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  1. davebheam

    Picked this up today

    hope everything is going alrite on the tint side as well!!!
  2. davebheam

    Picked this up today

    I also use that hammer it has a nice flat head on it.....they also make some screw on tips that have a slight slight curvature to them. that hammer has really helped me out sometimes when other tools cant. and u will def. like the extra tips and tip holder. I need another tip holder now myself. now u need some of those rods with screw on tips from ultra. I ordered some more dent tools the other day and its so much fun when they come in the mail. I was online on this other forum site and I thot to myself I wonder if diablos tint commented anything new on tint dude. haha good luck man I hope everything is working out for you on the pdr side of things!! there is so many tools out there it is just trying to determine what will help you the most with the type of repairs that you do. I want to order some more rods here but I wanna be cautious so I don't order something that is gonna sit around. Im looking for the type of tools that are the first thing that you reach for if you know what I mean
  3. davebheam

    still checking for new dent posts.....

    that's good to hear...im alrite.....yes I check that a lot too....I read it differently tho....I start from the day 1 posts and read it backwards....trying to take in every single post......you learn an awful lot doing it that way......and have less questions to ask in the end....I did the same thing on this site for 2 of the sections.....read....every....single.....post.......!!!
  4. davebheam

    still checking for new dent posts.....

    yes I still check this from time to time.....how have you been?
  5. davebheam

    TD T-Shirt Raffle

  6. davebheam

    Why does people laugh at window tinting?

    what im trying to say....is have fun with people like that....
  7. davebheam

    Why does people laugh at window tinting?

    lol I can think of a bunch of reasons....lots of reasons....why tinting is a real job that pays well.......a job where every tinter is trying to be the best, fastest and cleanest installs (because it PAYS!!!) the easy way to explain it is sooo many people try and fail at it....this is why people are willing to pay the most for the best install.....(not counting the cheapskates) some people only learn by showing them.....my advice is to show her the hundreds $$$$$$$$$$ that you get in only a few hours time.......I can think of a hundred ways to rub it in to people who laugh at you now.......the most important part is keep practicing now....... when shes at work (having to be clocked in for 8 hours per day) you go tint a car and say well I made 3 days pay and the only I problem I have now is what to do with the rest of my DAY!!!!!!! (say that while shes still clocked in)........
  8. davebheam


    that first pic is of the wiper channels.......and the second pic is a pic of the side view of them......there are different styles...the white one is different from clear ones.....the clear ones are from "trico flex" wiper blades......(different lengths)....I don't know what thee white one came from......I use these on slim foot and go doctor and ones I don't use every single day but still want to carry with me I still have to take a pic of the rubber ones from gm on the blue max.....
  9. davebheam


    thanks guys.....
  10. I work at different new car dealers and use the rubber door edge guards (the temporary ones that come on brand new vehicles off the car haulers) as a rubber protector to fit over the end of blue max and other vulnerable edges...... the gm ones work the best for me....but im sure theres other ones that will do just fine. the lot attendants and detailers on the car lots usually take these off and toss them away.....they are also able to be cut easily......they stay on decently well with no modifications and keep edge nice..... another idea that I use sometimes is....... theres also plastic V shaped channels that protect rubber wiper blades when they are new..... these plastic channels come on certain wiper blades and also work fantastic for covering the edges of tools if you are always on the go and bring tools with you......they protect the edges from everything else sliding around in your toolbox.....the plastic v channels (at the time of this article 12/7/16) come on TRICO wiper blades and always get tossed by mechanics.....its nothing to get 10-20 per day from a busy garage and they are easy to cut also. (HINT.....try to take the long ones (26-28'') and you can get multiple covers out of one blade channel) if someone doesn't understand what I mean ill take a picture...but im not around them at the moment or I would have..... these things work great for me and are always still on the next time I open my toolbox.....if you work in a fixed shop then you prolly don't wanna cover your tools.....but for mobile people...or just to protect your bluemax at least hope this helps someone.....did I mention they are usually free or thrown away........ask you mechanic friends for the wiper blade ones and detailers from new car lots for the door edge guards. they are plentiful
  11. davebheam

    First attempt at removing a ding

    clean the tab surface and the vehicle surface with alcohol also
  12. davebheam

    Any PDR questions, ask away.

    thats what I need to order next is the whale tail set.....that and some more glue tabs....theres so many tabs to pick from nowadays...lol almost too many
  13. davebheam

    Any PDR questions, ask away.

    did you ever have any experience using a dent dial setup for extreme repair and extreme pushes? i got one but i know im not using it to its full potential. same guy that makes the slapper tapper i heard u mention. who makes best set of whaletails? dentcraft right?
  14. and one more thing why this works so well....... when driving around town looking for glass doors you usually find 2 of everything shower doors come in pairs!!!! sliding doors come in pairs!!!! sealed glass dual pane is 2 pieces!!!! so usually when u score at cleanup days....you really score..... 1 night of driving around = glass peelboards for years!!!
  15. hi guys.....I read thru almost every single post on the tool section....and I cant believe how many people are expecting to pay full price for a peel board...... there is MANY ways to get them....... 1. ask your contractor friends 2. get in friendly with a glass shop and ask for bad sealed units.. 3. drive around and ask multiple glass shops.....some of the responses I read it sounds like the glass company didn't have one or the people didn't drive anywhere else......I can think of 3 or 4 glass companies that I know of to check in my area.... 4. RESTORE are a great way to find them cheap.....(recycle stores or habitat for humanity stores) these large pieces of glass are extremely easy to get as long as you are a resourceful person. I started tinting 8 years ago and my first 3 years I knew I was going to need a peelboard so I paid attention to large roll away dumpsters, contractor friends, etc........ the cost is always the same....they are usually free.......if you are someone trying to save money (aren't we all) the LAST thing you want to do is call a glass shop and say...ummmm can I have a price on a 40'' by 80'' glass.....(insert any numbers)......they are going to quote you so you pay through the nose!!! (unless you know them) HANDS DOWN THE BEST WAY TO GET THESE GLASSES -------> COMMUNITY SPRING CLEAN-UP DAYS.......in my area there is many townships who have a springtime (once a year) weekend where all the residents on the garbage companys route can throw away large items furniture tv stands, shower doors, large glass, unwanted glass, blow seal glass, storm doors, patio doors, more shower doors, mirrors, glass table tops. these large glass pieces sit in peoples homes and they wait for this EXACT weekend (once a year) to toss this kind of normally hard to get rid of items........check with your local communities to see who has spring cleanup days.....in my area theres maybe 30 townships and boroughs (in 30 mile radius) that have cleanup days and if you drive around the town on the day before they pick the garbage up you can have YOUR PICK of glasses....no joke....I have gotten about 15 large tempered and not tempered glasses this way (only used 2 of them so far) if your community or surrounded communities don't have cleanup days then id say find a restore......large glass is ordered by size and the chance of someone walking in there and wanting to buy those old USED sliding doors that are the wrong size are slim......unless its another tinter lol don't be in a hurry to get a glass....ask around....if you think you want to get a peelboard for your garage or shop the key to getting it for free is START LOOKING EARLY!!!! or go to spring cleanup days (same goes for plexiglass) corex board, plexiglass....(yes new cut pieces and good used) all these kinds of materials are found at cleanup days if glass isn't your thing