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  1. Off Topic Chat Thread

    had to turn I've away. Kid has asked about it then wait till my busiest day all month. Like dude call last week and wouldn't have been a problem.
  2. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Afternoon gents, pretty busy day.
  3. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all Unfortunately at the main event the guy one of the guys music wrong. He got all pissed and grabbed the mic started talking trash. Oddly enough some dude had a seizure right after this happened. It was at this time we decided to split
  5. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Went and watched some wrestling with the kids tonight. Nothing special just a local thing. It was a pretty good time.
  6. Pic of the Week #611 Submissions

    Challenger with qdp 15 and 5
  7. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  8. Pic of the Week #610 Submissions

    Mercedes Winnebago with qdp ceramic 42 on the doors 5 on the rears and 80 on the shield.
  9. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  10. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  11. Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    @pbalentine here's another to add to the collection. IDK on long term yet but man this thing gets the water out better than anything I've ever tried. https://www.gasketprotools.com/blank-1/sledge-hammer-angle-cut-extractor