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  1. shawnmvogler@hotmail.com
  2. Stay tuned everyone, we will be running a Christmas Raffle beginning on 12/1/2017!!!!
  3. Thanks guys
  4. I would but I'm on a modified Keto diet and can't eat bread. Nice to see you are a high quality chef that understands the necessity of slicing the bologna ;)
  5. Hello and welcome from everyone at SolarFX Window Films.
  6. I understand completely. Yes, I saw him momentarily before he competed. He was heading to the floor with his cart.
  7. Fat Cat, you didn’t come by and say hello to me at the SolarFX booth.
  8. The pleasure was all mine Will. Thank you for stopping by today!
  9. Booth is setup and ready to go. If you’re here stop by and say hi. Get a Tint Fuel Energy Drink, a tshirt, and Tint Slime samples.
  10. We are one of the few film companies that does not publish pricing online. Consumers should never have access to dealer pricing. IMO
  11. Thank you TTS
  12. Hello everyone, I just wanted to post up here about our new small counter top Ceramic Heat Display. This is all Acrylic that is Laser cut and Laser etched. They are not large and bulky like most other heat displays. This is a very classy looking display that would look great on any counter.
  13. Thanks @Tint EastwoodIt took about 1.5 years to come into existence.
  14. Here is a little video of our new Heat Display.
  15. ST Carbon is an extremely good shrinking film.