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  1. Had a lady message me about her tint. Said she failed inspection about a month ago. Well she was waiting it out until absolutely needed and she messaged me today asking where to go. Long story short I went to her house to meter it myself. Guess what my old meter read 35 new read 33 cutoff here is 32. Eat a d**k inspection station.
  2. Yeah it turned out great the second time
  3. me trying to avoid people today.
  4. Retiring after all the money I made on this one today the guy is the service manager for a dealer here so hopefully it'll lead to something more.
  5. Jaguar and computer cut. They're not all perfect but sure beats the hell out of hand cutting.
  6. trying to nap and people won't leave me alone.
  7. These horrible plotter patterns.
  8. @no ma'am
  9. If they're seriously interested in it tell them to bring the glass to the shop. If they don't want to do that I surely don't want to go to the field to tint it.