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  1. Last One To Post #904

  2. Last One To Post #904

    Thanks @WearTheFoxHat! Internets are wonky today.
  3. New Florida Window Tinting marketing strategy

    I don't know about mixing politics with business. Not much upside, but plenty of downside potential.
  4. What did you tint today?

    That's a huge suck truck.
  5. Last One To Post #903

    What are you working on?
  6. Last One To Post #903

    Girls are at Grandpa's so I'm cleaning and blasting the obligatory Megadeth.
  7. Last One To Post #903

    Morning How are y'all doing?
  8. Post up for the Pic of the Week contest! Anything work related will do. One per person and please add a description. Thank you!
  9. #1 By: @TomTint It has been quite some time...years..since I tinted anything auto related.. but last night I picked this up used from a family friend and decided it needed to be tinted. Doors were easy but the windshield needed a fair amount of shrinking. ..after doing it..i remewhy I don't do auto anymore.. all in all..it came out nice. Doors have no trash behind the film and windsis clean as well..outside of a very small 1/4" crease at the top edge where the film refused to shrink anymore. #2 By: @DynamicATL Clean Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro in Llumar CTX Window Tint plus some snow. #3 By: @Midtown Houston This JKF Lincoln Continental getting detail. #4 By: @Kpro Love this pics. I am new industry, here is my latest client's car.... #5 By: @jh812 Mercedes C300 with global ceramic 42
  10. #2 By: @jh812 "Blackout film on roughly 600 square feet at the local high school."
  11. Last one to post #902

    Sure, what color would you like?
  12. Last one to post #902

    Those look sharp bro.
  13. Last one to post #901

    Man I miss beer.
  14. Last one to post #901

    I like the self check out. Really like not having to talk to anyone.
  15. Last one to post #901

    What could go wrong?