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  1. tjordan06

    Home Advisor & Thumbtack

    Hey All! Is anyone having success using Home Advisor or Thumbtack for Flat Glass promotion? Thank you, Tim Jordan
  2. tjordan06

    Taking Customer Deposits On Auto Appointments

    Do you take deposits on all of your appointments? Thank you for the feedback!
  3. tjordan06

    Taking Customer Deposits On Auto Appointments

    How has that worked for you? What size of deposit do you charge? Thank you for the response!
  4. tjordan06

    Program for appointments and invoices

    How about Square Register & Square Appointments? This is what we use. There is a customer management system, invoicing system, and appointment/calendar management that send reminder texts and emails. It does not directly link to Quickbooks any longer which stinks. But that is about the only drawback. It is not perfect but we have liked it so far. Tim
  5. Hello! Do you take a customer deposits when they schedule an automotive tinting appointment? If so, do you actually charge their card? Have you received much pushback? We have been seeing a recent spike in no shows. We already email, text and call the clients with appointment reminders. I cannot think of any other way to get people to show more consistently.... Thank you for the feedback! Tim