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  1. midnighttinting

    Do or do not keep doing dealership work...

    I don’t see the reason for dealership work. You should be able to get the work yourself, and charge what you’re worth. I do 4-5 cars/day charging 350-600 a car. Most dealerships want to pay $150/car, and i’d have to wait up to 3 months for the check. And id have to drop everything for the dealership if they call.
  2. midnighttinting

    I’m new to tinting

    My best guess would be Amazon for that purpose
  3. midnighttinting

    Suntek or solargard?

    I’ve used Solar Gard for 16 years. HP charcoal had major delamination problems. Some customers would swear that they didn’t roll down the windows, ever, and would still have major delamination after a few years. HP Supreme, NR Supreme, and Ultra Performance will not fade or turn purple. You’ll be amazed at how they’ll keep their color. But the ahesive is crap. And it’s getting worse. I stopped using Solar Gard in December. I was starting to see 2-year old Ultra Perfromancd jobs bubble up on back windows. Sun Tek is, uh, ok. It’s cheap. I used CXP and CIR. CXP does not block the heat that they advertise. No way. And CIR is way too green. Both Sun Tek and Solar Gard scratches like crazy. Especially SG Galaxy.
  4. midnighttinting

    Best heat gun

  5. midnighttinting

    How do you guys do it?

    Here is Hawaii we can have total VLT at 70% for windshields. We use Wincos 90. Passes every time. We do 3-400 windshields/year. Before it was legal, people would just ask for it. We used to do about 150/year before it was legal
  6. midnighttinting

    New Soak Shield

    I love this product. Never had a problem pulling it out. Just make sure you pull upwards towards the ceiling. On Mercedes CLAs, this is almost a must on the back glass
  7. midnighttinting

    The Whale Tail

    Bulldozer for me
  8. midnighttinting

    Best portable Light?

    I use the Festool Syslight
  9. midnighttinting

    Best heat gun

    Old school Makitas were the best, new ones are the worst. I found that the Matcos heat gun come close to the old Makitas. You’ll get 1 1/2 years out of it, and it gets really hot
  10. midnighttinting

    Tips n trix

    I did the same. You can make the scratched window look new again. Just soak it in alcohol and scrape off all the Ir coating. So now I have a driver window sitting in my shop.
  11. midnighttinting

    Xpel tint, whose using it? Reviews

    The film looks great and the hard coat feels great. Shrinking is almost too easy too
  12. midnighttinting

    Messed up twice already

    Once you get the hang of the strategy, it’s actually very easy.
  13. midnighttinting

    Messed up twice already

    I’ve used Solar Gard Supreme for many years. With the Camaro window, I would only shrink the top half of the window. During application, squeegee with very small strokes. Use the other hand to put the film down and squeegee with other hand. It will probably lift after laying down but just keep a bottle of 20/80 alcohol/water solution to put it down
  14. midnighttinting

    Chameleon Window Tint

    That was shot down quickly
  15. midnighttinting


    It will save time.