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  1. Well, went back and finished the job with new film I pre-cut the morning before install. The 3 panes did dry with no horizontal lines. I would have bet money they would have not. Yesterday, i decided to backroll 1 piece off the filmhandler and the liner started slipping. (horizontal fingers). Called manny and they said and I quote," We do not recommend backrolling the film ." Never had an issue before so I'm puzzled. Looking for any input you guys may have. Thanks. Oh yea, Bopp liners?
  2. Not safety film. Suntek drmirrords7. Thanks smartie for your input
  3. Had a large commercial job recently so i cut the windows 36hrs prior to installation date. I reverse rolled and upon installation, noticed small horizontal tunnels throughout the film. Will the lines dryout or has it become a remove and replace? Not my first rodeo but not sure since i've never experienced this. I tinted 3 windows and decided stop with the install. What y'all think?
  4. Ridler was right. No problem, just pull it out and slide it out of the way. Car was cake as mentioned but didnt remove the 3rd brake light, I just cut around it. Would have looked nicer without the cutout but that was what the custy requested. I did take the trim panel off to expose the light but couldn't figure it out. Anybody have a clue for further reference?
  5. Thanks. Details on removal to follow.
  6. Have one scheduled and there is a privacy cover mounted to the hatch, bottom half. Just glanced but wondered how it is removed. Can't find any info on it. Thanks in advance.
  7. You are spot on with this tip! Just pulled a 2014 Fusion in the shop and wedged some shop towels where the pins go and now there's enough room to slide the film right in. Thanks
  8. Bulldozer, Titan and the 12" white squeegie with rubber strip(not sure what ya call it) works for me.
  9. I usually have a peanut or two but never 15. Back in the FTI days, it was common now not so much. Dry shrink and scrub the pi$$ out of it with 0000, not a problem
  10. Pull the panel and that will solve your problem. :inot
  11. He doesn't own a steamer and he is wanting to bag it. Find another shop that is willing to spend the money on equipment to perform removal of window tint
  12. This is your best advice :inot
  13. Nothing a heat gun wont fix !