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  1. Awesome.
  2. Yeah, that looked like a PITA. Shannon likes the raised strawberry planter idea, looks like I'll have to build something next year.
  3. Hardly worth it. We tried a couple years ago, got a tall plant, but I didn't water it enough I guess.
  4. Bingo, especially when you can tell they are going to be unreasonable.
  5. What kind?
  6. Are you growing any this year bro?
  7. By yourself? Sounds like a chore. Supposed to get hot here too. Starting to miss the rain.
  8. Submit your photos for the Pic of the Week contest! Anything work related will do, one pic per person and please add a description. Have fun!
  9. #1 By: @DynamicAppearance Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport | 3M Crystalline Window Tint #2 By: @Aesop_Rock 2017 Audi TT RS. 35% 3M Color Stable all the way around. #3 By: @Tint Artist Made a surfboard coffee table with led lights and a wave tint graphic with deco blue tint and r20 from llumar and then wrapped the front with a surfer on it! #4 By: @Naples Tint Company 911 Turbo S Huper Optik Ceramic 40 with Ceramic 70 on the windhsield #5 By: @OverLord 1963 Nova rear window 35%
  10. #1 By: @highplains 1973 Ford F100 I did a while back 3M FXPM 15 on the back glass and 25 on the sides if my memory serves me correctly. WTG hp
  11. Rib-eye, mashed potatoes and gravy with a fruit bowl.