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  1. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Gloomy and cold here
  2. Tint Eastwood


    Mmm.....grilled samies.
  3. Tint Eastwood


    Damn head cold showed up just in time for the weekend.
  4. Tint Eastwood


    That’s some tint123 comedy there...
  5. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

  6. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Yeah, don’t really doubt any of that. I’m thinking it might be a good time to sell Invest the proceeds for a few years then look at buying closer to town when the market calms down.
  7. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Dayum, looked into the current market value of my house. Has gone up $100k in the last 3 or so years. Housing market in the city is now spilling out to the country I guess.
  8. Tint Eastwood


    Had a rash of customers changing their mind on film choices lately. Still getting paid for the wasted time/material but it still bugs me
  9. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Tut tut
  10. Tint Eastwood

    What did you tint today?

    Gradients are all the rage nowadays
  11. Tint Eastwood

    The Chat Thread

    Kids came home with recorders for music class at school. Geezus.....those things are annoying.
  12. Tint Eastwood


    One more shirt for the raffle.
  13. Tint Eastwood

    Flat glass question.

    Depends on the type of door, but generally speaking it is not worth it to pull those unless you are doing safety/security film. Some of the older style can be removed rather easy by pulling the small gasket around the perimeter and the stops will basically fall out. There are some that are much more difficult to remove, requiring you to beat on them with a mallet or flatbar just right to pop the stops loose. Either way most all of them require using a mallet to pound the stops back in place. Also have to deal with the glass being completely loose and wanting to fall inward. I use a suction cup on the outside with a board that goes through the handle and too the frame. Think in most cases it really doesn't make sense to pull them, but if it's the floppy gaskets that are the problem try bumping with a hard card tucking them back into the frame.