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  1. midnighttinting

    Cut software users

    I adjust on the car. I don’t adjust through the software
  2. midnighttinting

    To all shop callers! How would you handle this situation?

    Yup new civic roll ups are as standard as they get
  3. midnighttinting

    Cut software users

    I use dap and don’t edit. Once in a while I’ll have to hand adjust/cut but it’s no big deal for me
  4. midnighttinting

    2016 Dodge Charger Rear Window mess

    Looks awesome to me
  5. Here’s a GT3 RS with XR Plus 35
  6. XR Plus. The clarity is awesome too
  7. midnighttinting

    What tint job do you have on your personal car?

    Just did my F10 M5 with Xpel XR Blue 80 on the windshield, XR plus 35 on the sides and rear, and XR Plus 70 on the moonroof.
  8. midnighttinting

    Did I get a bad tint job on my car?

    I’d say get it redone elsewhere. They’re so many inconsistencies and sloppiness. That is just who they are.
  9. midnighttinting

    XR plus 70%

    I did an e36 with Plus 70 last month. His car was in great shape and he just wanted heat rejection. Good stuff
  10. midnighttinting

    Tape Window Channel?

    Yup, tape them
  11. midnighttinting

    Rear window

  12. midnighttinting

    White specs BG. Help!

    Many times it’s from the application process. Is the film curling? Maybe the film is hitting the deck or other parts while installing
  13. midnighttinting

    Visor strip cutting

    Hate cutting visor strips. Main reason why I’m getting a plotter. I have a 60” roll of 5%. I just pull out what I need and cut on the film handler
  14. midnighttinting

    What tint job do you have on your personal car?

    07 Bmw 335i with Xpel XR Plus 35 and XR blue 80 on the windshield.
  15. midnighttinting

    Do or do not keep doing dealership work...

    I don’t see the reason for dealership work. You should be able to get the work yourself, and charge what you’re worth. I do 4-5 cars/day charging 350-600 a car. Most dealerships want to pay $150/car, and i’d have to wait up to 3 months for the check. And id have to drop everything for the dealership if they call.