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  1. Post your photos for the pic of the week contest. Let's go off topic this week. Anything not work related will do.
  2. #1 By: @DynamicAppearance That blue is on point on this BMW M3 wrapped in Llumar CTX Window Tint! #2 By: @CustomGlassTinter Ctx35 around, AIR80 on the front #3 By: @jh812 Hellcat 80% shield #4 By: @Jkatfelix 50 windshield 20 rest of the car
  3. #1 By: @Super Dave Ceramic tint on doors 80% on windshield Also did Clear-Plex, though pic may not have it on yet
  4. Cool beans. I hope they fit, they all looked really big to me.
  5. You're welcome, thanks for letting me know they showed up.
  6. Meals on wheels and the early bird special.
  7. Sounds depressing.
  8. Jimmy Dean
  9. WTG @Tintmaster08, time set, party on.
  10. So true, I can't get anything done around here.
  11. We had a little mexican.
  12. Dang, no doubt. Watching a Mecum auto auction on dvr.
  13. @Jimmy Johns
  14. You should sign up for one of those road construction gigs.
  15. 3 years? Dang, they built the Titanic in the same amount of time.