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  1. Last one to post #829

    Look up a couple of easy recipes for baked or grilled or even pan roasted. Garlic, parmesan asparagus Bacon wrapped asparagus just a couple to search for.
  2. Last one to post #829

    @Roach You need to eat more asparagus. Simple way to help your kidneys.
  3. Business Slogans

  4. Last one to post #829

    @Roach hope you are feeling better now.
  5. Last one to post #829

    Gotta start getting more sleep Upside,, came in early, got Chic-Fil-A
  6. The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    Brilliant. That's genius. Probably one of my favorite parts. You have done a really good job. Something to be proud of that's for sure.
  7. The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    Holy Crap. This place is AWESOME!!! So freaking jealous and excited for you. You pulled of a goldmine from a catastrophe. Way to go. The Coke machine in the wall. Explain please. That is absolutely cool.
  8. Last one to post #829

    I think this will be a good thing for your @Roach Shop smart, and get you a place you know you will like for a long time. You already know you have to deal with a rent increase, so keep it as low as possible when you look. You will be fine.
  9. Last one to post #829

    The new Mazda 6 concept is pretty sweet looking. Morning ever E body
  10. Last one to post #828

    Thanks guys. I am actually a little stoked about the Dyno moving in. I know the guy, he’s a buddy of mine for years. I know he’ll be as courteous as he can about the noise. I don’t mind it, and I can tell him when I have a customer waiting. Yes, this should bring me more business for sure. Which I could REALLY use at the moment. :emptypockets This is gonna be a good thing................ I hope :fingerscrossed oh. And not to mention — THE CARS!!! That’s gonna be so cool.
  11. Last one to post #828

    Well,, I'm going to be having A BUNCH of hotrod cars and motorcycles at the shop now. My buddy with the car and bike Dyno is moving in next door. Might be loud from time to time,,, but I should get all kinds of business from his customers,,,,,,,,,,, I hope
  12. Last one to post #828

    Man, my shop is up against the interstate, and I can hear all the bikes that go screaming by. @no ma'am Corpus Christy has ice and snow,,,,,,,, so there is that.
  13. Last one to post #828

    High yesterday was 82°
  14. Last one to post #828

    I had chicken Alfredo tonight, but it came from a local Italian place. Very good.
  15. Last one to post #828

    How are handling them on stairs? Haven’t busted the arse yet have you?