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  1. Heads up on this one. They added front quarters on the doors with little wiggle room. No templates on Tint Tek, so hand cutting this one was fun
  2. good tip on the painters tape! I usually use duct tape, but will try painters tape on the next one I do and try it out!
  3. 45min to a hour for say a new accord but an hour and 1/2 for an older one. for me atleast, the older and more miles a vechile has, the more I clean.
  4. I also use this technique, works great for me, only acouple times it didnt work and then just used some armor all. I let a car get out about 3 years ago without checking the panel for streaks and the customer demanded for me to pay for their car to be detailed. I thought it was alittle much seeing as I could clean it within 10 minutes, but its better to loose alittle money and not have them running around bad mouthing over a slip up.
  5. iv found that it takes up to 2 years to get steady work for just about any auto service business when you start out, thankfully we added tint to our service lineup after being in business for years doing truck accessories so we didn't have to rely on tint to bring in the money. we just got into vinyl lettering and I expect here in a year or so I'll be doing it daily. Gotcha said they offer detailing as well as tint, I would maybe get into that and pay a visit to surrounding dealerships and tell them what you have to offer. im also with him as far as not meeting a price from somewhere else. they want a cheaper job than they can go elsewhere and get a cheap job done. so long as you offer quality work at a good price, people will come eventually. we ate beans and cornbread when we first opened for a good year. hope everything works out for you
  6. I keep a roll of 20, 24 and 40 inch at all times, these sizes work great imo