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  1. Sunday funday How's Ohio?
  2. Never mind dirty sock puppet.
  3. @Roach Little girl just surprised us, she made this and at first I thought it was misspelled, then I realized she made a perfect mirror image of "i love you"...
  4. I call it, 'choking the chicken".
  5. @highplains Howdy
  6. Between the two, I'd always go with the baby shampoo. Dawn is a bit strong with the grease cutter and can be too hard on the adhesive, but others say they have no problem with Dawn.
  7. Pic o the week time, let's see what you got.
  8. #1 By @FondyTints 2018 Maxima #2 By: @DynamicAppearance Nissan 370Z Nismo | Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint #3 BY: @jh812 Historic house with silver 68 #4 By; @JJAWS DR 15 installed on all south facing windows #5 bY: @Naples Tint Company Huper Optik C30 #6 By: @F1windowtinting Blackout on rough cut circle. #7 By: @Midtown Houston 3M Crystalline, full front 3M Pro Series ppf and Ceramic Pro Gold Package on this rare GT350R
  9. #6 By: @Super Dave Got stuck with this late today. Not exactly what you want to work on Friday at 4pm! But luckily it turned out good. Congrats Super Dave.
  10. Have a good trip! What are you going to be doing?
  11. Ladies. Everyone's so quiet, what gives?
  12. Stevo
  13. Yeah, things have gotten crazy. I wish we could all just get along, but it looks like things are too far gone and too many people have an interest in tearing it all down. It's sad to watch really.