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  1. {Had a customer inquire about his front loader. I've done a few bob cats and they were flat glass. The glass is curved on the sides and is straight up vertical. I've never had to shrink that large of vertical window where it is not angled like a regular back window are you able to anchor the tint with a regular H pattern?}....... I Must have not had enough coffee yet Slick, I read it as a question, actually He ask two questions and we only answered one. Fifth grade was the worst three years of my life... I should have paid more attention in class. On the other hand cascobaytint, I would find out if this equipment is used at night, (if it is, don't waste your time with him, he will never be happy). Cheers
  2. Exactly as Tintmaster explained...I have done a number of these. Run factory edge of film along the sides instead of top and bottom, shrink the sides and you will have minimal fingers, run it as you would on a rear window or you will be hating your life that day.. cheers
  3. Looks like you are getting little (zipper) creases either from pulling your release liner and the film pulls with it away from the glass or as slick said where you are letting the film fold unconsciously.
  4. Five is a good spot to start w/o windshield
  5. Did a number of them. 850 complete w/windshield cheers
  6. Was intended for those that have friends with car problems to keep from thinking, well my radio isn't working, but if I go and have my windows tinted I can blame the shop and they will take care of it. That was my point. We have all seen it. Sure we will take care of a film issue, but I do not understand replacing a car part that has nothing to do with the film. An under-hood electronic component does not have anything to do with tinting a window. I apologize if I caused any confusion. I strive to confuse. Have a great day members cheers
  7. That is what I would want to avoid (friends letting their friends know you took care of the problem) really...lol. Sounds like you need to get some competent team players or get rid of some people. Common sense. We shouldn't comment on things we know nothing about. i am all about the installers community here, but it is obvious in this opening post, this guy did nothing wrong, and owes no one anything. The owner need to take it somewhere and find out what is causing the issue, I will bet a quarter installing the film had nothing to do with it. Customer ; I just had my Honda Prius tinted and now when I am doing 70 on the freeway, it suddenly turns off... installer ; I am so sorry, I will have it taken care of... customer; thank you so much. I have 975,000 friends with the same vehicle and same issue, and they want their windows tinted...... really people cheers
  8. Just info here, also known for having plug wire boots crack from the heat these engines put out. Can run great for years and one day go to start it and this is exactly what can happen. Good luck
  9. Just read what I had written, meant coil pack. These 4.6 engines (same as the crown Vic police cruiser ( which I maintained a fleet of before this town went to the explorer) it was nothing he had done for the electronic control module to go haywire. He installed an eyebrow, not possible to interfere with the ecu or pcm (power control module). Not here to fuss, just helping a fellow tradesman best I can. I don't honestly feel a man should be chipped for something that had nothing to do with him, I would defend you on the same subject Stewy. ask the tech the vehicle was taken too, what would cause this?, no answer would justify putting water on the windshield or even running a hose inside the vehicle. The mustang 4.6 is nutritious for alternators. There is a short to ground issue (which is not the fault of the film installer). Cheers
  10. Known issue with cool pack going bad when it wants. Iac (idle air control module) is a good starting point for your issue. I only say this because I am a diagnostic guy most of the time and still install film for life. Disconnect the battery cables, put them together for a few minutes (let the ecu and pcm rest), connect them back up and run the vehicle. you did nothing wrong that pertains to the performance of the vehicle. Do not worry about reputation for that mustang, it is known by anyone who has one or with common sense, just happen to happen in your possession. You are not responsible for anything. Known issues don't stand up anywhere. Don't spend 600 bones on something you know didn't cause any of this (which is you). Have a great evening
  11. Did the battery go dead while you were doing the windows?
  12. That's right. Small vessel like that and it was a grand to just fuel. I worked for Thunder bolt marina for a couple years doing yachts and didn't even question the price. Dealing with yachts there is always a budget the project coordinator has to work with, if the bid is in the budget, it gets done. I was not clear as to the work involved on the boat (assuming private small family boat and only wanting the windows done) I would see what the material was going to cost before anything. Go look at it, see whay they are trying to accomplish and find material. You don't want to just put anything on there. If you haven't worked on them before, material does matter. Good luck
  13. Just went through this with a SunTek line of four boxes. They replaced all four no problem. They had no definitive answer. Have a great day