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  1. Hate dealerships. Deception is the name of the game with them when it comes to a consumer. Consumers are under the impression the whole vehicle was tinted when they see 399 on the addendum and 799 for paint sealant and 599 for windshield protectant.... gotta love it
  2. If you are anchoring it with a line up and down through the middle and side to side through the middle, this may be your problem. anchor side to side through the middle and up and down on both side edges to form and H pattern and work 4 quarters out of that. I read this twice and believe from what you are saying, you basically end up with a cross which is going to give you problems every time.
  3. You think giving a good installer who takes care of business and you 10 or 12 buck an hour would be fare? Think about this. Most shop labor rate (mechanic, bicycle repair or automotive) is 75-140 an hour. You can't honestly believe in your heart it would be fair to give an installer 20 for a car. Average 4dr is 279 without ceramic. 14 in film, 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs for a decent job. At two hrs, shop Rae would be150, job 279, and you would have a problem giving that guy 65 or 70 buck for the job? Any decent installer that doesn't have a lot of redo or comeback is worth more than a Porsche mechanic that gets 30 an hr shop rate on commission. do the math and keep a good installer. 279- 14 material- 65 for installer. You get 100 an hr and havent touched anything. Ceramic upgrade you get about double and don't want to pay a guy, he won't stay long. this is the reason I have no interest in the small shop wanting to pay hourly. McDonald's will be 15 an hour across the country in July, good luck keeping them. my three guys make about 35-45 an hour. cheers
  4. Manufacturers giving a lifetime warranty... I would say if it is still on the shelf it is still for sale. cheers
  5. Don't even know what to say to you. You are the reason some of these professionals don't even want to tell you we put soap in our water bottles. You work for a business that takes care of you?, you want to know if you can get your name out there charging nothing and butchering the business that fed you... guess I don't understand, but wished you worked for me. Your employer may run you out if it come down to it because of being established, there is a bit more to it than having the doors open. Prepare yourself. I have seen a number go on their own and then come to me and ask for a job. cheers
  6. You sound like most that get trained and after experience and repetition you feel you are good enough to put your foundation and present employer that instilled the trust and confidence in you to help you get where you are and now you want to throw them under the bus. Maybe you should talk to your employer and be good at both ends. Remember, when you leave an employer because you feel you are good enough and have the skill, you still lack the knowledge to keep everything afloat. Good luck to you. cheers
  7. Hey Stan, these new installers have no idea how the frit has helped them. Back in the late 70s and 80s we didn't have them, and they think it is a pain in the ass that it is there.... cheers
  8. Get their dyed NR series and replace every couple years. Reason being is nano ceramic (no matter how you look at it, it is sputtered, enveloped in its surrounding material) is not flat to the eye or world, technically floating (which is what gives you the hue you see). Life is a give and take with anything. I like apple, you like android...we are on the same page. cheers
  9. Bud light has too many toxins
  10. Toxic over exposure? I have one too....where's the Heineken
  11. Ps, I think we have a pupil Tint Eastwood
  12. Where is smarty when you want him.. lol. libraseekstruth, here is something that may give you some knowledge today (I have found it hard to help and give knowledge to a number of individuals over the years due to the fact you can't help someone that seems to know everything). So, being said, obviously you became a member a few hours ago for a reason, ( prolly drinking?, smoking? Venting or just lonely), sorry my bad if this is not your reasons. You will find a wonderful group of professionals here that are more than willing to help if you bring questions and common sense to the table. i am gathering you prolly don't like the dealer tint job you got and paid for (welcome to dealer adendums). If that is the case, they will fix the issue if the installer is still around, or have them take it off and take it somewhere else. This may be helpful to you...buy a vehicle without the tint(window film or factory privacy glass), take it to a professional for aftermarket and get the benefits of (uv block and a real warranty, factory privacy glass doesn't come close to to the protection of available film materials), you will save over a grand that way and won't come here to vent or looking for tissues. Dont mean to be so blunt (rick may kick me off for this post) but do everyone a favor and please study (as I know lawyers and doctors I play cards with three nights a week, don't know shit about tint) will tell you they love their house and cars with it, but just don't have the patience (some are doctors)...lol, or know how to do it and make it look great. Almost done with lunch so I have to get back to work. Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration. Feel free to go somewhere else and pleasure yourself and let me know if I can help you with anymore film related issues. You seem to have it covered. cheers, Drtint
  13. That's right metro films. Tho only thing I mainly remove these days are Toyota 3rd brake lights. cheers
  14. Nice job TintDude
  15. Ceramic, and I cut and install while sitting in the front seat and they are double the price. Cheers