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  1. Derny311

    2016 XE sedan

    On the front driver and passenger door remove this small trim piece to show a torx screw. Door grip has one small 7mm bolt in it. Remove bolt and lift piece out. It takes some wiggle but will come out. This will expose 2 bolts holding the door panel. Remove 2 9mm bolts and door panel will pop off. Nothing but plastic clips holding it in at this point.
  2. Derny311

    2016 XE sedan

    Ok this post helped me out so much. I went a little further and took off the whole door panel. I’ll post some pics of the remaining bolts. Nothing terrible and comes off with ease.
  3. Derny311

    1960 metropolitan

    I did this baby a couple weeks ago. To help do the back window we applied a 1 in vinyl strip on the outside. Then tinted it and left a small gap around glass. The vinyl strip covered up the gap so well it looked factory. I wish I would have gotten better pics of the back window but the customer loved it.
  4. Come on baby. Daddy needs some ceramic.
  5. Derny311

    It's a SolarFX Christmas---------Give-A-Way

    I'm in! Come on baby I need that tint fuel!