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  1. Kon and Yuri are laying down the sweet custom kitchen cabinet graphics that Jeremy designed!!! Great job, everyone!!
  2. Thank you for the advice, Stan! It's always appreciated!! Kon
  3. WANTED: Hey guys, we are also looking for a nice, friendly, experience window tinter ... Pay will be great, place will be clean and attractive, and work atmosphere will be pleasant to work at a leisure of privacy and a culture the tinter would want to create for him/her self ... Offer is for commission, as well as hourly pay ... Depends on what you would prefer! Call or txt me on my private cell, if you are interested.. Relocators are welcome!!!
  4. 27, The flooring is vinyl tile that can be stuck onto the floor, and its not very expensive! Lowe's and Home Depot carry it .... Thanks, Kon
  5. Finally the door is up! We window Tinters know that detailing and window tinting do not mix, so we installed a new door that would make the two units independent. Next on the list is to wrap all of cabinets; design already submitted for print. :) Hope you guys have a good profitable day and keep up great work and attitude!
  6. Ty, NM! Wait until you see the the "branding" that our in house artist is currently working on!!! 😄
  7. 215, We are building out the inside of our detail shop ... 😃
  8. Forgot to mention, we have more pictures coming 👍
  9. The build out process of our new window tinting shop continues! 😀