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  1. Give us a call at 800-825-3746. Right now, we are the only company that has the new Ultra Tint Slime (Orange).
  2. That's great, ask for Roger, he is the sales rep for Wisconsin. Rayno is a Korean film company that is newer to the US market.
  3. Hello @Film_Pro, I am with SolarFX Window Films and we have just released a new film called the IRFX series that utilizes our new S³ IR technology . This is a new film that has a price and performance below our FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic window film. The specs for the IRFX are below and currently available in 5%, 20%, and 38% VLT's. Give us a call at 800-825-3746 if you'd like to find out more. BTW, we are conveniently located in Kansas City, MO and are a two day ship to Wisconsin. Shawn
  4. Thank you for sharing @Aesop_Rock. Crystalline is a very good film. MMM is only providing a bare minimum of specs for you to look at. There are many other specs that affect the performance of a window film. You have TSEa, TSEt, TSEr, SHGC, SC, VLR......... All of these factor into the films performance. If this is all that you have to go by I can see why you think that GR is what affects the change in TSER. Films do 1 of 3 things...they either Absorb(TSEa), Reject(TSEr) or Transmit(TSEt) Solar Energy. You are correct in that IR is the sensation from the sun that we feel, but it is not what wholly makes up Solar Energy(Heat). Even in the representation MMM shows above, they are Highlighting TSER, because that is what is the most important spec. If they felt that IR was the most important spec, you can rest assured with a 97% IR rating they would be highlighting that instead of the TSER. I am not trying to convince you one way or the other, I am just trying to offer you a little insight into window film from the manny side.
  5. what film are you carrying? Because if the only spec that changes between the 20% & 70% is GR I really question the specs you are provided.
  6. Hello @Aesop_Rock, It really depends on who you ask when getting an answer for this. In all actuality, the IRR is represented in everyone's TSER. TSER is Total Solar Energy Rejected, in which Solar Energy is comprised of the Visible light, InfraRed, and UV. When one is touting just the IR% it could be a total misrepresentation of the facts. (I have heard salesman saying that their film has 97% IR and blocks out 97% of the heat. So let me ask you a question? Your film blocks 97% IR and has a TSER of 57%. Your competitor has a film that is 88% IR and has a TSER of 65%. Whose film blocks out more heat? Honestly, this argument will happen until the cows come home. There are some film companies that say TSER goes out the window when you are dealing with automotive film. And it has been argued on this forum with no clear winner, except I would say that the edge goes to those that say TSER is the true spec.
  7. Introducing our new IRFX series window films from SolarFX Window Films. We have been working hard with the engineers at our factory to develop this new series of IR window film for about a year. The IRFX series of film has been built off of the platform of our ever popular CarbonFX Color Stable films. We start with our CarbonFX Black deep dyed polyester and utilize our Exclusive S³ IR technology that is deposited during the lamination process. This film gives us the rich, black color of the CarbonFX with IR blocking capabilities of an upper end film. The IRFX is a 1.5mil 2ply Color Stable film that blocks up to 61% TSER and has an IRR of 62%. It has the shrink, tough scratch coat, and adhesive for which our films are known. This film was designed to fall in between in performance and cost of the CarbonFX and our FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic film. In areas that are having difficulty in selling or supporting a Ceramic film, then the IRFX is for you. Contact us at 800-825-3746 for more details!
  8. LOL, and I don't do a very good job of making friends either!!!
  9. What? Were supposed to make money?? I just do this to make friends!!
  10. Stan is definitely the man. He has probably forgotten more about tinting then most will ever learn. We would always like the opportunity to have people try our films. Whenever you are ready, give us a call at 800-825-3746 and we'll get you in touch with the rep for your territory.
  11. Welcome to the forum and good luck with the learning process. I hope you have a full head of hair afterwards!
  12. We sale the normal ones for $1.70, the LED ones for $3.15, and the LED w/Bluetooth Speaker for $5.99.
  13. Dang, you could have bought them from us. We even have ones with LED's and Bluetooth speaker built in.
  14. Something new coming from SolarFX Window Films. Counter-top window tint care kit display. Put our Window Tint Safe Foaming Glass Cleaner in one side and a microfiber in the other and make an add on sale! Ps. Read the new cans of Sprayaway. Supposedly they changed the formula and no longer state safe for window tint.
  15. Have fun with that. My son is about to get his finished and off. Thank goodness no more braces for this guy!