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  1. 18 A5 sport back

    Any issues with this car? Got one coming in today.
  2. 18 Hurracan

    K awesome thanks and yes it's a spyder
  3. 18 Hurracan

    Anybody done one? This will be our first lambo anything to watch out for? Do any of you pull panels etc?
  4. Dairy Queen Freezer Tint

    What about a light ceramic?
  5. Dairy Queen Freezer Tint

    I have some dark silver reflective already but he would like the cakes to still be seen from the outside while on display.
  6. Dairy Queen Freezer Tint

    I have a dairy queen owner that their cake freezer doors are clear glass and open from outside the building, so wondering what film would you guys suggest to protect the cakes from being ruined by the sun? They are 36x72" windows. The other kicker is the outside of the glass will have to be tinted vs the freezing inside.
  7. Security film

    I agree that they are not going through windows, was just an idea, and seeing that it may delay someone getting in, thought of not even for exterior windows, alot of these rooms people may be locking themselves in, all have windows inside the school usually. It may be a hard sell but definitely something I think schools may consider. I'm sure the cost per school may be substantial however.
  8. Security film

    I'm not familiar with security film much but in the wake of all of these school shootings is this a viable opportunity to be installing for school districts? I doubt they are bullet proof, but at the least offer peace of mind as a way to delay someone entering the building... Alot of schools are locked during day but what's stopping anyone from breaking glass up get in.
  9. Post Up Your Wall Peel Boards

    Dude that's awesome is that one piece of glass? And what are your holding the glass on the wall with?
  10. Post Up Your Wall Peel Boards

    Dude that's awesome what are you using on the top and bottom of glass? Is that one sheet of glass?
  11. Post Up Your Wall Peel Boards

    Let's see pics of your wall mounted peel boards! Looking for new ideas!
  12. Cutting table

    Post up pics of your cutting table let's see em!
  13. Pic of the Week #526 Submissions

    2017 Tesla Model S in 32% ceramic and 40% ceramic windshield using EWF
  14. Pic of the Week #490 Submissions

    2016 Malibu Wakesetter in 15% EWF Classic 1.2
  15. 15 Viper

    Anyone done one yet? Any tips for removing door panels or anything?