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  1. AZtintGuy

    Top Edge Film Scratches

    I've seen some window guides inside the the door cause scratching from excessive grit, but not the felt sweeps. In fact, felt is added to some hard sweeps to prevent scratching the film. The issue I am referring to is the harder rubber gasket at the top of the window. My concern about adding felt to the top window gasket is longevity, especially in AZ heat. That area is subjected to more stress from the window than a sweep and the felt tape may be pushed out of position or fail entirely. I suppose there are only two options: Inform owner that regular gasket cleaning is necessary to minimize scratching Add felt to top gasket and hope it does not fail I've attached a picture of a 2015 Ford F150 window. Notice the scratching at the top of the window. Its consistent across the whole top edge.
  2. Hello Tinters, What is your recommendation for preventing film scratches at the top edge of the film on a rollup? I've seen film get scratched over time on the top edge on Nissan pickups and, recently, late model (2015+) Ford F-150's? Can felt tape be used? Does the vehicle owner need to routinely clean the gasket to prevent dirt/grit buildup? I've searched the boards, but haven't found any information about scratches on the top edge only.
  3. To OP....Are you leaving the peeled liner attached or are you cutting it off the film? I've done both, but I like cutting it off for tough side gaskets. You don't have to fight the liner and the film as your tucking and folding the film into the side gasket. If you're cutting liner off the film, the dirt and debris is most likely coming from the exposed side of the liner. Be sure to squeegee or flush the area you plan to make the cut on the liner so that you reduce the debris from the outside of the liner. If you're leaving the liner hanging, you shouldn't see any contamination there because the clean side of the liner is touching the glass. I would suspect your cleaning technique or dirt coming down from where you hung the film on the car and coming to rest at the liner as its peeled over. I always spray and squeegee the edges of the film to reduce contamination flowing downwards into my film As for the cleaning the window after roll up...I either spray lightly, squeegee, then respray or I flush completely with slip solution. Depends on the age of the car and if I have removed film or not.