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  1. We did that hotel project.
  2. Anything thicker than 04 will require some attention to detail when cutting. We just finished a 11k sf 8 mill job and cut hundreds and hundreds of pieces. Key is to press the locking bar tight against the FH when cutting, so the film does not sag.
  3. We recently looked at a hotel right next to Logan airport in Boston for potential energy savings by adding film. They had a very elaborate..what looked like triple pane units. In fact what it was is a custom made 3/8" piece of laminated glass set in front of the exterior window. The air space is aprox 2.5-3" ... it works incredibly well to eliminate noise. To the point where you can't even hear a 747 taking off and flying right overhead. .. it's also extremely energy efficient and made the application of window film a complete waste of money. #nosale
  4. While all of the films you are asking about will perform very much alike. IMO, the smart money is to go with Pinicle, HO, then the Crystaline.. In that order. The Crystalines Achilles heel is its poor durability.
  5. I can clearly remember in the late 80s early 90s, buying pallets of "export" film for 15-20.00 per 20" roll. Often it was 45.00 per ea 60" roll. ... Apparently this practice still exists.
  6. That may have been me, I will see if I can snap a pic of it. Basically, I got 2 very small bearings and slid a 5/16 bolt through it with a nylock nut on the other side. The resorr splitter blade gets pinched between the 2 bearing races and tightened up with the 5/16 bolt. .. obviously you need to clean up the broken edge of the old slitter head first. I used a bench grinder.
  7. Modern day "factory tinted" glass is remarkably efficient at reducing TSER. .. the factory "clear" glass is even more impressive given the high vlt. It's all to do with the govt mandates for mfrs requirements for more fuel efficient cars.
  8. Eastman is big on having a Yelp presence. I can see it being a posable plus is the auto tinting game but not in the commercial market. We be grudgingly set up a Yelp page and although we have no negative feedback, I'm still thinking about taking gone page down. The risk/reward for us simply does not make sense
  9. The hiprocracy of corporate is nauseating. They will tell you to sell on everything except price, while the entire time they are looking at every possible opportunity to cut costs of goods.
  10. We typically have 4-5k SF of white frost in stock all the times. 48s /60s/ and 72s, Along with Dusted and Frosted Crystal. Always a couple rolls of White out Black Out as well as Construction White out, Silver 15/20 and Various rolls of DRs. im guessing we have 3-400 rolls in total in stock, not all full but never the less, our inventory is ... large.
  11. About a buck two fifty.
  12. That film is 2mil. Negative
  13. Anti Graffiti. Just let it dry on its own
  14. You can shave it, just let it dry a bit longer than usual. That film is actually printed on AG film.
  15. Harder to cut... if you have never done it before.. possible to crease a corner beyond repair if the frames are deep and you are not careful.