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  1. I m looking to start carrying their line of film just wanted some input from people who have used the film before good or bad ! Thanks in advance
  2. Too easy to pull anything off ...I'd tint them get the $$$ and be putting a down payment on one by the time y'all do all that !
  3. Yea that's a nice meter Tom...I may have to look into one of those ! I was told it is the total thickness of the unit but I will call again tomorrow and double check ! If it's just the thickness of the inner glass then yes there are a ton of films you could put on it ! Thanks for all the help guys
  4. I have a F2G chart and know how to use it but if the whole unit is 3/4" thick and the thickest windows they show on the chart is 3/8 thick still will be no warranty so the chart won't come into play. I agree 1" is common so if your tinting 1'' units on a regular bases what film are you using ?? what is the warranty ? I've talked with both suppliers for guidance if the whole unit is thicker than 3/8 they will not warranty it.
  5. Suntek & LULU
  6. The whole unit is 3/4" thick not each pane.
  7. Yea that's what I figured, but the handful of >1/2" that you know was covered with what type of film was it and was there any warranty with it ? I have a customer that isn't too worried about the $$ they just want the heat out ASAP !!
  8. I ve had more and more jobs come up where the windows are over 1/2" and my company said they will not warranty anything thicker than 1/2". I KNOW there has to be someone that will warranty windows that thick, I know some of you would put anything on them and say don't worry about it but I don't feel like having to pay for thousands of dollars of windows a year down the road because I put the wrong film on. Any info would be great Thanks.
  9. Our shop has been using Suntek HP films for 10 yrs now and has not had very many problems...IMO the Carbon lines are over and have more of a green look than a charcoal or dark gray !!
  10. Yea man its been tough, I'm down towards the Charlestown area in SC !!
  11. I am about to open up a shop and just wanted some ideas on some cool business names, I've got everything else together but this seems to be a tough part to me any input would be nice ! Thanks