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  1. @highplains Thank you so much for taking the time to give what I feel is a very thorough review of our Nano Ceramic film. We look forward to the opportunity to do more business with you in the future!! Thank you again for such a nice review! Shawn
  2. Yes my email is correct
  3. Email is on the way
  4. Email on the way Stewy
  5. email is on the way!
  6. Hello fellow tint duders, Our 2017 Annual Dealer Catalog is at the printers and will be mailing out soon. It's hard to believe our company turns 44 this year!! This 140 page, full color, product packed catalog is available now digitally and I can email it to you for your viewing pleasure. Just either post your email address, PM me your email address, or send me an email to shawnmvogler@hotmail.com and I will personally send you the digital copy. Get yours today!!
  7. That makes for a fun start to the day!
  8. Welcome back Kyle!
  9. Hey FatCat, I would love to share the story sometime. Maybe we will meet in person someday and we can share stories.
  10. Pretty much, window film and the 8 track recording tape are both made from polyester "plastic" film.
  11. In March of 1973 we opened our doors as Cartridge Industries Corporation to supply these to the Music & Recording Industry. Do you know what this is and how it relates to window film? This year marks our 44th year in business and thanks to you, our SolarFX Window Films customers, we are looking for another 44 years. Thank you for your continued support of our films and our company! We would not be where we are today, 44 years later, without great customers like you!
  12. Hey Trent, what film are you using? I know the Tint Slime Ultra Orange has been designed especially for hot climates like yours. Maybe you should give it a try to see if it helps you and gives you the slip you are looking for.
  13. For those of you wondering about Tint Slime, they are going to be releasing the Tint Slime Ultra very soon and we will be the exclusive distributor for this product on the initial launch. So get with your sales rep for Dragon Distributing/SolarFX Window Films to get some of this Orange Awesomeness. Give us a call at 800-825-3746 to get some of this solution.
  14. Awesome @flat rock stan! You are a true gentleman and well respected member of this industry. Thank you for your generous raffle, that is awesome. I wish I could participate, but unfortunately even your videos couldn't help me!! Good luck to everyone in the raffle!
  15. Hello everyone! It was yet again another spirited raffle with a whopping 4,998 post entries. Thank you guys for continuing to support SolarFX Window Films and the raffles we put on for you guys. It really is nice to see how many of you have participated in the raffle. Thank you to Ric for the continued support of the sponsors of this great Window Tint Forum and your tireless work you put in to maintaining this great place for our members to commune, care, share, and help each other out. Without you or this site, we wouldn't have the extended families that we have! Now to what you really want to read, the winner of this awesome raffle: The winning post number, randomly drawn by random.org, is post number 2547. This winning post was made by Highplains; Congratulations Highplains on your winning entry. Please either PM me your shipping information and VLT's of your choice or give me a call at 800-825-3746 and ask for Shawn Vogler so we can work out the details of your winnings. Thank you again to everyone that participated in this raffle and stay tuned for your next SolarFX Window Films raffle!! Shawn