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  1. +1 for magic jack
  2. Bingo your right! The vinyl will shrink over the course of a few years!
  3. wow I've been doing this for years and never once thought to do a seamless vinyl/window tint on a window.
  4. Thats a cool car and a great choice for window tint.
  5. I moved towards building signs for a living.. It has paid me well over the last 5 years tinting and making signs... i'm moving on in 3 weeks though I've accepted a position at a moving company. I will basically be a move broker. Truck brokerage would be my next thought for a career.. These guys get paid silly dollars for lining up loads for toothless people. 0 investment except for real estate. This forum helped me realize that the tint industry is going nowhere. There are a select few people that make good money at this.. the majority of those that are doing well are in bigger cities. I'm leaning towards an office career myself.. I'm tired of being the monkey and i'm one of the few guys that tint windows that can make that change. There are always those in this business that will be nothing more than an installer...
  6. Warranty is definitely gone... Most storefront decals are meant to be promotional and last only 6-12 months.. If by some chance he actually went by his local sign shop to have these printed they might be on a 5 year material .. I would feel a little better doing it knowing that. Super Tip! If the decals edges are horrible or sortof pushed up thats not good for your window tint.. take a straight edge and trip the edge of the decal and be sure to get any adhesive that it left.. at least this would help it not look as horrible.
  7. We are a truck accessories shop that has been installing film for years. Our tinter is leaving the company(me). If you are interested in joining this team please email me a resume (speedshopwindowtinter@gmail.com) Pay is negotiable to what you are worth. If you can install truck accessories that will help you. If you can do custom graphics or signs that will help you. The position will most likely need to be hourly/salary if you can do more than window film. You will be the only installer. Vacation time and bonuses are to be discussed with the owner before employment.
  8. lol thats great man.. especially about kicking the film and then the realization of using it on the other side.
  9. Our tint is about the same.. we are picking up a little bit.. I wouldnt want it to pick up too much ... I might have to hire someone else lol.
  10. Never tinted a backglass, but I've had several customers bring their back glass in the shop to put a decal on it... just a ceramic edge on the ones that I've had.(never sure what year they are)
  11. we have been 15-20 higher than our competition for a long time... window film is probably 25% of our business these days.. The competition has just recently caught up to us in price.. Our customers get what they pay for I'm well aware the the competition is crap.. I've seen the work and in no way will my prices ever match theirs. ( we will be raising soon)
  12. it still cuts squeegees though. all it is is a olfa blade stuck into a plastic holder. You could call it a finger sharpener if you wanted it would do that too it still cuts squeegees though. all it is is a olfa blade stuck into a plastic holder. You could call it a finger sharpener if you wanted it would do that too But did you have to say it twice? I too think the hard card sharpener is crap.... lol I'm almost afraid to say this seems as noone else has... I use fine grit sandpaper to smooth out rough edges on my hard cards. (and my orange crush)
  13. let hope he/you have permission to print and sale those logos... Be afraid of the suits.... be very afraid.
  14. test
  15. lol good look with that.... Corel Does not have the best vectorization tools.