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  1. TomTint

    Pic of the Week #614 Submissions

    I guess a little bit.. The architect wanted it to look like grass ... took her about 15 different mock up prints to settle on this design.
  2. TomTint

    Pic of the Week #614 Submissions

    Printing a project we are installing later this week. It's about 1200 sf total. Printed on Dusted Crystal.
  3. TomTint

    Installing frost with lettering

    We just print it 😜
  4. I may be wrong but it appears there has been a uptick in job vacancies and posts here for labor. ..Sounds to me like if you have the chops and are a quality installer... you can name your price to many of these companies who are struggling to get installers.
  5. TomTint

    Reflective Blackout Film

    Tempered glass is made by firing the glass to the mouton point, ( basically liquid ) then cooled. You will never, ever get the glass that hot with any film application. If it ever broke, it would not be due to a external application of any window film.
  6. TomTint

    Reflective Blackout Film

    The chances that you break a piece of tempered with black slim to none..and Slim just left town.
  7. TomTint

    Pic of the Week #610 Submissions

    Working on another custom print. This one is going to be really cool. 😎
  8. TomTint

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    That's funny,, because anytime anyone asks me to tint a car...I start convulsing too..
  9. TomTint

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    Age old problem that won't ever have a solution. As you know, window tinting is a trade, problem is that it is a trade that requires no significant license or oversight to get into. And a surplus of suppliers willing to whore out rolls of film to anyone with a credit card. Once anew hire figures out hitch side of the film sticks..they flee and open up their own "shop" ...been that way since before I started in this business ( 1985 ) ..and will be that way until I'm pushing up daisies
  10. TomTint

    Exterior Commercial Film

    If there is a cap sheet, I imagine it's because the film has no SR coating and the cap sheet allows you to install without scratching the film. The Achilles heel of exterior films is its SR coating.. they no likely the elements.
  11. TomTint

    Exterior Commercial Film

    Mfrs hold their construction formulas pretty close to the vest. That said, Hanita was really the pioneer in the field, IMO it is primarily due to the fact that their large presence overseas required them to develop film that can be applied on the outside..because triple pane glass is far more commonplace in places outside the US. As well as other high performance glass types that are not receptive to interior film. Companies like Eastman etc slap their AG coating on their films..and call it exterior film.. it may hold up longer than their standard SR coating..but is certainly not on par with Hanitas design.
  12. TomTint

    Blade disposal

    We are all commercial, so when I'm on the job site, I snap them and stick them in my pouch. Once we are done for the day or two, I dump them from my pouch into the trash bag or barrel. .. it's worked for 30 years so I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.
  13. TomTint

    Exterior Commercial Film

    As has been stated by S2S, look at Hanita. It's the best quality exterior film on the market today.
  14. I give it a matter of weeks before 3M is marketing their exterior films as fire proof