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  1. C2C !! Heard they were passing out free candy. Where the line at. Lol
  2. I see this a lot at the dealership, i do every car 35%. Cars with black interior look darkish, while the same vehicle with tan interior barely look tinted. Have even had salesmen accuse me of putting ligther film on some cars. Nope they just have tan or light grey interior.
  3. I average between 40 & 50 vehicle's per week. Maybe a few more if I have a lot of sets of doors. Pretty much work 7 days a week. Do all the work myself, but the two days a week i do preload work. My wife runs cars, and takes care of paper. That way I can stay on task, and make the most of those 2 days. The rest of the week I work solo.
  4. Not to many famous people in my small town, but last summer I got to tint the home of a somewhat famous country singer. Not naming names, but if you don't like Hank Williams you can kiss my ass.
  5. So using a plotter a 4dr car takes about 5 minutes to cut and weed roughly? Thanks for the reply C2C long time to see I use the time it cutting to pull gaskets or panels. Double win for me, as long as the door patterns are good. Some need to be iver sized, and trim top edge on the window during installation.
  6. I do both plotter cut, and hand cut. Plotter is great for increasing speed. While most are on the money for fit. Some patterns will need adjustment to fit like a skilled hand cut pattern. I would say you could save 20 to 30 minutes per full car easily.
  7. Try the black turbo, or 6 inch black channel squeegee. I use both for final cleaning, depending on the window as to which i use.
  8. I had to all but quit using the yellow turbo because they leave marks and drag on the film. Definitely not made the same as it was years ago.
  9. Thats a tough one. Very difficult to make everyone happy if you are tag teaming vehicles. There will always be one that doesn't pull their weight, and if not there will be someone who feels another worker doesn't. My best advice if you pay on commission them each tinter would complete a job all on their own and responsible for any redo on said vehicle. Tag teaming I would probably go base salary plus bonuses based upon work performance. However I never intend to have employees. I would rather miss a couple jobs then have employees.
  10. Call me crazy, but i do these with the hatch open and the panel removed. Not bad it all done this way at all.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 50% is what I like best in mine, and will do it for customers with a warning that no one should notice, but if noticed it is illegal. The 70% I never mention a vlt% or use the word tint. When selling this film, I only market it as a uv shield.
  12. Call me crazy, but the way I learned might work for you. If you are serious about learning ti tint windows, go to a local tint shop in your area. As for something called a job Application. Or to speak to the owner/manager. Once you find a shop willing to hire you. Pay very close attention to the more skilled tinters, perhaps be friend one of the coworkers or boss. Do everything they tell you to for 6months to a year. At this time you will find a lot of answers to help fix the issues you are having. And at the same time starting a new career that can support you and your family for years to.
  13. Which is precisely why I don't consider 70% to be tint. Any cop I have ever shown it to either had no problem with me applying it to a windshield. While others loved the concept, and had it installed on their vehicles.
  14. I don't know TN tint law word for word, but i do not classify 70% as having reallyany tint to it. I sell it as a uv protective film, designed specifically to block the sun rays, while maintaining good clear visibility.