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  1. No nuts on me
  2. If it would've happened right away I would have just pulled it. That thing was already setting up though and I didn't have time for all that
  3. Yeah I tried messing with it but it would just move a little. Damn if I know guy has already given me a 5 star review so it was at least half way ok
  4. Getting high and tinting winders
  5. It looked pretty white. I let it slide but I know the guy so if he has any issues to let me know.
  6. Yeah I've messed and messed with it. Just gonna tell the guy if it doesn't go away give me a call.
  7. Any idea if this will go away? Damn finger there push it down and that happened. Looks like water trapped but not sure.
  8. Windshield on a 2500
  9. Morning lads
  10. Done for today, yuengling kinda night.
  11. pizza burger for lunch got me like