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  1. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Woo. Hoo. :sigh Got a crazy, angry customer who is going senile. Should get interesting.
  2. Bham

    Every window tinter can relate

    I got the razor cut from the frameless window recently. Checking to see if the film was passed the top edge, YEP it was. :bleeding
  3. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Now we are nervously waiting on it.
  4. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    @no ma'am How's the weather ?
  5. I know this isn't the proper spot for this comment, but,,, what most people don't realize is that all tint, cheap or otherwise, has to have UV inhibitors or else the adhesives would just fall apart. UV is what causes the degradation of anything exposed to sunlight, temperature does not matter, and without inhibitors or absorbers built in, paints, plastics, vinyl siding and anything with polymers in it would just deteriorate and fall apart.
  6. The lamination in the roll up windows on autos is not for solar energy rejection. It is mainly for sound deadening and holding broken glass together. Naturally adding film would add more heat rejection and even more shard protection.
  7. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Opinion = What do y'all think about the policy of banks and credit unions not changing cash for cash ? America's First and a couple of others around here won't give change for $100 or any amount of bills, unless you have an account. I somewhat understand, but not really. Cash for Cash is a universal thing and banks of all people should be able to accept and change cash for cash. They have the all the technology to make sure it's real money, not just these pens we check them with. :rant-over
  8. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Don't forget the off key karaoke
  9. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Larry is the white guy, People think he's funny a real estate investor, who makes a lot of money
  10. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Told y’all I had a “good one” this morning.
  11. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Well, I've got a "good one" first thing in the morning and the rest of the week is full. I'm heading out early to get ready for and tonight Later fellas
  12. Agreed, and my thoughts might be a little "vague". I'm not saying our industry is going anywhere, the smart people have also said that anything the glass companies can produce, we can make "better" even if only slightly, by applying our products. So we aren't going anywhere, it's just getting harder to "maintain" with some of the newer advancements. I don't think safety film applications will ever go anywhere. They won't ever be able to make glass unbreakable
  13. Along with what @TomTint was saying,, the new regulation for heat efficiency in new construction is mandating either tinting the windows with a film that meets these standards or using or replacing existing glass that will meet these standards. Well, the glass companies are making glass that surpasses these standards. New construction and most remodels would rather use glass with no film that meets proper standards, rather than glass with a film that will fail or have to be replaced before the life of the structure. I also remember a rather "smart" member of saying that the new advancements in automotive factory glass is on par if not above what we apply.
  14. Bham

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    A little ammonia action.