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  1. 30 could net anywhere from 32 to 26, never seen it go to 21. 20 will net from 22 to 14. depends on brand. 20 from any brand will look more factory.
  2. 20% is good privacy. it's a personal preference. % can vary by brand, global qdp 30 meters between 25 to 26 %. i usually do fronts with 30 and backs at 20 to keep it legal in our state.
  3. hope they didn't have to pay extra for the trash .. i would think it would take 3 times as long to 4 piece that bg than to go ahead and one piece it. i don't understand it.
  4. this would be my guess. maybe something was used during the new car detail the film doesn't agree with. i don't do any prep on the matrix of the new body 150s and haven't had any issues.
  5. ^best advice. i love my plotter but sometimes dealerships get new body vehicles faster than templates are made. as others have, i also suggest stan's school. never met him but heard nothing but good of him. iv been doing autos for over a decade, but when i decide to do flat glass i will be paying him a visit.
  6. it is easy sweep removal, no hassle car.
  7. welcome. i personally use global film. on windshields, always check for rock chips before applying heat, don't ask how i know
  8. pull seal and lay it, easy money
  9. i do 36 and 24. not sure if there would be enough room on 22 for the new ford trucks.
  10. no haze with theirs
  11. i never shrink sides except for oddballs like high roof transit quarters. like jh said, if your not pulling seals, the water is probably pooling up. i was trained to never pull panels or seals. it works for some, doesn't work for me. it's a whole lot faster and cleaner for me to get it out of the way. takes me less than a minute to pull a seal or a panel as opposed to fighting fingers and heating them for 10 min. you just have to find the method that works for you.
  12. and run risk of it breaking? that's crazy! our dealership has us cut out windshields on camaros when they need to remove the dash, warranty pays us good. not really sure why it needs to come out tho
  13. not sure what others do, only cars i shrink doors on are mustangs which i just snap them. skip that step and practice, focus on 10 min doors, 20 min bg, then your cut and cleanup and you will be well under 2 hours in no time
  14. frank the tank!