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  1. I have three they work very well! They seem a little thick but I've yet to find a dash they wouldn't fit. I typically do 3 to 5 windshields a week.
  2. @highplains with the win Open chat thread carry on gents. Morning y'all
  3. Jaguar one of the wheels on the track the bolt snapped.
  4. It went really well, learned a lot for sure and still a whole lot left to learn of course. Finally back home with a full day scheduled tomorrow, starting with fixing my damn plotter
  5. Boss
  6. traffic
  7. where's the second bolt? Maybe a 12 I just automatic thought 16 but I only remember pulling the one under the pull strap. Like many other things I could be wrong
  8. Oh to many beers
  9. Well the one he's refereeing to is the back hatch but yeah it's literally one 10mm unplug the lights and it's off.
  10. You can't take that seal out. One bolt and the whole panel is off.
  11. rolling rock
  12. ppf training done time to start
  13. Lunch time