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  1. hello.....I am having a really hard time lately trying to install oracle 8300 vinyl on taillights.....I have done several......lots of them actually....I have a love hate relationship with that stuff.....lots of people don't come back but recently I had 2 people come back and say the edges are starting to peel back up 1-2 days later on some of the lenses.... I cleaned the lense first and then sprayed a water only solution down and stuck the oracle on the largest flat part of the lense first.....then I pull gently and used the help of a steamer with a water only solution also......the vinyl laid down fine and smooth....the edge was fine and smooth....I added a heat gun afterwards.....very lightly added the heatgun and the excess vinyl gets all floppy as its heated that much....it looked fine....clear up to the edge of the vinyl where I trimmed it.....then 2 days go past and the customer sent me this pic I had the film at the edge laying flat and fine......this was on a gmc acadia taillight 2016. I don't work with this lense film often enough.....its extremely frustrating. I used a soft thick felt card on the film and it was nice and flat when I was done.....no chance of it lifting for hours and up till they picked the car up.......previously when I had this problem a semi local installer told me I need to add more heat at the end....I tried that but this still happened. what the heck am I doing wrong...... the other lense that didn't stick for me was on a Hyundai veloster........on the huge curved bubble headlights.... I appreciate any feedback, tips, tool suggestions, or any kind of help. I am a member of many groups related to window tint, paintless dent repair, and auto detailing. I always offer solutions in times that I see where I can help but I am really at my wits end with this stuff..... thank you in advance everyone (that raised area was laid down flat for hours when it left my shop)
  2. davebheam

    Anyone going to MTE?

    wish I could go......have fun there....I heard its a lot of fun
  3. davebheam

    Picked this up today

    hope everything is going alrite on the tint side as well!!!
  4. davebheam

    Picked this up today

    I also use that hammer it has a nice flat head on it.....they also make some screw on tips that have a slight slight curvature to them. that hammer has really helped me out sometimes when other tools cant. and u will def. like the extra tips and tip holder. I need another tip holder now myself. now u need some of those rods with screw on tips from ultra. I ordered some more dent tools the other day and its so much fun when they come in the mail. I was online on this other forum site and I thot to myself I wonder if diablos tint commented anything new on tint dude. haha good luck man I hope everything is working out for you on the pdr side of things!! there is so many tools out there it is just trying to determine what will help you the most with the type of repairs that you do. I want to order some more rods here but I wanna be cautious so I don't order something that is gonna sit around. Im looking for the type of tools that are the first thing that you reach for if you know what I mean
  5. davebheam

    still checking for new dent posts.....

    that's good to hear...im alrite.....yes I check that a lot too....I read it differently tho....I start from the day 1 posts and read it backwards....trying to take in every single post......you learn an awful lot doing it that way......and have less questions to ask in the end....I did the same thing on this site for 2 of the sections.....read....every....single.....post.......!!!
  6. davebheam

    still checking for new dent posts.....

    yes I still check this from time to time.....how have you been?
  7. davebheam

    TD T-Shirt Raffle

  8. anybody else still check this forum......for pdr tips or advice.......