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  1. Porschetinter

    Does anybody know what this is

    Johnsons Executive series 15% ?? I still have and use on select cars with customers that like that look, few and in between anymore. very good film though still have customers cars I did 5/10 years ago and looks great.
  2. Porschetinter

    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Mercedes Benz Audi and Porsche of Albuquerque Wants in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the generous Holliday giving
  3. Porschetinter

    Any plotters for sale??

    Yes Albuquerque I have to get the info but its new and i believe a 48" or 54" plot
  4. Porschetinter

    Any plotters for sale??

    I have a Plotter for Sale but i'm in New Mexico?
  5. Porschetinter

    Any plotters for sale??

    Yes I do have a plotter for sale!