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  1. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Busy freaking day
  2. jh812

    2017 Range Rover.

    :Yep once they're back in place you can't tell the difference.
  3. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    False alarm it was Zola tools I guess they're owned by pentagon securities.
  4. jh812

    2017 Range Rover.

    It means it's a one piece seal all the way around the window, similar to some of the 2k era GMC Sierra. They leave as a two piece when I'm done
  5. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all suspicious charge on my card this morning
  6. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    2am is gonna come early
  7. jh812

    Am I tripping?

    That's your difference. Not saying this is always true but you're typically gonna have a higher quality install and someone that puts more effort into each job with a one man show. Similar scenario you take your vehicle into the dealership to have work done cause who knows your vehicle better than the dealership right? Wrong. Truth is they've got some kids in the back they may have two years of experience, and you're going to overpay. Why, cause they have a fancy waiting area with cheap coffee and stale chips. Now the mechanic right down the road who's been doing his job since the 80's and hasn't updated it since then can probably tell you before you walk in what's wrong with the vehicle. Your one man show has a lot more to gain or lose with every customer. The big name places well honestly they couldn't care less and are just going to say you're being to difficult to deal with. Which yeah you're being picky but not completely out of line.
  8. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Such a great movie.
  9. jh812

    Am I tripping?

    What I would do if I were in your shoes not that this is a horrible job by any means but I would just ask them to remove it and refund. Carry it to the guy you know and trust to do the work. Be sure to tell him it was tinted before as well. Out of curiosity is he a bigger shop like this one or a one man show?
  10. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Up since 2 hoping to early out today.
  11. jh812

    Where do you buy film

    I know the feeling
  12. jh812

    Am I tripping?

    There's a few spots that need to be touched up is all. The dot matrix is what it is, the silvering around the quarter glass is normal. Dodge glass is super soft and scratches very easily so no telling without pics.
  13. jh812

    Llumar curling

    That's the most polite way to put that a film sucks
  14. jh812

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all