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  1. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    It was too close to the car seat for me to call it good. Couldn't do that to the little. Done tinting for the day,,, off to the new shop to paint and such.
  2. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    that's rough. The toughest thing I've got going on is trying to decide whether or not to take this BlowPop I just found in this truck.
  3. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    12 Days and I will be back in an air conditioned shop. afternoon ever E body
  4. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    Morning ever E body
  5. If the color is coming out during install, that whole roll is crap. Not gonna matter if you lighten up on the soap or whatever, this should not happen unless you are installing with something extremely strong in the degreaser department. And even then it shouldn't happen that way. Gila is a DIY film that is somewhat reliable. They do have higher levels of their products, but still DIY and not going to last very long.
  6. after reading this, I might be half wrong about some of those marks. Still think some of it is external, but DANG!! If that is what happened during install, then you probably have some really crappy film with bad dye. Sorry bout the eBay thing. That will get you some times. However, If you felt comfortable with installing then I would try to see if a shop will sell you enough quality film to do redo it or try to research a more quality film that you can purchase. NOT GILA
  7. Pretty sure those marks are external. That seems to be a liquid that has etched the glass but wasn't visible until tint was applied. Inspect it really close externally, wet the area and see if the water changes. See if you can feel it with a razor blade or see what happens when you hit it with some 0000 steel wool. But from the pics, that looks like messed up glass on the outside, not the film
  8. Bham

    Is it time to move on?

    Efficiency is one thing, quality is another. You say work more efficiently ?? I say worry more about quality and quit being greedy and have some respect for the industry and not just make money slinging piss poor work. If you won’t accept an application from a quality tinter that can produce work without comebacks only to be looking for how many he can push out, it seems to me you are more worried about the wrong side of things. A quality tinter who produces work that doesn’t come back, will be better than a 14 car a day inexperienced film slapper who only knows how to do one type of car. Probably can’t hand cut a sliding rear window to save his life.
  9. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    Gonna open a donut shop next to a medical marijuana dispensary. Gonna call it " Glazed and Confused "
  10. yes you can tint over the factor mirrored glass, BUT, Be aware that it will not remove the mirrored look. All it will do is make the windows darker and harder to see thru but it will not remove the mirrored look.
  11. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    Makin cabbage rolls for dinner
  12. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    Fixed it for ya.
  13. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    You know I'm just messing with you. I'm not that closed minded. Besides,, this is what y'all think of us. We're all rednecks after our cousins.
  14. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    Either the orange Vette or the Bug from @highplains Or one of @jh812 's tractors. Either the John Deere or the Cat :cointoss