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  1. I use it and have tones of issues with it peeling. Never an issue the first 10 years I tinted, only once my dealership moved to this crap product. Anyone else have issues? Solutions?
  2. Definitely need to steel wool. Those defroster are chunky jerks. I may be spoiled but I'm disliking the new models quite a bit. Never thought I'd miss the roomy back seat of the old ones
  3. took me awhile. Mostly taping and laying plastic but yeah a whole lot of worrying for nothing. Thanks for the input though
  4. In the morning I get to tint the brand spanking new equus. I would really appreciate any cautions, tips, or trick to go with this car
  5. OK So the brand new 70,000 hyundai is in and I have to tint one tomorrow. I admit I've been spoiled working on mostly hyundais for the last year, and now i guess its time to pay. if anyone has done one and has ANY advise, cautions, reassurances, etc please let me know. Ive been told that since the whole interior is suede one drop of water on anything is too much. I figure i'll cover the doors with plastic, but I'm really paranoid about the rear window. Anything I can learn would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, I'm really pushing doing my own buisness as of now. I have only two accounts but no shop and no help. I would really appreciate any and all help and advice to get this thing up and running right. the first couple of weeks went fairly well but the last two have been just dead. I'm really trying not to get to down on myself yet but it's summer now, if I can't get the work now should I expect different later?