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  1. We typically have 4-5k SF of white frost in stock all the times. 48s /60s/ and 72s, Along with Dusted and Frosted Crystal. Always a couple rolls of White out Black Out as well as Construction White out, Silver 15/20 and Various rolls of DRs. im guessing we have 3-400 rolls in total in stock, not all full but never the less, our inventory is ... large.
  2. About a buck two fifty.
  3. That film is 2mil. Negative
  4. Anti Graffiti. Just let it dry on its own
  5. You can shave it, just let it dry a bit longer than usual. That film is actually printed on AG film.
  6. Harder to cut... if you have never done it before.. possible to crease a corner beyond repair if the frames are deep and you are not careful.
  7. Deco is 95% of what we do. IMO printing on .04 mill is easier for them on the material handling side of things. Less of a chance of kinking or creasing it during handling. For us, 04 is a nuisance, we would much rather use .02 mill film for ease of instillation.
  8. It's printed on .04 mill
  9. It's just window film.. you will figure it out. Several of their films have nuances to them. IMO, these sku# should have a instillation instruction sheet in the box. .02
  10. What constitutes a original ?
  11. And just a tip.. With deco, the opportunity to become a building standard is very real. You have the ability to label and brand virtually any decorative film as your on so it is difficult for someone to shop and time consuming for another shop to equal. With a little work, you can have YOUR spec utilized as the material on build outs and weather or not you install it.. The actual installer will have to buy it from you.
  12. I imagine if Solyx is available in HD, it will be a limited line of films. Solyx has managed to become the go to supplier for everything deco. To the point where, a few years back, 3M basically threw in towel and gave them the distribution for Fasara branded films. I have said it for years now.. Deco is the cash cow in the window film business today. If you are not in the game sling deco... You are missing the boat.....make it now because it's only a few more years before that market is whored out like auto and solar.
  13. I don't know if the film has resulted in fewer bird strikes. Once we install, I don't go back and audit the results. I'm just the donkey giving them what they ask for. IMO.. birds are odd creatures.. one year they may set up camp in your yard and when mating season comes around, they attack anything they see as a threat. ( reflections in glass that look like another suitor) .. we had a Robbin here last spring that pecked our windows no less than 30,000 x for 3 weeks straight.. bird film did absolutely nothing to deter it. .02
  14. Mike, we have installed a fair amount of it ... just another film, lick it and stick it.
  15. .....he has forgotten more about window film than most will ever even know.