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  1. Learning from dvd

    My only training was from a $59 VHS Training video 32 years ago.
  2. Bubbles on defroster

    Scrub the back window with #0000 fine steel wool before tinting.
  3. Roland vs Graphtec

    Nope they didn't insure it Sigh warehouse blames Fed-ex and Fed ex blames sign warehouse, I closed my shop for a day and drove 600 miles round trip to hand it to them undamaged to avoid this but they ship these things on a daily basis and should of taken better care packing it as well as insuring it . This is the email I sent before I took it to them. Thank you Daniel since I have never shipped anything Freight before I decided I'm just going to go ahead and drive it up there in person on Wednesday next week the 22nd then you guys can repair it and ship it back to me thank you.Mike
  4. Roland vs Graphtec

    Stay away from Vinyl express q series from sigh warehouse I have an expensive q42/basically a rebadged Grapghtec fc8000 sold exclusively buy sign warehouse,sent it in for service they had it 2 weeks and said they could not figure out how to fix it,they sent it back Fedex (even though they told me if I sent it FedEx they wouldn't except delivery) waited a week to ship it,didn't pack it with any care or protection and didn't insure it ..Graphtec wont touch it because it a Vinyl express even though they made it.so I am pretty much f#$cked
  5. Ceramic films

    There are women who tint?
  6. Prices

    32 years since I started and the cheap sell on price guys will always be there,there are so many things hurting our industry right but you have to learn to adapt as things are always changing.
  7. G-wagon

    Nope the patterns suck.
  8. Ceramic films

    How long have you been using globals ceramic?
  9. Ceramic films

  10. Ceramic films

    With ceramic films getting more more popular just curious what everyone's Choice and ceramic films is and why? Trying to give customers a few new options without giving them too many options
  11. For the plotter experts

    The front fell off LMAO
  12. For the plotter experts

    Thanks For all the help guys It was one of the pinch rollers is bad guess I was over thinking things
  13. Geoshield ceramic nano

    I had it on my windshield on my ranger after 3 years it was startling to distort did block out alot of heat though.
  14. Tint off

    I am going to try Had a great time there in 2016.