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  1. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

    Man I am feeling old.
  2. MikeMN

    What did you tint today?

    View from my job today, 3M PR 70.
  3. MikeMN

    CoolVu Window Film | 75/50 Transition

    .............It is Cool Vu Tom, Not Cool Vue.........
  4. MikeMN

    commercial frost fixing gap

    True That............
  5. MikeMN

    What did you tint today?

    Some printed film I installed today. 19 of them.
  6. MikeMN

    CoolVu Window Film | 75/50 Transition

    I have installed that film on FG, Not a fan how it looks with shadows from frames and etc.
  7. Just us the X-100 on the outside perimeter 2" of the glass before applying the film, then edge seal and you will be fine.
  8. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

    That is Awesome...........
  9. That sucks, have you tried any vinyl conditioner to see if that makes it look uniform again, also did you respray the entire panel with the same solution and see if it looked the same overall.
  10. MikeMN

    Rain x

    Not sure if anyone has ever tried this. We had a request for a install that will be removed in 6 months PS adhesive. Anyone ever tried It to see if the film would remove any easier.....?
  11. MikeMN

    What did you tint today?

    A few jobs.
  12. MikeMN

    The Chat Thread

    how is everyone doing.............?
  13. MikeMN

    Frost across doors

    BTW, 3M Dusted Crystal 60", it is 60 1/16" wide.............Lol..........That is the way it is.
  14. MikeMN

    Frost across doors

    ............Actually 3M Dusted Crystal is 48 1/2" wide, Not 48".