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  1. We have a D.C. Removal on the schedule for next week. I'm going to try sweating it off with Epic Orange.. that stuff works on dry adhesive..I'm thinking it will kick butt on D.C.
  2. Pic of the Week #604 Submissions

    I have absolutely no idea... I missed Binary day in school...
  3. Pic of the Week #604 Submissions

    This is another one of our printed projects we have done in the past few weeks. It's Binary print that relates to the company's services. We printed and installed about 1800 SF of it on their conference rooms and offices.
  4. My concern would be when it comes time to remove it... That stuff can pull paint off cars... I would imagine it would be able to pull the finish off a painted door panel as well. ...if it were me..I would just keep the door panel well armoralled and just wipe any boot mark off with a rag.
  5. We have been using the Epic Orange on CDF.. it devoures it.. saves incredible amounts of time ..and blades. We fitprst used it straight.. but it was irritating my hands...and melting latex paint off metal heaters.. cut it 70/30 and still had very good results. Without other unwanted effects.
  6. Anyone Else Have This Issue??

    It's the SR coating, it is especially noticeable when fluorescent lighting is hitting it. If they swap it out to a LED bulb, it should disappear
  7. Suntec Vs. 3M Security Film

    That video is somewhat core ya graphed, if the "shooter" pushed the but end of the rifle into the holes. That were shot in the film.. The film would rip and access could be gained within seconds. This is true of all PET films..not just this brand. Once security film is compromised in any way, it is inherently weak at the penetration.
  8. Suntec Vs. 3M Security Film

    There are so many variables with security film. ..Film alone is all useless by itself. It needs to be attached to whatever it is framed in. If this is a residential application... you may be wasting your money...or have to deal with some unsightly attachment system. If you are able to elaborate on your situation or post pics would be best.. I'm sure better advice can be provided.
  9. Suntec Vs. 3M Security Film

    Something to take into consideration, The skill level and experience of the actual installer, is more important than the decision you make between those 2 films. If the installer is does not cut the film properly..it is inherently weak. Stops and starts in a lineal cut will cause film to tear at that spot..every time. "Superior tear resistance" means absolutely nothing if the installer does not do their job correctly
  10. 2019+ Silverado 1500 (new body style)

    Back when we did cars... there were very few vehicuthat we ever removed the door panon..very few.. why not just learn how to do it with out disassembling the car ?
  11. Tint Pouch Collection

    For years we just used the simple finish carpenter pouch you get at Home Depot for 10.00, on occasion, our rep would stop in and drop off a few that were branded with the Mfrs logo. ..they were free. ..I bought one from Quick Draw..and could get rid of it fast enough.. Recently we got a few from Mike Sanchez.. and IMO, they are the best in the market. Very very well thought out and super high quality. He also embroidered our logo in them and added our company colors on the piping.
  12. We have removed thousands of SF of that stuff. Bag it..keep it wet..and wait. .the longer you let it soak..the easier your job will be. Also helps to cut it into 8-10" wide strips when pulling it off.
  13. SFX knockoff

    China is a miserable place.. Afriend of mine had a furniture importing business here and his main supplier was from China. He sold to the biggest names stores here in my region. His process was to order container full loads ( dozens at a time ) ..Pay for them in advance and wait till they arrived at port etc. the company in China he had dealt with for 8+ years took his last order of more than 1.8M and never shipped it.. closed the doors and either moved , changed business names, or closed all together. My friends funds were unretrievable. If put hi. Out of business and almost bankrupt. Every time you shop for something and see "made in China" on it.. Think about who and what you are supporting by buying it.
  14. A new window film manufacturer, based in Europe, opens doors!

    The Low E one could be interesting
  15. What does “DRY” refer to? (Flat Glass)

    Make sure you use X100 to apply it if that's what is suggested by the Mfr. otherwise..with some films..you will see it on the floor the next day.. CDF..actually stands for "Curls Down to Floor"