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  1. Last one to Post #822

    Morning folks....
  2. Last one to post #799

    Happy Thanksgiving all
  3. Last one to post #799

    Morning Got the bird going.....
  4. Last One To Post #797

    I like a caption on this I saw somewhere "It's the Navy, dick, and you can suck it."
  5. Last One To Post #797

    Kids started a different school this year and they have two more days of school and don’t go back until Jan 6. Gonna be interesting.
  6. Last One To Post #797

    Would be just in time for some most likely.
  7. Last One To Post #797

    Yeah from now to New Years will be a mob scene up there. Don’t blame ya.
  8. Last One To Post #797

    Morning going to biscuithead?
  9. I wouldn't waste my money on film for those windows. For the level of security it seems you are looking for, I would say new windows, new glass, bars or a good security system would be better money spent. The security films and attachment systems just are not designed for these types of situations, and I feel any film/attachment combination will leave you with a false sense of security.
  10. Last One To Post #797

    Morning ..... Looks like it may not be a clusterfuck Friday....day has barely begun though
  11. Happy Veteran's Day

  12. Last One To Post #795

    Congrats little lady Got my PC up and running without any major disasters. Now if I could just shake this funk.
  13. Last One To Post #794

    Yeah.....we'll sort of. I started in august though.
  14. Last One To Post #794

    Looks like a wet one today. Wish I could go back to