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  1. Not only is your stupidity shared on fb, you blow TD up too. Smh. Give up already.
  2. I agree with you 100%. I thought it was a great post and the guy would have made a good member. I don't get discouraged so quickly... ;-) We were talking about this guy: http://www.tintdude.com/forum/index.php/topic/76780-predator-by-scorpion-window-films/ Thanks guys. I appreciate the love lol. I am still here and actually came on to do my review of another line that I have been toying with. As for the OP, don't let em get to you. Most of us that own shops have thick skin to begin with and E-raging is a very common form of expression on here as far as I have seen. To answer your question, it will always depend on the kit. I have been looking into moving into PPF over the past few weeks. I added PPF onto my plotter software for window film and started to measure out different cars and how much film it takes. Since you are speaking of kits I am assuming that you are looking into a plotter setup. Film Designs is doing their 10 year promo with no "software" fees or initial payment. It may be worth it to pay for just a month of service and do your math like that. It looks like 24" rolls are most common but more and more newer cars are requiring 30" rolls. Sorry for my lack of experience, just a little input on how I am doing my homework as I am stepping into it. Glad to see ya still here!
  3. I can't see the link? I'm on tapatalk
  4. I'm not sure what pic you're talking about but I'm sure it something they have made.
  5. It's just beat to death like TD was saying in another thread. My advice is start from the bottom(like drake) learn how to hand cut and install film. The problem with me was I knew nothing about business I just knew how to lay dem papas and I was a bad mofo. Seriously though take a class and learn how to lay tint. Use the search button cause I'm sure it's been covered And welcome to the thunderdome!
  6. Really? I think most of the people here are pretty friendly. Lately we have had quite a few people come and post that they are opening a tint shop or what ever, with zero experience, and then ask something like "what is the best film?". When they don't get an answer they like, they usually call us names etc, but I wouldn't describe the forum as 'lots of a holes' by any stretch. Sorry if I offended. Guess I'm the biggest a-hole. I just read a thread where a guy jumped down a guys throat for his first post giving opinions on film?? Good write up too. I guess you are right it's mostly to ppl who have 0 clue on what's going on though.
  7. I figured you meant ppf. I'm only window film so far. Lot of A holes on here
  8. Awesome install!
  9. Hi Rocky, Some measure of control is possible. A significant part of the "Misc" category is the light emitted by the light bulbs, fixtures, etc. There are methods and materials to reduce this (special bulbs, housings, etc.) including wrapping bulbs or filming the glass in the light fixtures. Some of the energy in the "misc" category is a little harder to control. For example, the body heat radiating from a person sitting on a sofa can contribute to fading as well. Typically, a homeowner will not make modifications to the lights etc., but if you ever have the opportunity to work with a museum curator, you will see that they will address every possible source of damage. -Howard We have done some work on some glass display cases for museums and art galleries for just such an emergency. Had one that forgot to take the displayed item out of the case before our arrival . WOW what a production to get the artifact out of the case and put it in a black box and cart it away so we could play with the glass. We told them wait 2 weeks to ensure the film cured properly in such an enclosed space. I think the curators hair turned white instantly NO NO NO it has to be displayed tomorrow!!!!! I didn't know water was used to install the film. Now we have to watch the meters until the rooms moisture content goes down before we can put it out again. I guess he forgot that hot sweaty people make the humidity in a room go higher too. We recommended a meter in the case and go from there. We got a call 3 hours later. The meter said it was safe. What was the artifact??
  10. Couldn't thank mark and Judd enough for helping fire up my career and introduce me to some real good friends now. Great group of guys and gals up there. 2 years and not one single problem
  11. Window film or ppf?
  12. Some of the energy in the "misc" category is a little harder to control. For example, the body heat radiating from a person sitting on a sofa can contribute to fading as well. -Howard Really???
  13. Cut patterns for automotive windows? Yes
  14. What part of ok were they located???