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  1. Last One To Post #904

    Sir, could you please speak up a little louder,,,, cause I can barely hear you.
  2. Last One To Post #904

    Well, the new Civic Hatch is as hard as they say it is. I could possibly have gotten a little closer if I had a plotter, but it would still take some work. The mexican hat thing makes it hard to shrink around it on the outside. Without a plotter or removing the wing and wiper, it's just not getting done in one piece. Gonna have to find a deal on a rear glass for a stand. I did get really close though.
  3. Last One To Post #904

    @Booms Lemme take some calls from the request lines Wassup Domonique
  4. Last One To Post #904

    Oh I understand. @Booms is a “freak”
  5. Last One To Post #904

    In the mountains above Sundance
  6. Last One To Post #904

    Not even that cold YET, and I can already feel the skin splits coming on. :ouch Wonder what the ratio would be for baby oil in slip solution.
  7. Last One To Post #904

    I sat down and made a list of important things I am currently getting accomplished. #1 =
  8. Last One To Post #904

    It wouldn't mean you have to stop tinting. You just wouldn't have to RELY on tinting. Proper scheduling and you can still tint(or sell) when you want to. The other HUGE part of it is............... a weekly paycheck would make it a whole lot easier to have a new place to live.
  9. Last One To Post #904

    Yeah, No. I don't like the cold. I've got relatives in Minnesota and Wyoming that keep wanting us to come visit. Sure, we will when it's warm.
  10. Last One To Post #904

    :sigh Love weather in Alabama this time of year. Morning, have you got your jacket it's cold out. Yeah, good cause it's gonna be hot later, you won't need it.
  11. Last One To Post #904

    I just did a Camry windshield in CFX-50% and it meters at 40%-41% bouncing. That is plenty dark enough.
  12. Last One To Post #904

    I don't understand how people can live like that @highplains I just made a cop mad. Refused to put 20% on the whole windshield for him. Not even for the PoPo.
  13. Last One To Post #904

    Yeah, I noticed the Tinternet was acting funny. Thanks erry body
  14. Last One To Post #903

    Llano just above Austin
  15. Last One To Post #903

    WOW Just watched the bridge in Llano Texas collapse live.