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  1. Decorative Film

    Those are decent for a shop owner who does a couple thousand SF a month of deco..after that...they are painfully slow printers... and spendy to maintain..
  2. Pic of the Week #597 Submissions

    This is a custom print project we did today. It was a couple hundred lineal feet all together.
  3. Decorative Film

    If you guys are looking for gradients or any other white ink patterns, send me a PM. We just launched Deco Film Depot at the Window Film Mag conference in SanAntonio last month. I can send you all sample packs. ..They are sure to impress.
  4. Pic of the Week #596 Submissions

    It has been quite some time...years..since I tinted anything auto related.. but last night I picked this up used from a family friend and decided it needed to be tinted. Doors were easy but the windshield needed a fair amount of shrinking. ..after doing it..i remewhy I don't do auto anymore.. all in all..it came out nice. Doors have no trash behind the film and windsis clean as well..outside of a very small 1/4" crease at the top edge where the film refused to shrink anymore.
  5. Arch Windows

    Arches are easy, onceyou measure and cut your sheet of film,crop the top corners offso they are not wanting to flop down as you are trimming the rest. Then lay the film on the glass and cut the radius, leaving it about 1" long on the bottom.doing this will allow the film to stay off the bottom frame when you are installing it and keep it from touching something and getting crap behind it.
  6. Contractors are one of our main sources of business. It takes time to develop relationships with them. You need to understand the GC mindset.. Above all they don't want problems with vendors..let alone a window film guy. Everyone calls them, and says they are the best thing since sliced bread..they have heard it all before..from everyone who wants their business. My suggestion is to call the secretary, do not try to sell her on the call,.. simply tell her you would like to talk to estimating and get on their bidders list. GCs bid almost everything... it takes years and numerous projects , that go off without a hitch before most contractors won't bid you for 100.00. There is little... if any loyalty ...particularly with large companies ..it's all about the number. At this point of our career, we turn down bids from contractors that continually send us plans.. who have in the past had us do the legwork to bid..only to take some other bid that was lower. ..it is what it is. That's how contractors roll. Fortunately we have a pool of 50-60 of them who we have worked with over and over again..developed trust and personal relationships who no longer look elsewhere for film.. we also remain consistent with pricing and service , and never take advantage of their loyalty.
  7. Big news soon to be released

    Thank You. We are certain dealers who use our products will be thrilled with it ..given what has been in the marketplace to date, ..ours is light years ahead.
  8. Big news soon to be released

    Are you going to San Antonio ?
  9. Big news soon to be released

    It's being built, will be live for the conference. We make all of the most popular gradients being used today, but on more user friendly media than has been offered in the market previously. ..With better ink adhesion. ..As well as Dusted and Frosted Crystal and a few other staples, like White Frost and Black Out etc.
  10. Colored window film

    Solar Graphics.com. More colors than you could possibly imagine. Made by Eastman ( llumar) very good quality and durability.
  11. Different ways of landing commercial jobs?

    Networking groups are all over the place. Any of them can either help or be a waste of your time. All of them will require time and effort to be fruitful. Think of them as a social environment where you will soft sell your goods and hope to build relationships for future considerations. ..not somewhere that someone is going to drop a 50k sf job in your lap. There are a thousand different bid sites for you to choose from. All of them require a fee based subscription and pretty significant plan reading capabilities. If you are not familiar with the bid process of real projects or working with numerous different contractors and waiting to get paid for 60-90 days..then having a 10% retainer held back for 360 days.. you will need to adjust your expectations. Dodge reports is a very common plan room you can look into. Before you start bidding anything..make certain you have substantial insurance coverage. 2-5 M liability , Umbrella coverage of 5M is also a common requirement. As well as 1M covered auto and Comp.
  12. Big news soon to be released

    Ain't that the truth
  13. We have not been very active here over the past months..But there is some BIG news that will break here very soon... There is my tease.....Anyone here going to the Tint Off in TX this year ?