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  1. Ooh , I got it. Place an add for one. Say you are hiring someone to deliver your invoices across and around town, to the MANY customers you do work for. But then of course you couldn't hire her....... That whole conflict of interest thing. edit.... But crap,,, the interview process is perfect. You can ask all kinds of important questions within the first 10 minutes, and it doesn't seem weird because it's not a date. It's an interview.
  2. @Roach New idea for you to find a decent girl. Focus on delivery girls. They already have a job AND a car. And if they deliver food,,,, well that's just a bonus.
  3. I'm sure someone like @smartie2shoes or one of the other gurus of the industry can answer that. I am going off what I have been told by professionals in the business,,,,,,,,, and COMMON SENSE Logic would dictate that anything that breaks down grease, grime and oil has got to be caustic and destructive to adhesives.
  4. Just beware of adhesive failure in the future. Dawn or any dishwashing soap, is designed to break down chemicals and will cause premature adhesive failure. It is destructive, just like ammonia
  5. Ummm Didn't DirectTV or Dish get caught doing just that; with a * mystery * service fee that no-one could explain the reason for the charge.
  6. The new Lexus coupes have a deep slanted rear glass. In order to take out the headrests you have to lower the rear seat back. If the seat back release feels like it is broken Pop the trunk and look in the middle of the seat backs inside the trunk. There is a slide lock that will unlock the inside lever so you can lower the seat back and remove the headrests.
  7. Yeah, It's a nice banner. Gotta love a good distribution company @whitehog @Dragon Distributing You are awesome. Oh wait,,,,,,, you meant the car.
  8. M-M-Mmorning Beautiful Roll Tide red Lexo in the bayo.
  9. Yum, That looks good and needs some soup. Progresso Hearty Tomato soup is where it's at @Roach That stuff has great flavor.
  10. So I guess you are a negative instead of a positive person, huh? Why would you *go looking* for the bad in someone, and automatically assume they do wrong, instead of focusing on the good?
  11. WTG. No ma’am. lunch time. hearty tomato soup and grilled ham/turkey & cheese melt.
  12. I don't have out the layers yet,,, but I do have the heat gun pointed at me currently
  13. Grab a cup of Joe and turn on Bing's homepage for a few minutes.
  14. What?? My entertainment area isn’t sweet enough ??