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  1. early for you or are you still up
  2. You haven't finished that yet?
  3. wrestling
  4. Well the diet had taken a turn for the worse since I've been so busy. Guess it's back to
  5. Yeah but how many offer a happy ending?
  6. Florida bound on Wednesday
  7. well deserved
  8. Retired police officer with a 70k truck.
  9. In desperate need of a shower.
  10. I was thinking dude seriously? I'm expecting to see him again for a spec somewhere.
  11. We're going to Disney next week and I'm going to hate it. I know the phone is going to be ringing off the hook.
  12. Evening ladies, did a 200, f350 fronts and strip, and an optima today. F350 guy was a royal pain called back after he left to say his windshield had some soap residue on it. So he came back so I could clean it