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  1. When you book it :wink Fly into B'ham for a layover.
  2. Ribeye's in homemade marinade Roasted lemon garlic parmesan asparagus Baked seasoned zucchini and mac-n-cheese.
  3. Get some regular gum the same flavor as the nicotine gum. This will help you get off the nicotine gum you are about to be addicted to. Nicotine is a beast.
  4. Morning again all. Being lazy. I slept in. @TintDude Good Luck bro. Get you some grapes.
  5. Sorry. I left out HighTimes for the LOTP. And I was also looking at the POTW post that you won Stewy.
  6. Morning ever E body. Congrats Stewy and D.A. Beautiful morning with storms rolling in. April showers are on the way. Safe travels StanTheMan.
  7. Has the preschool thing gotten any better ? Is she taking to it okay?
  8. Up early ?? @TintDude
  9. Morning ever E body
  10. @jh812 That MaxPro looks purple right out of the box. Looks like the ASWF Retro and Impulse lines.
  11. Morning ever E body Didn't want to get up this morning. A little chilly but not that winter time crap we have been having
  12. Making homemade chicken teriyaki with fresh ginger and garlic.
  13. It's also VERY PRETTY!! outside again today.
  14. Whoever said the Lexus ES350 is just a fancy Camry. I would MUCH RATHER tint a Camry.