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  1. Pic of the Week #561 Winner

    Wow, who would have thought this would have won. Thanks guys!
  2. Pic of the Week #561 Submissions

    SolarFX Custom Colored SoakShields!! Get yours soon!!
  3. Credit card processing

    We'd be more than happy to take care of being your main tint distributor!!!
  4. Open my own shop

    Welcome to the forum and good luck!
  5. SolarFX IRFX the Import Carbon Killer

    Hello civicrice, it is well known that Asian companies do not have the ability to deep dye window films. They either, mounting adhesive dye, chip dye, or dye/carbonize there films in the lamination adhesives. None of these techniques have been proven to outlast the deep dye technologies of 4th gen deep dyed films. Dynamic is correct that almost all of these “Carbon” films use a dye to add color and make darker their films. How much “Carbon” is actually in the film? What type of dye technology are they using? There have been many instances posted on social media where “Carbon” films have turned purple and faded after less than 5 years. At any rate, our 4th gen dyed films are manufactured to the highest quality and are among, if not the, highest quality in the industry. To answer about our IR on our films. Our FXtreme2 films have an IR of 76% up to 88%. The RejectorFX is a lightly aluminized film with minimal IR rejection in the 40’s and not designed as an IR film. Hope that answers your questions.
  6. You asked for it, so you got it. Introducing IRFX, a film to compete against the competitions Carbon films. Utilizing our EXCLUSIVE S3 IR technology, we are able to produce a high performing film in TSER with an amazing 62% IR rejection across ALL the VLT's. Best of all, the film is manufactured to our high quality standards and uses our advanced adhesive technology, advanced dying technology, awesome shrinking, Premium Lifetime Warranty, and a customer service that is unmatched in the film industry. Contact SolarFX today to try this new and exciting film! Call 800-825-3746 to speak with the sales rep for your state!
  7. SolarFX film

    Hello @QTCustoms, my name is Shawn and I am with SolarFX Window Films. We have two warehouses in the USA located in Kansas City, MO and Houston, TX. Give us a call at 800-825-3746 and ask for Chris. He is the sales rep for Louisiana and can get you the pricing and any samples that you would need. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for checking out our SolarFX Window Films!
  8. SolarFX prizes

    He probably wears it better than you anyways!!
  9. SolarFX prizes

    Thank you you Jh812 for posting a picture!
  10. Hey everyone, we will be getting in our new 2018 Wall Displays for our automotive and DualZoneFX Flatglass films. They will be 12"x24" and have 5 customizable panels for your choice of film selections. Stay tuned for more details.
  11. SolarFX Christmas 2017 WINNERS!

    Thank you again everyone for participating. @jh812's winnings were shipped out yesterday. @W.A.T.'s winnings are shipping today. @Solarbros's winnings are shipping today. @Jkatfelix's winnings shipped out yesterday. When you get your prizes in, please take a photo and post for everyone to see your winning!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at SolarFX Window Films!!
  12. SolarFX Christmas 2017 WINNERS!

    Hey @W.A.T., don't forget to get with me so we can get your winnings shipped to you. Congratulations.
  13. Hello Everyone, I am sure that everyone is eager to hear the announcement of our SolarFX Window Films Christmas Raffle. Well I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news first is that I intended for the raffle to end tonight 12/22/2017 at midnight. Well......I mistakenly posted it ended on 12/21/2017 at midnight. No wories, we did the drawing 1 day early. There were 2,552 total posts in the Raffle. Now the good news, we have a winner!! And, in the spirit of Christmas Giving, SolarFX has actually chosen 4 winners. The grand prize winner still gets the big prize, first runner up gets a 40"x100' roll of our IRFX and a SolarFX Hoodie, 2nd runner up gets one of our new SolarFX Quarter Zip Performance Pullovers, and the 3rd runner up gets one of our SolarFX "Feel the FX" Beanies. All winners were randomly chosen using www.random.org . So without any further ado the winners are as follows: Grand Prize Winner, Post number 2545, which happens to be @jh812 The first Runner Up, winning a 40"x100' roll of IRFX and a SolarFX Hoodie is post number 627, which is @W.A.T. The 2nd runner up with post number 1414 and the winner of the SolarFX Performance Pullover is @Solarbros The final winner is post number 1118 and the winner of the SolarFX "Feel the FX" Beanies is @Jkatfelix Thank you to everyone who has participated in our SolarFX Window Films Christmas Raffle 2017. Congratulations to the winners of these awesome prizes. Please direct message me, call me at 800-825-3746, or email me at shawnmvogler@hotmail.com to arrange the shipment of your winnings. May everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. May all of you be blessed with this season and a prosperous 2018! Shawn
  14. SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    That would be a great opportunity for SolarFX Window Films
  15. SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Yeah, I don't want to get booted for the win. I think I have a good shot at winning this raffle. I know someone on the inside!!!!