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  1. Thanks guys. How do I go about getting it back into place where it will then shut? Do I trigger the automatic lock to "unlock" the door?
  2. I'm tinting a 2008 Viper tonight. I've done some research, and the windows come down 1/2 inch upon opening the door. Those of you that have done these, what do I need to do in order to trick the door into thinking it's closed, so I don't leave a gap? Thanks in advance.
  3. What do I need to look out for? Also, what is a good price to charge on these?
  4. I have days like this too. Makes you wanna throw your hands in the air and say "fugg it". Especially when your film is out of the roll, and into the trash bag. Dang that sucks to see when you're stressed out.
  5. I went ahead and tucked the rear corners, with enough solution the film slit right in. Alos, It wasn't a problem for me because I'm not a big guy...but that rear deck could be a pita! Bulldozer like posted above me here is the key for completing the job (without taking out panels).
  6. I havn't done a 2010 yet...but the 09's are EASY!
  7. I've purchased the stuff from a local distributor in KC. I don't have any bad things to say about the product...but I'm not the pro yall are yet.
  8. I don't want to clutter up the thread, but I've been wanting to know how to do this. You can tell me all day until I'm blue in the face, but a youtube video would make sense...anyone?
  9. LOL...fixed. Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!
  10. I'm doing one this week...are they complicated...any tips?
  11. I'd like to introduce myself. I live in Kansas City, I've learned how to tint. Thus far I'm good enough to be out on my own, but DO NOT know everything there is to know about tinting. As you can see in my avatar, I ride sportbikes. I enjoy long walks on the beach, blah blah blah blah...HA HA. Seriously, Can't wait to get to know some more of you guys on here, this site has helped me a lot. Thanks for all of the input. (I should have started here before jumping into the posts all of a sudden)
  12. I hope you don't mean me, I wasn't trying to come accross that way if I did.
  13. Yea, you're a mod. You know the biz...the higher the post count, the better the tinter you are. LOL... It's not about post count or your skill level, it's about showing some respect and civility and not acting like you can be a jerk because you are behind a keyboard. Oh, I completely agree with you. (you couldn't hear my sarcasm through the typing) I'm not going to stir the pot...I suppose catching slack is part of the gig on a forum. Newb's catch it on my forum too. I've caught some snide comments from guys on here already, but you're right TD...hiding behind the keyboard makes it easier to talk someone down.
  14. Yea, you're a mod. You know the biz...the higher the post count, the better the tinter you are. LOL...