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  1. Holy hell. Glad you all are ok. Hopefully insurance will get you back up and going again soon.
  2. I hate that for you. I been using First Cut for about 3 years now. And I would cry if I had to go back to cutting every car by hand. Love my Roland, and my software. All a matter of adapting to making the machine work for you. I know some people find the switch frustrating, but for me it was rather smooth. I have learned a bunch about the software I use, and how to adjust patterns to fit the way I want them to. Hope things get better for you. And if you can't get along with your current software. Give first cut a try. None are perfect, but I seem to like the first cut program better then anything I have seen or used yet.
  3. I seem to notice that sunstrips tend to not want to tack up on the new F-150's for some Reason. And it seems to only happen on the ones where the black matrix is in the middle layer of the windshield. However I have done a few sunstrips and windshields on this model truck, and haven't had one peel back like this one has done.
  4. Here's to another week at the dealership.
  5. That's kinda what I was thinking.
  6. Nissan Altima is about as easy as it gets.
  7. Search dry shrinking with soap on here. Definitely a game changer for me. 👍
  8. Roland gx 400 is what I use.
  9. Clean up the sealant during cleaning, and try exact cutting your side to side measurement and only leave them slightly long. This way all you have to trim is the bottoms.
  10. If by fun you mean sacred shitless, and watching your hair turn gray. Then yeah fun indeed.
  11. They grow up so fast. My oldest and I went for driving practice this afternoon.
  12. Been working my ass off, but the wife and I finally got a chance to hit the range. And get some Target practice in with the AR this week.
  13. The squeegee Technic to install security film is different from what you typically do to install a regular film of 2 mils or less. It looks like it was possibly squeegeed more then one time. What happens is you push water through an area that has already started to adhere to the glass. Causing the adhesive to pull away for the glass causing the hazy side to side streaks. Also some of this could be caused while heat shrinking the film. Security does not like to shrink well period.
  14. Exactly bro.
  15. I start by pulling the pattern and loading my film. Cut the front doors. While they are cutting I start removing panels or pulling gaskets. Once they finish. I put them on the peel board. Start the rear doors to cutting. Weed the fronts. And go back to pulling panels if need be. Place the rears on the board and weed them. Start on the rear pass door. Then the pass front. Move to the driver's side and do rear then front. Clean the outside of the Backglass while it is cutting. Shrink it, hang it and then clean all windows and inspect them. Most cars take me about 1.5 to 2 hours. Just depends on the vehicle.