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  1. @hightimes And he was a local Police Lieutenant
  2. Freegin Creepy Me and the guy in front of me at Subway just ordered the exact same sub, step for step. No differences
  3. No pun intended. Oxygen bottle and all.
  4. BTW = I google chicken fried steak vs country fried steak and this is the first thing that popped up.
  5. @teekayy Those marks are from when you lift the film on the second stage of install and it folds or comes to point when you lift it. On your second stage(the lift and tuck) make sure you bend the film in such a way as not to make it come to point during the lift. Make your fingers long and angled. You also might want to try not going down so far on the first stage of install. This will allow more room for the lift and tuck on the second stage and might stop those marks because the film has more room to move without coming to a point. And as @drtint4211 said,, be careful when you pull the liner on the second stage. If it comes to a point when you pull it, instead of it coming off smooth and even,,, then it will cause the marks also. Usually though, when this happens it is more of a "zipper" looking mark, like drtint4211 said. Good Luck. Also == At the end of your install when doing a check of the window.... if you will hit those spots carefully with a heat gun and a lil' chisler as soon as you seen them, they will all but go away and lay down just fine. Just be quick and don't scratch the film when you do this.
  6. @Jerrybigbird what is up with your foot?? what fell on it?
  7. Morning ever E body. good to see @Booms back on track. I'll know what day it is -AND- when to eat.
  8. Ouch. Dude. Wtf ??
  9. 2017 Nissan GtR Satin Silver with QDP 20%
  10. You all know @Booms makes that Baller Money
  11. Woohoo He's Back!! @Booms
  12. If you are hungry,, does it really matter what the time is? (just saying) HEY!!!! Where is my big belly babalu boogaloo big, boy @Booms Where ya at Bro??
  13. a pic would be nice Pretty sure all the plastic stuff will come off and it reveals a bump off mirror. Remove with a long nose right angle pick tool I think I did one, and when I popped the plastic off, there was nothing behind it. Also, nothing has to come off because I think there is a frit border around everything.
  14. Chili = good food for the winter Chilly = Cold weather Happy Now @Slick
  15. Accounted for Chilly this morning after the rain came through