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  1. Is this normal?

    It happens, it's hair/dust. We swear by the quality of our work too but this does happen occasionally and we just rip it off and try again. If there's airflow (Fans, etc.) then there is stuff flying around in the air that you can't see until you slap some tint on it and it gets trapped. I' sure your tinter is good, weird that it happened more than once or twice but it might just be coincidence.
  2. Covering up 3rd brake lamp

    I would cover it honestly. I did both of my cars, looks nice and clean.
  3. Exploding Sunroofs

    Oh wow, good read.
  4. The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    Oh man! So sorry to hear that. Good thing you are safe, and glad you have insurance. Golly, that's bad, hope all is well now.
  5. Cars that make you CRINGE...

    Dodge Stratus... The back window is no fun tinting!!! Tried and tried, after third attempt failing, I had to two-piece it. Haven't had to do that in a while but GOLLY. That was a difficult one!
  6. How Do You Hand Off Keys To Sales People?

    Here at the shop, we have a small area with key hooks for the office/sales person, each key has a tag on it. When a car is finished, its up to the tinter to hang the key in the office. It's up to the sales person to call and fully take care of the customer at that point. They take care of billing, and then hand the customer their keys. Obviously there has been slip ups, either someone forgot or something, but for the most part it's very simple and it's in the sales person plain view, so it's hard to miss when there's a key hanging waiting for customers pick up.
  7. How many times have you redone a window???

    Oh shoot! Hahaha that's rough!
  8. Slip/Cleaning solution

    Been using Jhonsons Baby Shampoo for 20 years, never a problem. I don't think you have anything to worry about
  9. Anyone using lavender j&j baby shampoo

    I usually just use Jhonsons baby soap, it has a very faint but pleasant smell, also is very gentle. I've been using it for years, love it!
  10. Don't you hate when people remove their own tint!

    Tsh, definitely. So much glue and everything! I usually take it off with a steamer, you get little to no glue. But when they tear it off, its awful!
  11. Yelp reviewer meets business owner.

    Yikes!!! You handled that real well I'd say! I don't know how you'd avoid yelp abusers but gosh I'd like to get an answer There's just some people that take advantage of that sorta stuff (Google reviews) just to get what they want. How awful.
  12. Worse customer in 6 years

    Ah! That's so frustrating! I can relate, just had a guy come in on this 2002 Accord. Its just plain gold, the rims are a little flashy that's all. He was going a little back and forth deciding if he wanted to go with 20% or 35% (Both are totally legal) and he finally chose 20%. After the install for a whole week he would send paranoid text messages (Literally a novel long text!) and he kept calling making sure that he wasn't going to get pulled over for it and stuff. Finally he called frustrated and wanted all the tint removed and his freaking money back! Not only did he CHOOSE 20% but he was already not going to pay for it getting removed which usually runs $150 here at the shop. BUT he also wanted his money back! I was so frustrated because he made it seem like it was our fault and the cops were after him which is BS. It's literally an old man in a Honda Accord, seriously?! So just to keep him from coming back and bothering us, we removed the tint (which looked so good, ugh.) and gave him his money back. The. Worst.
  13. Too much dawn dishsoap

    I usually use Jhonsons baqby soap, it's perfect. Real gentle.
  14. Removal rates...are you charging enough?

    Yep, same here!