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  1. Haha. Only if she's 5' 3"
  2. I Got to sleep in this morning.
  3. Morning ever E body nothing on the schedule, so I slept in. gotta go load up the tent and heatbox display for the event this evening.
  4. My stepdaughter in-law is having another baby. She is doing the gender reveal thing in a couple of weeks,,,,,, unfortunately ,, she posted an announcement with a sonogram picture that I am PRETTY SURE, reveals the gender already. I am waiting on someone else to tell her. I don't want to be the one to upset her.
  5. I just hope we don't have to tear down the Bear Bryant and Nick Saban statues I know they offend most of the country. @Lock
  6. Or ---- or - you could be the thinnest one there. Due to all the *snowflakes* trying to sweat off the pounds
  7. Have them crank it up to HIGH and then turn it off. Get in there quick and pull it down then worry about the glue. Dunno Just an idea.
  8. In about two weeks = EVERYONE can go back to arguing and making snide comments about FOOTBALL instead of POLITICS. Never thought I would be so ready for a cheeky Auburn joke.
  9. Cooler this morning but already getting sticky. Morning Ever E body
  10. Bout that time.
  11. Making some rub and some sauce.
  12. Okay, not what I meant. But, you know what I meant.
  13. @Roach Why don't you just GO AHEAD get you a flat, no stairs garden home, centrally located between your Mom and your Sister/Nieces :kickinthebutt
  14. Removing old VentVisor tape Thank goodness for the *eraser wheel*