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  1. Sorry TD. It's currently 70. And has felt cool all day.
  2. That is just ridiculous on a better note. The dry ingredients from my BBQ sauce recipe, makes a REALLY GOOD dry rub.
  3. 'Sup Roach. Strips & shrimp going on the grill. with my homemade rub.
  4. A/C problems?? Here ya go.
  5. Looks like we have switched weather patterns. It's cloudy and cool today. Ahhhhh. otherwise not to bad. You and Mr. TD have convinced me to do a strawberry patch. Should be fun.
  6. @Mrs.TD
  7. Sorry to hear that TD. But the Seinfeld bit.
  8. I feel ya @jh812 @no ma'am Nice. But Extra,, no Light.
  9. @Tint Eastwood I have a good recipe for stuffed bell peppers that you should try. Take that meat and onions and make a mustard sauce and stuff some bell's -- bake them and put some circles of mozzarella and provaloan on them when they come out of the oven. if you want the full recipe let me know.
  10. Mine is coming in pretty good. 3 squash - 3 zucchini producing - tomatoes and jalapeños are stalled out from all the rain. Not enough sun.
  11. Sprayed all the baseboards and bottoms of walls and then went out back and sprayed all the backside like crazy. Sprayed all the electrical pipes entering the building,, which is the main problem it looked like.
  12. Ants!! We have ants!! Thanks to all this rain. Ugh,,, Morning ever E body.
  13. Congrats guys. @jh812 You keep saying "we" and you said "preper"?? Have you hired some help?
  14. Crack one Bruce.