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  1. Got to love matte paint...🙈
  2. Personally I would start by tacking at 4 and concentrate the majority of the stretch around 3&5 with a bit of stretch around 2 and finally pinning at 1. Make sure you are fitting in a warm environment and if needed use a bit of warm water in your slip and flush to help. Finally use a hard card wrapped in paper towel to squeegee any fingers down.
  3. I would be looking for different brands, all the top films offer a range of sizes or their own slitting services. What brands are you using? Steve
  4. I once tried curing the ppf in direct sunlight, won't be doing it again, any fluid bubbles can boil and leave a mark. My advice would be to let it cure naturally in a warm environment. Steve
  5. Some people are never happy...
  6. I won't fit on anything less than 7 clear days after it comes out of the oven and been checked. I have had film bubble on a 5 day old paint job and luckily it left the paint behind when it was removed. The solvent smell was very strong as well as it would be and proved that it wasn't a bad install on my part. I have also lifted paint on a Lotus when the paint shop told me the car had been painted for over a week but when I spoke to the painter he said it had only come out a few days ago. The car had to go back in for a repaint delaying the return to the customer massively more than the extra few days the should have waited and I charged them for two installs. I still work for the paint shop but they have learn't their lesson. Steve
  7. I do a dry application on thin (maybe 15-20 mm max) pieces. I have also fitted ppf to the sat nav screen on an Audi...once... it buggered the screen up and cost the customer £1800 for a replacement. Fortunately he took the hit as I had pre warned him and he watched me install with minimal water. Amazingly this was on a convertible and it makes you wonder what would happen if it got caught in a rainstorm with the roof down. Personally the risk vs reward is too great, there is so much to potentially go wrong there, unless you get the dealership to remove the trims for you. Steve
  8. Me too @BigRuski if you are listening.
  9. Got to love Google translate...
  10. Personally I would and have followed @JoshVette's directions. It's a risk verses reward scenario. As your customer has said "where possible" I would use that as your reason not to. Steve
  11. Some times when you have designed a part you will find it ends up slightly too wide for a given film and what has happened in the past is the part has been "adjusted" to fit a particular width of film. So say a bumper when templated measures 25" top to bottom in the past it would have been manipulated to fit on the 24" film as most people only had 24" plotters. As time has gone on more installers have bought into the larger plotters and film widths have increased as well but the temptation is still there to make it fit thereby saving on wastage. Steve
  12. minty

    Where to start?

    All depends on the car and how many installers are on the case. Usually if there is a badge in the middle then I would start from there, other times I will start from underneath a headlight and work left and right or even a wheel arch and go coast to coast. I guess what I am saying is there are no hard and fast rules. Steve
  13. minty

    Water bubbles In PPF

    It's very difficult if not impossible to squeegee all the fluid out and I have found bubbles forming after a period of time. The only thing I can put that down to is any excess fluid will find it's own way to the weakest point of adhesion. Obviously it's preferable for this not to happen but I have found that fluid will dissipate over a few days if left alone but as has been said, best practice is to check and double check a panel before moving on to the next. If you try to squeegee a bubble after the film has started to cure though you can leave 'snail trails' in the film that won't go away. I would never leave a car in the sun to force dry the film as on a hot day it can actually boil the fluid and leave a vapor bubble that will never go of it's own accord and can leave a ring when you release it with a needle. Steve