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  1. Lazytint

    Peelboard with water catcher.

    Nice.. when I make mine I will surely post pics. current setup is messing up drywall and needs update. Thanx everyone.
  2. Lazytint

    Peelboard with water catcher.

    dont know mike but maybe he still has photos.
  3. few years ago someone posted a peelboard with hose to a bucket to catch water runoff. I looked and cant find it. want to make 2 peelboards on each side of car. anyone have alink?
  4. Lazytint

    Panamera felt how to

    1 min. door removal on youtube front panels (search).. pull up seal (1 piece but can be done). . felt 1 whole strip and push back in....same passenger side.. clean with alcohol and sand it down so felt can stick good...4th pic remove torx screws for rear panels.. pull up seals(dont be afraid) and felt 1 whole piece.. NO small pieces to reduce chances of peeling off felt.. CAR IS SUPER EASY TO TINT..