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  1. rvpjr


    That looks really nice. I could see myself wearing that. If you send me one, I will do a review on it on my YouTube channel and mail it back to help. I have over 17,000 subscribers. Just let me know.
  2. rvpjr

    Heat display questions

    Ok. My bad. I guess everybody in the department got fired on their day off. Was that on a Friday?
  3. rvpjr

    Coolest tint shop

    Chico in Columbus, Georgia has the coolest tint shop I have ever been to... what is your opinion and do you know anyone who has a cool tint shop?
  4. rvpjr

    out of retirement

    I wish you the best!
  5. rvpjr

    Heat display questions

    I heard that guy got fired on his day off and had to take early retirement. Lol
  6. rvpjr

    Best Place To Purchase Tools

  7. rvpjr

    How did you get your start?

    I started in 1987 when I was 17 years old. I watched plenty of YouTube videos. Lol
  8. rvpjr

    Messed up twice already

    I actually tinted this back window in October, 1993. This was the 1994 firebird but it was the same back window. I promise I could do this window today at the age of 49 because of my experience and the window film technology.... but here I am at 23 years old.
  9. rvpjr

    Heat display questions

    Here is a vintage video that may inspire you to build a cool heat box demonstration.
  10. rvpjr

    Heat display questions

    I like infared bulbs. I especially like the 6" 250 watt bulbs. I really do not care how solar energy gets to the glass just as long as it gets there because any energy will turn into heat. At this point, you can see exactly how the film will manage the heat as it re radiates from the glass through convection and conduction. Your hand will tell you which films actually work the best. Don't get caught up in the bulb too much. The most powerful bulb that heats the glass the quickest will get to the truth on how the product will slow down the heat. Your hand will tell you if it works or not. It is that simple and that is all you can expect out of a heat box. If you want to know how much solar energy transmits through the film, use a broad spectrum beam splitter to get you that information. Just do not confuse heat with solar energy. Even though heat is a form of energy, it is a byproduct of solar energy. Just because a film has great solar transmission data does not mean it will be able to slow down the heat that is created after the solar energy has been absorbed and converted to heat.
  11. Www.flexfilmplus.com