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  1. Mpameno81

    Xpel Prime CS vs SunTek Carbon

    Carbon has a better heat rejection though.
  2. Mpameno81

    Anyone recognize this font?

    Coolvetica, should be on
  3. Mpameno81

    2019 BMW X7 Front Door Panel Trick

    I only did the front doors. But for those who remove panels there are screws the all the obvious places, plus one tricky one! It’s under the little piece of trim around the door lock at the top corner. A little pry bar can wiggle the trim out super easily. I believe they were all T20’s, like 7 screws per door no joke. Other than that bottom gasket pulls out no problem. Easy fronts to do.
  4. Mpameno81

    Heat display questions

    Tis’ done my friends!
  5. Mpameno81

    No blades on glass

    We use the platinum ones for everything. They last a long time. Typically we loose them before we have to replace them because of wear ha.
  6. Mpameno81

    No blades on glass

    We could not live without these things. My favorite tool. If the window is super gunky we'll use a blade, otherwise its all these things-
  7. Mpameno81

    Heat display questions

    Only because I’m having a custom display made I went out and bought both types of bulbs and made a test of them. I could definitely feel a heat difference in the films with a 50w halogen bulb, but it certainly wasn’t as dramatic as with the red 250w heat lamp bulb. For sales purposes showing the films performance I think were going with the red bulbs. Maybe once I get it all made up I’ll post a pic.
  8. Mpameno81

    Heat display questions

    I like the idea of using halogen bulbs, for the type of light they provide and also because of there small size. But my only concern is that they might not be powerful enough to adequately show a performance difference between a dyed film carbon film and ceramic film. Does anyone have both or prefer one over the other for this reason? Or do halogen bulbs throw enough light and heat to feel on your hand a clear difference?
  9. Mpameno81

    Heat display questions

    So I am going to be building my own heat lamp display here soon. I see some people use halogen bulbs and some people using the red heat lamp normal bulb. Could someone explain the difference to me? Which one is better to show how the film performs? Also if anyone has any pictures of there shops heat display set up that would be super helpful. Thanks! -Michael
  10. Mpameno81

    2019 A8L

    Great informative post. Thank you!
  11. Mpameno81

    Tesla Model 3

    If you have 0 interruptions (in an ideal world haha) I believe it took me a total of between 40mins-1hr to shrink. Once it's shrunk actual install doesn't take all that much longer than a normal back window. I would plan to have a helper available. It's a bear to try to handle alone. I probably would never attempt lifting it up to the glass one alone anyways.
  12. 3M was in the shop pushing this new film pretty hard. Numbers look good. Does anybody have any positive/negative feedback on 3M’s new film? Currently using mostly SunTek carbon.
  13. Mpameno81

    What is your favor tool

    Paper towels for sure!... ... and those platinum hard cards. We use platinum hard cards like no other. The ones that are curved at the top & kinda thin and flexible at the bottom.
  14. Mpameno81

    What does your Mobile Tollbox look like?

    I like those red 'step boxes' from lowes, it looks like a step stool. Has one tray at the top when you open it and a good bit of space underneath for tool tools, heatgun, extension cord, etc. And then we use a large tool bag for carrying our tint install tools.
  15. Mpameno81

    Oracal 8300 tinting

    I've installed 8300 every different way you can think of ha. My favorite method is dry install with a heat gun & partner to help with heating and/or stretching. Squeegee fast, using something with a soft felt edge. Minor pin bubbles will dissipate over time.