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  1. Madico Black Pearl Ceramic

    Yup, film is crap. I had a car return after a week. Little fingers developed on heater lines and would not go down.
  2. Madico Black Pearl Ceramic

    Oh, that sucks
  3. Madico Black Pearl Ceramic

    Are the bad reviews referring to the regular line or the ceramic line. I just used a box of black pearl ceramic and it was a beautiful film. Bottom edge lays down nicely too.
  4. Midnight Tinting

    Started in 1998, and is now located at: 2290 Alahao Pl. unit 301 Honoluli Hi 96819 Always taking it to the next level with accurate hand cuts, and proper prep on every glass.
  5. Tesla Model 3 Warning

    Solar Gard UP40. Waiting to try out Xpel XR black
  6. Tesla Model 3 Warning

    I work on a lot of Tesla’s. I have about 20 model 3’s under my belt. When I work on a Model 3, the first thing I do is the windshield. I lock up all the doors, and then go into the car and shut off the car under Security and Settings. After Tinting the windshield I finish off the rest of the car. This allows for all water to pass through and dry on the windshield. Haven’t had an issue after using these steps. My first 4-5 model 3’s resulted in “ghosting” on the screen before realizing what needed to be done.
  7. What did you tint today?

  8. Solar Gard NR Supreme?

    I wouldn’t use it. I used to use NR Supreme. The film looks great and keeps its color, but the heat rejection is very low. It does have major adhesive failures too