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  1. Chicken - carrots - smashed taters
  2. 07 Maserati Quattroporte
  3. Almost done with the Maserati. Be glad to be finished. Yeah, I'm over it. They Suck just like any other high end does. 07 Quattraport
  4. :you'rewelcome Peanut Butter Crackers break.
  5. yeah,,, the groundhog was wrong,, I think. ( or I hope, I should say )
  6. I'm guessing it's exactly what no ma'am is talking about
  7. There was just a thread on this the other day,,,, with pictures. It was on a new Maxima.
  8. I am outta here Have a good night ever E body
  9. @DynamicAppearance Don't even start that crap I so hope I'm almost done with my same situation
  10. Bout time to and
  11. Way to go Stan.
  12. Alright @flat rock stan Woohoo.
  13. Do you have that delivered?? If so,, from who?