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  1. average amount of cars.

    I could tint more cars if people didn't come in or call but then again I guess if people didn't come in or call I would have no cars to tint.
  2. Bedroom tinting

  3. average amount of cars.

    I think 4 average cars a day is a good number for a good tinter as long as someone else is answering the phone and dealing with customers.
  4. 1 ply 1 mil Lifetime Warranty

    Actually a lifetime warranty on any film is crazy.
  5. solargard galaxie

    WOW 3 R&R warranty jobs next week with 2 year old solargard I am losing my ass.
  6. Looking to open a store need help

    A Business plan ,zero personal debt other than a mortgage and of course capital.
  7. To be 3M certified or not

    Whats 3m?:
  8. solargard galaxie

    On warranty work I don't get paid for?
  9. I use it every day but I fill the bottles fresh daily and clean out my spray bottles weekly.
  10. solargard galaxie

    Anybody else drowning in warranty work from this film? I made the stupid decision to use it for 2 years and it only holds up 1 and 1/2 to 2 years,I quit using it a year ago and still getting a steady stream of warranty jobs.
  11. Dealer tint comes as free add on???

  12. Pic of the Week #575 Submissions

    58 Chevy Truck 35 Suntek Cxp
  13. Garage Tinting and the Customer

    Yes make them drop it off
  14. graphtech plotter pressure

    My speed is set at 30 and down force is 15.
  15. Hard card