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  1. Thank you tintmor, Hearing this makes me feel good! Time wise I know I can take 5 - 6 hours but I would rather be happy with the quality than rush so I can have quantity, Like yourself being experienced you get there in the end once you learn. thank you again
  2. Apologies if I miss anything out! Shadowline - I have my own unit, I got this straight away from doing my course. Callwild - Thank you, Seems I am going around it how you did this, *Touch wood* I have only kept 1 car in over night and thats because I was finding the rear window hard to shrink! Im getting there slowly, Its the speed I need to work on now though! At least you kept your unit until you knew yourself you could do it, Does renting a space for the day cost a great deal? it's good to see that you spent the 2 years down the unit and progressed! Makes me feel much easier reading your story as this is the way im doing it but im gonig to keep my unit (great to get away from the other half).
  3. Spot on reply mate....were you based Im on the border of leicestershire / lincolnshire, Where abouts are you? I have it lucky round here as there's only 2 shop's 1's 26 miles away and the others 16ish.
  4. Nah its fine, theres nothing like getting hands on teaching yourself, I been going at it for just over a year, I did a training course etc, Then went from there. Sounds silly but I dont see how else there is to get the experience? I know im nowhere near as good as everyone with years under there belt but I can get there (This makes me sound %&$# but I'm not), I love putting all the hard work in to make things right and correcting mistakes makes me feel good and at the same time im learning new things, This is the only thing I can say I actually have enjoyed doing in my life learning.
  5. Im still here Im practicing more than anything! still need to gain a lot of experience! I been dead over the Christmas period and I didnt open in january at all, I only done 2 cars this month but its my own fault for not being there (Moving house etc)
  6. Hey guys just a couple of questions, I been reading up on audi's with the tight door gaskets an not to take the door panel off because you can't get them back on how they was. I just had a customer call about one an i gave him a good price. I am abit nervous about it as the bad things i heard of these vehicles. Its rear only so no front windows to do!! Any good advice? As you can all see i only been at it a year an i haven't experienced a lot of makes / models. Thanks guys
  7. Thanks for the replies guys I understand, I just never come across it or heard this with other tinters i know locally.
  8. No problem at all Its all about gaining experience an practising No problem at all Its all about gaining experience an practising
  9. No it hasn't got any film on at the moment, i'd be interested in knowing. All i can thing of is i come across spray tint on the rear of car lights being baked before so i didnt know if they did that to the windows?
  10. Hello guys, Been speaking to someone today they wanted there windows tinting on there vehicle. Said hes rang around an the guys with film said they can do it in a couple of hours etc (Which is normal) But then he said he rang 1 place and they asked him to leave his Vehicle there for a day as they need to take all the windows out and bake them?! I have never heard of that so i didnt really know what to say! Anyone else know?!
  11. I have another one of these to do later / tomorrow I shall be updating with the photos as soon as this one finished i know i keep promising but were rebuilding a car at the moment lol.
  12. Hey guys i have a Sportwagon into tint (never touched an alfa first Sw) Now on the rear side windows i think it needs shrinking as there obviously slightly curved, I just wondered the best way to shrink them?! An if theres is anything to watch out for?!
  13. I have seen this on a rolls royce in london i believe the car was from abu dhabi though.
  14. Hello again guys, I can get myself a 50" Plotter / cutter? I no nothing about these or software as im not very computer literate or ever used one, At the moment all the tinting i do is by free hand. Just looking at software options and opinions and where to purchase it from? Thanks
  15. I have never thought about trying glass cleaner to do something like that. be worth it to find out which takes it off easier!!