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  1. Last One To Post #915

    Morning y'all
  2. Last One To Post #915

    I've never done one but I know you gotta watch her. My buddy in PA was one time and could not get it. Told him just swallow your price and cut that matrix dawg.
  3. Last One To Post #915

    Yeah that would really piss me off. Was it a new or that older model with the curve to it?
  4. Last One To Post #915

    Morning y'all
  5. Last One To Post #915

    Hell I'm done now bedtime.
  6. Last One To Post #915

    drunk again night y'all
  7. Last One To Post #915

    Cloudy as hell.
  8. Last One To Post #915

    man fuck time change
  9. Last One To Post #915

    Sounds like a great week for us to go to Ohio