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  1. Fading Question*

    I think it’s quite simple. If our cheapest 1 ply Tint lasts as long as everyone here has spoken, just imagine how long our good stuff lasts, just saying!
  2. Fading Question*

    Hey Long, just thought I’d chime in here and give you a comment. All of our window films use 4th Gen dyes, including our Classic series. We have been using this film for over 5 years in the hottest climates in the USA with ZERO complaints of turning purple. If you have any additional questions give me a call at 800-825-3746 and I’ll answer them as I can. I can also give the number of a guy in Omaha who has been using the Classic series for 5 years so you can hear it from an actual user of the film. Thanks, Shawn
  3. Last one to post #855

    LOL Love it!
  4. She shouldn’t lock the kids in the car while she goes into gamble in the casino.
  5. Not at this point, unless they are already part of the GDI tools or Fusion tools.
  6. Looking for pointers on distribution.

    Yes we sell the Green Slime, Orange Slime.
  7. Yes we sure do. We stock every tool they make.
  8. Hello Tinters and PPF'ers, We are now in stock on Fusion Tint Tools and are carrying everything they make. We can help you out with those hard to find tint tools from Fusion that no one else seems to carry. If you need a Fusion Tool Catalog and Tool pricing just send me a PM and I will message you back a link that has downloadable catalog and pricing.
  9. Looking for pointers on distribution.

    Hello EmpireTint, My name is Shawn with SolarFX Window Films. We’d be more than happy to help you out with your business needs. Just give us a call at 800-825-3746 and ask for the sales rep for your state. They will be able to help you out with any of your needs. Thanks guys for the recommendation!
  10. Too bad our little Caesar’s closed in town because they were charging $6 for the $5 pizzas, so corporate shut down their franchise. LOL
  11. Custom Heat Lamp Box for sale

    Thanks Midtown, we think we have a great film and the best customer service. The display turned out nice!
  12. Need a 3 year - 5 year window film

    We have a 5 year 1 ply. SolarFX Window Films. Give us a call at 800-825-3746.
  13. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    Marketing 101 is REAL simple, If they aren’t talking about you, you are dead! While competitors and their cronies do their best to manipulate the success of your business behind the scenes, STAY focused on your Goals and continue with your business plan! Make the commitment to provide your customers with the products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations! While the competition is focusing on you, you are quietly taking their business.. At SolarFX, our ONLY Focus is you!
  14. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    We often tell our customers that they shouldn't recommend to their customer using MEK to clean the windows. I hope you all realize that was a joke The only thing the MEK test does is show how a film is colorized. The film on the far right, is most likely a Korean film. They do not have the technology to deep dye a film (which is still the proven best way to colorize a film for longevity) therefore they input the color in the lamination adhesive during lamination. This test merely shows the dying technique used to impart color into the film.