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    I like to glue plastic to glass in exchange for paper.
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  1. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  2. I'd probably say no on that. The first one pretty confident that wouldn't have been them, second one is iffy but it's pretty far away not sure why they would cut right there. A lot of people notice things after work has been done because they're looking around. Could've easily been there beforehand just not noticed.
  3. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Come on over 😂
  4. Yeah they really suck, tight gasket around the whole window. I'm sure the front window shifts some if you roll the window down some you can grab the top edge and move it from left to right if that makes sense. However given the top edge it's a definite redo.
  5. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    So a casino then?
  6. Front windows yes those quarter windows though can be quiet difficult to get full coverage without removing them. Unless you can see light from the inside I would be ok with those but like I said the other roll down should be removed.
  7. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  8. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  9. jh812

    Facebook Groups

    I definitely don't know what the hell I'm doing.
  10. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  11. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yeah I've installed quite a bit of it with my buddy in PA. Looks really good but still can't believe it's approved for double pane. Absorption rate is in the 60's I believe.
  12. jh812

    What did you tint today?

    That's about one of the only decent films solar gard carries.
  13. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yeah and the damn plastic that fastened to the metal clips likes to separate from the panel. Ask me how I know 🤣 had a damn hot glue gun trying to get that shit back right.