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  1. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Busy is good.
  2. Off Topic Chat Thread

    That's cool. We had a good day here, kid got to spend her Christmas money at the dollar store, so she was in a good mood. Watched a 'forged in fire' earlier. "It will cut"
  3. Off Topic Chat Thread

    "slip and fall down carefully"
  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

    How did it go?
  5. Off Topic Chat Thread

    How was Punisher?
  6. Post your pictures for the Pic of the Week contest! Anything work related will do, thank you!
  7. #1 By: @Ryker #2 By: @Naples Tint Company Huper Optik Ceramic 30, 63% TSER #3 By: @highplains 3M Obsidian 15 #4 By: @jh812 Mercedes Winnebago with qdp ceramic 42 on the doors 5 on the rears and 80 on the shield. #5 By: @TomTint Working on another custom print. This one is going to be really cool. 😎
  8. #3 By: @Naples Tint Company Plotter cut Madico frost
  9. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Sounds about right. Bit of a storm here too.
  10. Off Topic Chat Thread

    What's new peoples?