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  1. My first question is Why are you on here posting as a guest ................ ? . From what i have been reading so far you are in the window film biz, however this question has been asked many times and the answer from the Top is the dry scrape method . IMOP that would Not be the best of options, I have seen many ways of trying to remove CDA with no avail on the rough side of the glass. I have been in the film biz for awhile now and I have an idea on how the removal of a CDF would be the easiest and safest way,. So I ask you why do you sell and install a film with CDF.......................................................?
  2. MikeMN

    1979 Corvette

    Try and not fall a sleep laying on your back cleaning and installing the film.
  3. Well seeing that you are noticing a sift as you call it in the last 6 months, I think contacting the company now at this point, would be a waste of time too have it reinstalled at their expense. if it bothers you that much an R&R is in order at your expense.
  4. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

  5. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

    Well, I better start looking for a new job.........😨
  6. MikeMN

    Installing frost with lettering

    I would use High tack pre -mask and also You could use some Rapid Tack 2 , sets up quick so you have to work fast.
  7. MikeMN

    What did you tint today?

    Did this one awhile back, 3M PR-40 and 3M PR 40 EXT.
  8. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

    I wake up at 4:15 everyday.
  9. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

    Check out the ..... Decorative film suppliers thread............. Rut-Roh
  10. MikeMN

    Decorative film suppliers?

    Take a guess, who do you think printed this job for me.......................... ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. MikeMN

    Decorative film suppliers?

  12. MikeMN

    Decorative film suppliers?

  13. MikeMN

    Decorative film suppliers?

  14. MikeMN

    Decorative film suppliers?

    Well Tom, what do you think of this printed film, would you install this.????????????????????????????????????????
  15. MikeMN

    Decorative film suppliers?

    We cleaned house awhile back.