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  1. I'm glad you liked it Midtown. Just give them a call at Pride if you need anymore. Thank you for your business, we greatly appreciate it!
  2. If I'm not mistaken, it is one of the film distributors in Houston, TX that has several eBay selling accounts as well as several websites that they sell product from. That company is a member of Tint Dude.
  3. Morning all, I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable weekend!
  4. I don't believe it is available through any distributors as of yet in Canada. I know the makers of Tint Slime are investigating an Amazon alternative to get products to Canada with a significant savings in shipping. But, I don't believe that service is active as of yet.
  5. The recommendation is the same for the Ultra as it is for the Original Green. It is recommended that you use 1oz per gallon, then adjust the amount if you need any additional slip for your current situation.
  6. Hello @liltintgoddess you can contact our warehouse in Houston if you would like to try some of the Ultra Tint Slime. You can reach them at 855-999-8468. Let me know if you need any additional assistance! Shawn
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't even imagine the emotions that you must be going through. Prayers for you, your family, and your community. Thank goodness you had insurance!
  8. The formula is the % factory glass X the %VLT of the film. This is a rough estimator. Factory glass 70% X 50% film= .70x.50=.35 or 35% You would need to meter the glass to find out actual glass % as they change from vehicle to vehicle. Also, you need to know the actual VLT of the film you are using as there are some companies that have part numbers that are not the actual VLT of the film.
  9. Thanks for the update Brandon, I appreciate your hands on feedback!
  10. Yes, I just checked the sample bottles. The sample bottles do say 2oz per gallon, not sure why. I'd go with the 1oz first and see what you get.
  11. Hey Bham, according to the bottle it should be 1oz per gallon for the Ultra and get 4X the slip. When it gets to be hotter weather, most people use up to 4-5oz of green Slime in order to get the slip they want. The Ultra Orange has anti-evaporaters in the solution allowing for a longer/more slip then the green alternative. From the users feedback we have received in hotter areas, the Orange way better in hotter weather, especially for our more aggressive adhesive.
  12. Thank you Bham for the kind words. We are nothing without our awesome customers like you!
  13. Check out these NEW shirts that are coming in a couple weeks also Bham! These new shirts will also be made with the new "Super Soft" Tshirts like you just got.
  14. Wow guys, thank you. I never win these things because you always have such wonderful pictures of your work or families!