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  1. tintpro

    2007 Jaguar XKR

    I have exact same car for next week. Figured I'd just use extra slip and slide the 1/4 glass in but would like to hear of your speaker wire trick. TIA
  2. tintpro

    Horizontal Tunnels

    Well, went back and finished the job with new film I pre-cut the morning before install. The 3 panes did dry with no horizontal lines. I would have bet money they would have not. Yesterday, i decided to backroll 1 piece off the filmhandler and the liner started slipping. (horizontal fingers). Called manny and they said and I quote," We do not recommend backrolling the film ." Never had an issue before so I'm puzzled. Looking for any input you guys may have. Thanks. Oh yea, Bopp liners?
  3. Had a large commercial job recently so i cut the windows 36hrs prior to installation date. I reverse rolled and upon installation, noticed small horizontal tunnels throughout the film. Will the lines dryout or has it become a remove and replace? Not my first rodeo but not sure since i've never experienced this. I tinted 3 windows and decided stop with the install. What y'all think?