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  1. Is it lunch, yet?? ?
  2. Ready for a little more warmth, and little less snow!! ?
  3. We use Suntek Carbon 20% to match factory tint for most vehicles. Here is a new Ford Edge we did this week where we matched the front two windows to the factory tint using the Suntek Carbon 20%. We also tinted her front windshield with Suntek Carbon 70%. Kon
  4. As far as Suntek film, using Johnson's baby shampoo has proven day-in-day-out the most effective as a slip solution. Kon
  5. We use Suntek film and have found that Johnson's Baby Shampoo is the best slip solution. If we are stripping old tint off the back glass that has a defroster we use simple green. Kon
  6. Patiently awaiting warmer weather....
  7. Here are a few pictures we took at SEMA...Kon
  8. We have been using Suntek films, including CXP, for some time now without any issues including scratching, fading, or odd hues. We believe in the brand so much, we also use their clear bra product. In addition, we have not had any complaints from our customers regarding the final product on their vehicle. Kon
  9. Still snowing and cold!
  10. We are known as a higher end shop and we never try to compete by price with other shops in our area. We whole heartedly believe that competing on price is a race to the “bottom” and can put you out of business. Our brand was built based on unwavering customer service, second to none quality of the tint and the tint job, and all this is done through trust and respect with your customer base. This has allowed us to have many repeat customers as well as new customers who have been referred by those previous customers. Kon
  11. Laying it down hard today! ?
  12. Sure does! Of course, scrubbing is still required ? Kon
  13. Can I please get a fresh cup of coffee??
  14. Great job and welcome home, SMT! Kon
  15. HP, that is one sick looking Camaro! Congrats ??? Kon