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    I like to glue plastic to glass in exchange for paper.
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  1. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    It ain't never been that hot.
  2. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Interesting one today my neighbor I did a windshield on her new ram truck last week. Which mind you is a freebie job. It didn't turn out the greatest but far from the worst. Well she mentioned something was wrong with it a crease or something. I go to look at it a line all the way across the windshield that's curved. So I say yeah that sucks let me redo it, I thought it was similar to core impression lines. Well redo today and go to pull it out line in the exact same spot. I looked the film over really good beforehand and the windshield. Strip it off and you can't see the line in the windshield or the film Told her she's shit out of luck and through a strip on there.
  3. jh812

    Kia Optima back glass

    I've done several of them and never had an issue. Curious as to why you would need to do that on a Kia though. They aren't prone to peanuts
  4. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Think I'm finally ready to start taking every other Saturday off. Next Saturday we'll be out of town and the weekend after that as well. This 6 and 7 days a week mess is starting to wear on me.
  5. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  6. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    I did find for sure that it's a misdemeanor but don't have much other info. Classic case of someone not being able to control their child.
  7. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    I guess installing illegal tint. Trouble is I guess if they did enough digging they could find out for sure. It was a credit card transaction but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. No warranty info was given so really no proof of what I installed. I'll just be glad when this one is behind me.
  8. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Came in this morning to find out phsyco bitch tried pressing charges on me first.
  9. jh812

    window tint

    Enough to turn a profit.
  10. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    I don't think so also added that I'll check id as needed and if a minor schedules by lying about his age I'm going to charge a 50 dollar fee.
  11. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Well decided my approach moving forward is going to be asking when someone is scheduled if they are over 18. If not the must have a parent or legal guardian accompanying them and no illegal film will be installed to their vehicle regardless. Figure that's the best approach.
  12. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    Morning y'all
  13. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    You da man, or dude I should say
  14. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    like this but a hipster. Sorry about the slapping I'm not sure how that ended up on here. I've noticed you can't delete the Emojis once they're up also.
  15. jh812

    The Chat Thread

    😂😂😂 at least we can all agree on one thing. Now we need a suby emoji @TintDude