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  1. southcentraltinting

    What did you tint today?

    2006 Mazda 6
  2. southcentraltinting

    Am I tripping?

    Looks like some hefty defroster lines not allowing the tint to adhere close to the lines, no uncommon. Most of those look like they can be pressed down if they have not dried to much. Take it in and see what they say
  3. southcentraltinting

    Tint Concern

    Tint amplified imperfections in the windows, so a scratch that was there before will stand out more after the tint is applied. With regard to the photo it looks like contamination from that angle, would need to see it from a few angles to properly diagnose. Hope this helps!
  4. southcentraltinting

    Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    RR all BG unless hatch, frankie anything on the front glass.
  5. southcentraltinting

    Business Name ideas

    Whatever name you pick, you should have a Command Private First Class rank as a logo
  6. southcentraltinting

    Business Name ideas

    Dick Beaters Window Tinting
  7. southcentraltinting

    Important lesson learned from bottom loading !

    nothing like your wedding ring scratching the side window on the last car of the day when you are hard carding.
  8. southcentraltinting


    Average of $1200/yr per shop to cover up to 500k in damages. Also depends on where you live.
  9. southcentraltinting

    Business Name ideas

    Section 8 Tinting, 600-9 Tinting, HMFIT's, Major Tinting, etc etc
  10. southcentraltinting

    I keep getting dirt in my tint/help/ suggestions please

    Not sure, but if you follow the second start to the right and go straight on til morning you will reach neverland.
  11. southcentraltinting

    Mobile business ideas

    Magnifier glass and the sun.
  12. southcentraltinting

    I keep getting dirt in my tint/help/ suggestions please

    guess he figured it out
  13. southcentraltinting

    Stinky dirty cars!

    Confiscated drug dealers car the PD brought to me to blackout and put some junk subs in it for undercover ops. removed the back seat to find a bunch of used condoms shoved in there. The headliner had had foot prints on it so there was that as well.....nasty.
  14. southcentraltinting

    Amount to save to open a automotive tint shop?

    There are different stages in figure this out and the first part would be location. If you have a location in mind then you would want to walk the property with the mindset of what it will take to get it up and running. Second, what is the overhead on this property? Rent, Utilities, trash etc etc. Once you have a basic number to run your business then it comes time to inventory. Do you want to buy film one roll at a time and replace as needed (recommended for new shops) only if your suppliers can deliver quickly does this apply. So lets run some examples. Monthly Recurring Costs (AP) Rent: $1500 Utilities: $500 Trash: $75 Insurance: $120 Total: $2195 Your personal income needs: Rent: $950 Utilities: $400 Insurance: $130 Phone: $120 Vehicle: $350 Gas: $175 Food: $300 Misc: $250 Total: $2675 Combined Total: $4870/month, $58440/yr Looks like a large number....holy hell what are we going to do??? Break it down to daily...$160.11/day That is just the cost of doing business and living expenses, adjust your numbers accordingly. Once you get your numbers where they need to be, project them out 6 months, and in this example we would get, $18245 add 10% for a safety net and we are looking at approx. $20k needed to save to open a shop and have 6 months of expenses. This does not include things like marketing, inventory, tools etc etc Those would be above and beyond the initial $20k. Having started numerous retail shops over the years I have done this many many times.
  15. southcentraltinting

    Is there different beveled edges when shaving side windows?

    Well as soon as I get my film from EWF Ill get on that but it keeps going to the wrong town....good thing I only had to cancel 5 appts....ughhhhhhhhh