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  1. Peelboard with water catcher.

    I think what you mean is a gutter under the peel board with a bucket at the end. I’ll find a pic tomorrow when I am at the computer
  2. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yes Sir. She is super sweet. She is now the only one we have. Our solid black boy-Onyx- never made it home after going out one night. Not sure what happend to him. But the new girl is awesome.
  3. Off Topic Chat Thread

    @Roach you should be moved in by now, how's that going ?
  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

    My Sunday morning lap kitty.
  5. What did you tint today?

    Sweet ride !! QDP-20% doors and rear CFX-50% windshield
  6. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Very well actually. Windows and seals were in great shape.
  7. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Woohoo. Happy Saturday — not.
  8. Off Topic Chat Thread

    made teriyaki chicken and fried rice.
  9. What did you tint today?

    New CTS with the rear window shade in the hat rack is a PITA. Rear doors are okay, but not fun.
  10. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Not much @TintDude Horrible weather and pain in the a$$ cars. Same old, same old.
  11. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning and Hate it when it's both. That fish tank coffee table actually looks pretty easy to do. Will probably not be Just gotta find the clear tubing and I think I can put that one together. :building
  12. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Get a basic variety pack of "normal" flavors and strengths. Beware the flavored coffees, some of them can be rather nasty, IMO. I personally like the Pete's Coffee Major Dickasons blend. It's a darker, stronger blend. My personal favorite though.
  13. Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    @no ma'am Can I borrow a 10mm ?
  14. Off Topic Chat Thread

    @Roach How's the finger ? :ouch
  15. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Mmmmorning evvvvery bbbbbody :freezing Hey, do those Mr. Clean Magic Eraser things work for teeth stains ? asking for a friend
  16. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Haven’t watched it yet. We don’t do TV so I’ll have to look it up. Time for pool and beer after a full day at work.
  17. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning ever E body Next time you go to a car lot, mess with the salesman by asking about the size of the trunk and if it has an internal release lever. Then get in the trunk and close it, then ask them if they can hear this,,, then start screaming.
  18. Removing top layer of tint

    Since you are only worried about the front two windows, find a reputable shop in your area and have them redo the front two doors with a quality film and you won't have any issues with failure from a film that you know nothing about. If you are going to try and have it removed, they are going to charge you for that part, just go ahead and have them strip all the film off, it's not that much different for them to do it either way, so might as well get new film in the process. If you have them re-tinted, they shouldn't charge much to strip the old film off. The price for a strip and re-tint on two doors is not going to be very expensive. Way more logical choice to go ahead and get new film rather than have what is there fail on you in the future.
  19. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Have proper stuff ready. Then, Leave paper towel on and soak in ice water until towel falls off. Then dry, medicate and rebandage properly.
  20. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Sorry @Roach That sucks.
  21. Off Topic Chat Thread

    My granddaughter said she wants unicorns, rainbows, and fairies for her birthday party. LSD it is then.
  22. Off Topic Chat Thread

    @Roach Have you ever tried grilling corn on the cob, still in the husk? It's super easy and soooo good.
  23. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Don't ever have to worry about dealing with that. Nope. Not gonna happen. I don't think it got that cold when I was in Buffalo,NY; but that is as a cold I never want to experience again. Plus side, is I'm pretty sure the bus will fit in my bay.
  24. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning ever E body. Cold and only gonna get colder all week. Low's in the low 20's for next Monday. Just put in a quote for this monster. HELP!!! :help