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  1. Pic of the Week #587 Winner

    Nice digs dude.
  2. Pic of the Week #588 Vote

    Better than losing to a Camaro, I think most of us remember those days
  3. Last one to post #885

    Ayyy....Top of the morning
  4. What did you tint today?

    Evidently a glass guys definition of “easily accessible” and mine are different.
  5. Last one to post #885

  6. Last one to post #885

    @Bham We get em all it’s seems A lot more snowbirds than you’d think, but for sure the overwhelming majority is the sunbirds/tourists/transients in the summer. Fall is big around here too but the gawkers are gone when the leaves are.
  7. Last one to post #884

    Phones have been a little slow here this week as well. But 90% of my customers are retired so I'm not sure how to splain that.... May be changing of the guard for the snowbirds and sunbirds.
  8. Tractor

  9. Last one to post #883

    Ayyy.....Top of the morning
  10. Best way to ship a plotter ?

    If I had to ship something like that i'd probably hand build a crate. Some 1/2" OSB, 1x4, blue foam board and bubble wrap would probably do it.
  11. Last one to post #883

    But how many are lost....?
  12. Pic of the Week #588 Submissions

    Master Blaster runs Bartertown...... - Tina Turner
  13. Last one to post #883

    Outta cardboard and chit