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  1. Last one to post #925

    They just need a smoking lounge.
  2. Last one to post #925

    Had to look it up: Harris Teeter Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc. is a supermarket chain based in Matthews, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte., the chain operates 245 stores in seven states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Supermarket News ranked Harris Teeter No. 34 in the 2012 "Top 75 Retailers & Wholesalers" based on 2011 fiscal year sales of $4.3 billion.More at Wikipedia Type:Subsidiary Industry:Supermarket, Retail (Grocery) Founded:1936 in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. Sounds like a pretty hip store.
  3. Last one to post #925

    Yeah, last time we moved, I wound up throwing a lot of stuff out. Some stuff the wife wasn't very happy about getting thrown out, but I figured if it's been in a closet for a couple of years...
  4. Last one to post #925

    Hey, that's great. I'd help you move but I'm a little far away.
  5. Last one to post #925

    How's the home hunt going?
  6. Last one to post #925

    Hey @Roach
  7. Post up for the Pic of the Week vote! Anything work related. One photo per person and please add a description, thank you!
  8. #1 By: @highplains 2018 Denali fronts done with 3M Obsidian 35. 3M Scotchgard Pro Series PPF on the hood and fenders, bumper, rockers, door edges & handle cups. Battery just couldn't hang.... #2 By: @jh812 Subaru double u rx with qdp 20 #3 By: @Bham Audi A6 with some QDP 20%
  9. #1 By: @TomTint This is another one of our printed projects we have done in the past few weeks. It's Binary print that relates to the company's services. We printed and installed about 1800 SF of it on their conference rooms and offices.
  10. Last one to post #925

    Christmas shopping done. Now I'm broke.
  11. Last one to post #925

    @no ma'am for the win. Open chat.
  12. Last one to post #924

    WTG @Bham Open chat, random lock.
  13. Last one to post #923

    Thanks guys! Sorry about that.
  14. Last one to post #923

    @Bham Found it.