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  1. Yes! Just restocked!

  2. KonSiva

    Kon's Box

    PHEW! Finally got a new shipment of Kon's box's! Took just about forever but we are restocked!
  3. KonSiva

    What did you tint today?

    A few from the past week so far.
  4. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    Every damn year. Feels like this year was a lot slower than normal though. Just in general. All my tints today "Had an emergency" So now my installer is just... yeah. Lol. Hope that vacation treats you well! Any where in particular?
  5. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    Yeah. They're not crazy bad. I'd rather that than the SVS we did the other day.
  6. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    why though? Lol
  7. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    Hahah I don't have a waiting area... I get that question a lot but we are super close to a starbucks so I normally just say walk there or we can give rides.
  8. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    Wellll..... we charged more than our normal prices. Soooo plan on spending 4 plus hours on it. It was his first one and he "wouldn't do it again". Says it was a pain in the butt.
  9. KonSiva

    What did you tint today?

    Never again.
  10. KonSiva

    What did you tint today?

    Slow day here but a few graphic jobs as well as tints.
  11. KonSiva

    What did you tint today?

    This was fun! What a beaut. Love the Classics for sure.
  12. KonSiva

    Car Window Tint type for my issues.

    One of my workers has severe UV reactions too. We installed Sun-tek Ceramic-Carbon Film at 55% on her all black car and she's been loving it. She hasn't had any reactions since we have installed it. She says "Yeah I would recommend the Ceramic-Carbon, it helps with my sun issues and I don't feel the heat from the rays anymore." The Sun-tek one rejects 44-48% of heat and 99% of the UV rays. We have not had any issues with it, I know some have but I guess it's all preference.
  13. KonSiva

    What did you tint today?

    Been kind of slow but steady.
  14. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    That's what she says. Gosh yours looks sick. I showed her and she said "Yeah, that's pretty fricken cool" Lol
  15. KonSiva

    The Chat Thread

    Grom, Monkey or z? Awesome shot! My receptionist has a Z-125. Loves that thing. Maybe I should get one?