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  1. this one o'clock is getting annoying. Hey I'm going to be an hour early, hey I'm going to be a hour late. Ugh
  2. it's really not bad going in. Just make sure it's dry. I usually do these first if I'm doing the whole thing. Some don't pull that rubber track seal out but I do. Going back in just use some solution or sprayway on it and slides right in. These aren't as bad but like the camry and fusion you have to make sure that window stays in the metal task when you're going back in.
  3. That rubber comes off and it's just the glass itself. Not like the Mercedes where the rubber is actually fixed to the glass.
  4. one o'clock moved to 12
  5. Daughter off to preschool, dog off to the groomer, back home now for homeschooling.
  6. Breakfast pancake and almond milk
  7. wife woke up in the mood
  8. 16 and up I believe.
  9. @no ma'am honda pilot video is up in makes and models section.
  10. Here's a video of how to remove the honda pilot quarter windows. This isn't a debate on which way is better or worse just a simple tutorial on how to take them out.
  11. I was in that situation many times. Never took that long off but with overtime at my old job it became more and more difficult. I finally quit my nine to five and now do this full time for myself.
  12. Morning