodles.. If static crazy add a poof of baby powder. Just wipe off when done cutting.
  9. Either way...When the time comes to remove and adhesive is left..how do you remove it without scratching?
  10. Ford 250/f350 Order a 72" cut 26/26/20. Some of those patterns are close to 24/25" Ex. On Precision cut you need 24.7" sometimes you cant "rotate it a bit to work" Your pinch rollers have to be perfect to get by. Alleviate some headache with extra room. The rolls can always be used for other things as well. Doing windshields. Always take a look at the glass stamp. You need to realize that 50% of the time the glass could have been replaced with a cheaper version and black borders around mirrors etc can be different., Save yourself some cash taking the time to look before you cut
  11. 5,6,7? good, better, best? They are calling me like crazy
  12. Yes Dotrix.. It is like a black vinyl... Let them know that usually at the angle of it.. They wont notice it or it wont reduce any visibilty
  13. Sweet!
  14. Llumar UV Shield
  15. Yes our shop used to be an oil change place. One roll up can support big rigs and motor coaches