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  1. Last One To Post #868

    Cool tat man.
  2. Last One To Post #868

  3. Last One To Post #868

    WTG @no ma'am, thanks for starting the thread @Roach, closing time set.
  4. Last One To Post #867

    Busy today?
  5. Post your photos for the pic of the week vote! One photo of anything work related will do and please add a description. Thank you!
  6. #1 By: @Naples Tint Company I have really nice stuff coming up this week but I just had to post this. New Honda with Autobahn Black Ceramic 15 and Wincos 70 #2 By: @TNTLady Audi A5 with LLumar CTX 15 #3 By: @Bham Maserati Quattroporte GTS wrapped in Global QDP Ceramic 38% with 70% windshield. #4 By: @highplains 1998 Dodge Ram1500 3M FXPM15 #5 By: @jh812 I see your Dodge and raise you a 98 Ford escort wrapped in full ceramic including should #6 By: @Ytram remarc 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger Super Cab F-1 Classic
  7. #4 By: @Ytram remarc "1955 Chevy Bel Air 35% Pinnacle"
  8. Last One To Post #867

    Fellow slackers.
  9. Last One To Post #867

    Closing time set
  10. Towels

    I stand corrected, thank you! I always thought they were the same.
  11. What did you tint today?

    That would be hairy on a ladder.
  12. tesla

    My neck from Naple's pics...
  13. Last One To Post #865

    That's lame.
  14. Towels

    Same as these... You can get them in a box or roll just about any store that has an automotive dept.
  15. Last One To Post #865

    From wikipedia: "With a downturn in the automotive market in 1987, and a lack of significant success in the recreational marine market, BMW decided to close the marine division. The Belgium plant and assets were sold to Mercury Marine of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin."