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  1. Tint Eastwood

    What did you tint today?

    For those who can't make up their mind.
  2. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    I definitely understand that, I really liked being able to shut the door, crank up the music and go to work with everything you need right there. Just didn't like dealing with the customers and all that junk. I prefer the flatglass clientele but constantly being on the go, loading/unloading and ladder work does get old. Maybe one day I could find me a nice cushy sales job and get fat.
  3. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    That turned into every vehicle for me.
  4. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Dude wouldn’t want my price to cut those holes. Plus I’d be the guy to cut through and see blue sky and realize I’m 2ft off
  5. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Totally agree, the way he was acting about it was like I was being lazy or something.
  6. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Have to tint some attic windows for a contractor, take care of the first two then ask him where the others were. He says in the attic above the garage, go up there and don’t see windows anywhere. Go back down and he says “ they're up there you are gonna have to cut through the roof to get to them” ......I’ve gotta do what? That’s on you buddy. He’s all pissy now
  7. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Man, I’ve got a contractor I’m chasing down for a small safety film job. Needed it to pass his final, so I really helped him out and installed it at night because he had inspection in the morning. Think we are three months out now and he won’t return my calls. Like bruh, if you can’t afford the $250 bill what are you doing building spec houses?
  8. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    I wish they would let them. Teachers posted everywhere to keep people from doing that. Hoping it gets better, but it’s a k-12 school so it can only go so well with that many kids. Was early this morning so they turned me around at the gate. By then the line had started to form so I ended up in the back.
  9. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    The boys school just move into a new building this year, 40 minute drop off line in the morning if you don’t catch the wave right.
  10. Tint Eastwood

    My new goal

    If your sole argument is that solar won't be around forever then I think it's safe to say we agree, I guess we just differ on the rate of decline, as they apply to us individually. The standards of new construction in metro america are light years away from Everyday, USA. Triple pane glass is no where even close to the standard here, so I dare say a quarter......if not half of the country even knows what low-e or triple pane is. I do agree that a hefty percentage of the metro/commercial solar will dry up and I am thankful I didn't model my business around that percentage.
  11. Tint Eastwood

    My new goal

    My main point here is the model we each operate in is completely relevant to the projections we give on what the market is doing. So a conversation about the future of the industry between you and me may be compared to a conversation that Amazon would have with a local general store. Both are talking fruit......but it's apples and oranges. Wonder what the kumquats take on this is.....
  12. Tint Eastwood

    My new goal

    Serious question here Tom, and with all due respect. Do you think that a business model of getting the most work at the lowest price could have something to do with the overall negativity and outlook on the market? Because after all a cut throat volume business is typically at the tip of the spear when it comes to vulnerability in market shifts.
  13. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread