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  1. I'm sure seal failure would happen much quicker then glass breakage on tempered dual pane.
  2. Yeah, Suntek isn't too popular on here. But it shrinks great and the price is right... we use their carbon and CXP films. They last in our climate where it gets to be 120 degrees. It does scratch a little easier but I always wrap my plastic tools with something soft. A good habit for any film IMO. We haven't had any customers complain about low angle haze. Give them a try and see what you think.
  3. Yes, its do-able without taking anything apart. For me its the quickest, and easiest. Although, you probably need a film that will heat shrink well. I'm using Suntek, that stuff shrinks easy.
  4. Ive found what works for me. We heat the top half, then heat the bottom half on the inside of the glass using a mac-tac so it dosent scratch the film. usually have a few smaller fingers to hit with the heat gun after the install but I think thats a much quicker solution to removing the spoiler or seems.
  5. I think Solargard's liners are the easiest to release. Im pretty sure all blackout films will all have some strong liners though.
  6. Usually there will already be scratches from the first install. Look closely and tell the customer if thats the case. If not youre probably good to go. Might want to carry some adhesive remover and double 0 steel wool just in case. scrape lightly and use the steel wool to finish it off.
  7. 3 partners would scare me off. Do the math and see how much work you would need pull in to make a decent living.
  8. Have you tried tightening the belt? Worked on my DGI
  9. We just got used to the slippery floor, mopping helps when you can. its like learning how to use your sea legs! just dont leave any liners on the floor and be strick on customers not coming in the work place.
  10. I'm installing some this week. I took it out of the box and it looks exactly like the cxp 70. Feels thinner though.
  11. Those look great! Better than the manufacturers I think. I think real glass would be a better alternative IMO. I've been telling every rep that they need to make displays like that for flat glass!
  12. Every time a customer asks me about security film for cars, my response is this: "what happens when you're in a fiery rollover accident and you have to get out of the car through the window?"
  13. Do you ever get film jammed in the plotter when the plotter is cutting? I would think that the natural curl of the film would get caught in the plotter if it is being fed on the table as apposed to hanging verticaly without a table.
  14. Here's a couple of ours