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    I like to glue plastic to glass in exchange for paper.
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  1. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    I gave up on working on my own stuff. I don't have the time, tools, or knowledge to do it so I leave it the professionals. And this coming from a mechanics son and grandson. After all my Grandad's favorite thing to tell me was son don't ever become a fucking mechanic 😂. I'm doing my best to honor his wishes.
  2. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  3. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    I swear people here have gone retarded. Guy just called up wanting to schedule an appointment. Wanted another layer of 5 all around so doubling up on a Silverado and then 20 on the full shield. Sorry buddy go somewhere else.
  4. jh812


    Any idea percentage or which line you had installed?
  5. jh812

    Torching glass on matrix?

    Waste of time.
  6. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Saw a guy in the bank trying to get a business loan
  7. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  8. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Damn spammers
  9. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    @Roach @TintDude
  10. jh812

    Changing our film line up

    Good luck man I searched out looking for something better than global and they always seemed to fall short. The xpel seems to be everyone's fling of the week, tried it out blah.
  11. Stay away from the rayno, several reported failures with that film. May be a good shop but that film is 💩
  12. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Damn cat woke me up 😡
  13. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Exactly plus I was drinking at the bar mainly. Down about 30 or so pounds now which I'm stoked about. Just recently started back working out and really enjoying it again.
  14. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    So glad I made that decision man. Can't believe how much I've been about to accomplish since I've quit.
  15. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Well I'm not so glad to be able to say that though. 7 months without today