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  1. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    You look good for 82......
  2. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    Bus bars are all on the top. Wiring was a challenge, one section of the job is a 4 piece accordion door, with a wood door next to it that has a vision kit in it... Total pita
  3. TomTint

    What did you tint today?

    Switchable glass job we are working on
  4. TomTint

    CoolVu Window Film | 75/50 Transition

    Yeah...their spelling is bad too.
  5. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    Real estate is cyclical, the last 3 years due to the administrations policies, Values have climbed, the previous 8 years they were basically stagnant and stuck at the values of the recession era. If 2020 brings a change ( and I doubt it will ) in the resident of the WH.. Interest rates will climb, and your value will again be on the decline. You can take that opinion to the bank...
  6. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    Leg, nose and a few fingers and a couple ribs were hickey. The rest was Moto X ... Started racing when I was 8 or 9. The first collar bone was from going over the bars.....heard it break but didn't know what it was.. Till it cane through the skin. The next 2x I knew they were going to break before they broke..
  7. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    You could say that. ..I actually met him when I was 8. At that time I had already been on 2 wheels for 3 years.
  8. TomTint

    Solar FX buyer beware.

    The past few years there have been countless reboxers pop up. Many of them will go tits up once their comebacks start to pile up and they can't cover the warranties. I have no experience with SolarFX and no idea how they plan for warranty reimbursement to dealers. if I were ever to hitch my cart to a reboxers horse, I would want to see the bank acct they set aside for such warranty issues. .. If you are in this business for the long term......saving pennies now, will cost you dollars in the future.
  9. TomTint

    Window Film Cores Recycling!

    End caps are really box specific. Meaning that depending on what size box the distributor uses, it's usually engineered to fit the material with a specific end cap. ..some end caps are wider than others to absorb and spread the weight of the material. Others are like the little black ones with a 1/4" flange...basically good for 20" rolls of auto film... not 100 foot rolls of Dusted Crystal
  10. TomTint

    Window Film Cores Recycling!

    We pay short money for them now.. if I were closer to you it would be worthwhile to pick them up..but shipping them is probably a net negative
  11. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    A quick off the top of my head..I have. Broken every finger on both of my hands at least twice and mt right thumb once. Broke 3 bones in the back of my right hand once. Broke my right collar bone once and the left one twice. Broke 5 or 6 ribs over the years and my lower leg down near my ankle (Fibula) once. Broke a few toes here and there and also my left wrist. My nose once I can't remember any more.. maybe when I get up and walk around I can see what hurts and add to the list. .. as of now I need a right hip replaced..and my back aches every day.. #oldandwornout.
  12. TomTint

    Window Film Cores Recycling!

    We have thrown out countless numbers of old cores.....I wish I had had kept the 72" ones... We use them to re roll printed film.
  13. TomTint

    What's Your Most Hated Thing To Tint?

    Anything with wheels.
  14. TomTint

    The Chat Thread

    I have no horse in this race and no axe to grind either. But business is business. If the supplier had no luck getting paid for the material they provided..after several months of trying. ..There are few options to do it without legal expenses and or other costly means. IMO if a supplier is willing to give you terms and not ship everything pre paid or COD, ..that's a trust that should not be taken advantage of. Is the 200.00 going to break anyone..I doubt it. But it's not the amount, it's the principal. Imagine if you owed 3M , Eastman, Madico etc that same 200.00..... then left it out there for months on end unpaid. .. you would most certainly not be able to order from them on terms, most certainly have a credit ding on your FICO, and inevitably pay late fees on the original bill as well as any other added fees for collection they choose to add. IMO PF made reasonable efforts to settle this and move on.
  15. We just today got our first pre production roll of a clean removal film...that everyone hates to remove..above all others... hoping to have it available to the public in the next few weeks. 😎