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  1. Last one to post #897

    Morning y'all
  2. Newer Chrysler 200

    Oh you mean it's not easy tucking into 2 inches of felt on each side they aren't the funnest thing to come in the shop for sure.
  3. asdfgr

    That happens often, very rarely will you see each window the exact same. Typically the back glass will be different from the sides by a percent or two and that's even with bare glass. If the front and back roll downs look slightly different the fronts could be laminate whereas the back tempered. There's nothing a tinter can do to make them all exactly even when they aren't even from the manufacturer. Also another factor fronts have the light from the windshield coming in whereas the rears have the back glass to take away some of the light coming in.
  4. Last one to post #896

    Seriously you can not clean the window and have it look better than that.
  5. Last one to post #896

    I swear I love dogs but damn if I want them in the restaurant when I'm eating
  6. Last one to post #896

    Got that right I'm liable to tint tomorrow if someone calls. Don't tell anyone though
  7. Last one to post #896

    Guy calls this morning with storm services wanting his peterbilt done, ok come on we'll work you in. Well he doesn't show and around 2 head home. Get a call at 340 hey you already closed? Yeah sorry I've already left, ok we had some calls. Alright well these past two weeks have been shit so I'll gear right back over sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
  8. Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    Some drone footage of the house.
  9. Last one to post #896

    Ain't that the damn truth.
  10. Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    Bout ready for an off topic boss?
  11. Last one to post #896

    Which one of you did this