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  1. Happy Thanksgiving all
  2. Morning Got the bird going.....
  3. I like a caption on this I saw somewhere "It's the Navy, dick, and you can suck it."
  4. Kids started a different school this year and they have two more days of school and don’t go back until Jan 6. Gonna be interesting.
  5. Would be just in time for some most likely.
  6. Yeah from now to New Years will be a mob scene up there. Don’t blame ya.
  7. Morning going to biscuithead?
  8. I wouldn't waste my money on film for those windows. For the level of security it seems you are looking for, I would say new windows, new glass, bars or a good security system would be better money spent. The security films and attachment systems just are not designed for these types of situations, and I feel any film/attachment combination will leave you with a false sense of security.
  9. Morning ..... Looks like it may not be a clusterfuck Friday....day has barely begun though
  10. Congrats little lady Got my PC up and running without any major disasters. Now if I could just shake this funk.
  11. Yeah.....we'll sort of. I started in august though.
  12. Looks like a wet one today. Wish I could go back to