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  1. For the plotter experts

    The front fell off LMAO
  2. For the plotter experts

    Thanks For all the help guys It was one of the pinch rollers is bad guess I was over thinking things
  3. Geoshield ceramic nano

    I had it on my windshield on my ranger after 3 years it was startling to distort did block out alot of heat though.
  4. Tint off

    I am going to try Had a great time there in 2016.
  5. For the plotter experts

    Yep just trying not t wast film when I cut out a full car back window the last cut the corner is of by about a half inch were it meets.
  6. Pic of the Week #592 Submissions

    Full disclosure did post this about 4 months ago so I don't know if it counts. 57 Suntek CXP 35
  7. For the plotter experts

    Ric I know this should probably be in the plotter section but figured I get more responses here as I am desperate for a solution.
  8. For the plotter experts

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? settings maybe?
  9. Online training videos VS Physical training

    The only training I ever had was a VHS Training tape I paid $59 back in 85 you may learn faster with hands on training however either way it takes lots and lots of practice.
  10. I'm bummed plotter broke

    I currently have vinyl Express q42 I've had in about 8 years for window tinting only.
  11. I'm bummed plotter broke

    Looks like I'm going to be plotter shopping just curious what kind of plotter does everyone have and how long have you had it?
  12. I'm bummed plotter broke

    I'm so bummed my plotters been in the shop for a week and a half and they tell me they can't fix it.
  13. I need to ship my vinyl express q42 in for service anyone shipped a plotter before? looking for the best way to ship it with it getting damaged.
  14. average amount of cars.

    I could tint more cars if people didn't come in or call but then again I guess if people didn't come in or call I would have no cars to tint.
  15. Bedroom tinting