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  1. coast2coasttinting

    Hiding from old cars!!!

    Just look on the bright side. It could have been a crew cab with sliding backglass.
  2. coast2coasttinting

    Time for a change

    Got the blue redone on the shop today, and stripe complete. Looks 100% better now.
  3. coast2coasttinting

    Small fingers

    Now the 02 to 08 ram I will shrink the backglass. I think I've only ever seen one that I didn't have to shrink on, and it was an aftermarket piece of glass.
  4. coast2coasttinting

    Small fingers

    Yeah the new mustang has just enough curve it won't lay flat. First mustang I ever had to shrink the doors on.
  5. coast2coasttinting

    Small fingers

    I pull the gaskets on 95% of the doors i do. And rarely do i ever have to shrink a door. Like seriously almost never.
  6. coast2coasttinting

    Small fingers

  7. coast2coasttinting

    Small fingers

    Never had to shrink a dodge ram door. Try pushing half the water out the top and half out the bottom. While working the film to the corners. This should help.
  8. coast2coasttinting

    Pic of the Week #538 Winner

    Thanks guys. 👍🍻
  9. coast2coasttinting

    Privacy Film Company Raffle/Giveaway

    One more chance
  10. coast2coasttinting

    Last one to post #775

    Looks like my first one today is a no show. Fucking r&r on a 15 passenger van. You're killing me smalls.
  11. coast2coasttinting

    Last one to post #775

    Come on bro you got 5 days to perk the fuck up. That's an order.
  12. coast2coasttinting

    Last one to post #775

    Hope all is well. By all means have a drink if you're not driving. Happy labor day.
  13. coast2coasttinting

    Last one to post #775

    Happy labor day y'all. Don't forget your sunscreen.
  14. coast2coasttinting

    Privacy Film Company Raffle/Giveaway

    I'll have another chance please.
  15. coast2coasttinting

    Mercedes Door Panel - Cant remove push pin

    I use some tiny needle nose to pull the center pin out. Then the putter piece will come loose without breaking anything.