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  1. Last one to post #924

    Started mixing hot cocoa and coffee....delish
  2. Last one to post #924

  3. Last one to post #924

    Pretty much the same. I prefer the mussels usually for some reason. I just saute onions & garlic in butter, add some soy sauce and a splash of beer or white wine then throw em in and simmer for a few. Super easy and super tasty. You can buy frozen ones that are all done up with the sauce, just throw em in a pan and heat up. While they are pretty good too, I prefer the texture of "fresh" mussels.
  4. Last one to post #924

    Steak, mussels & salad
  5. Last one to post #923

    I was so much in the habit of throwing every car on the charger that I’d pop my own hood sometimes when I drove in the shop.
  6. Anyone Else Have This Issue??

    Not sure if I know more or less about it after googling it....
  7. Last one to post #923

    I see that all the time in the higher elevations here. Really is pretty cool
  8. Last one to post #923

    Ehh not bad. Got about 8-10” at the house. Some folks got close to 20” so it shut things down yesterday.
  9. Last one to post #923

    Just got the tinternet back.
  10. Pic of the Week #603 Winner

  11. Last one to post #923

    Starting to snow, let’s see if these weather persons are worth their paychecks.
  12. Last one to post #923

    That awkward moment in the parking lot when your balls touch...
  13. Last one to post #923

    Definitely got more food options.