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  1. pro-tect mobile

    Do Sunglasses Make it look Weird?

    Yeah definitely someone to pass on. Anyone that would rather have rock chips than see a little visual light distortion only while wearing polarized glasses is a little off.
  2. Would love to see some pics of that install.
  3. pro-tect mobile

    Can I fix this?

    Suntek is held on by static??? LOL. Ok. Danny it looks like he didn't post heat the mirror properly. Its definitely not something you can fix but it is still providing protection. Since he is so far away I would wait until he is in your area again or if you are in his area.
  4. pro-tect mobile

    Down or baby shampoo for PPF

    Do a search.... there are NUMEROUS threads on this topic.
  5. pro-tect mobile

    New to PPF - my latest install

    Great post. Fortunately you had a very easy hood to work on. One thing to note is don't waste your time waxing or applying a sealant before film installation. And if you are going to be doing this more in the future take a class. It will save you a lot of time, stress, and money.
  6. pro-tect mobile

    Long term lifting issues

    Yeah none of those issues here... but I use Suntek Ultra. Also I was shocked to see that much orange peel in that film. Damn my clients wouldn't be happy with that at all.
  7. pro-tect mobile

    PPF Installer Position Available

    Ahhh, this guy. Where did you copy and paste all that from???
  8. pro-tect mobile

    slip solutions

    I've never had to use a steamer... but don't you guys down in Houston just have to open your bay door to get all the steam you want? LOL, the heat and humidity down there is brutal.
  9. pro-tect mobile

    What's easier for you guys?

    Depends on what the customer wants first of all. Bulk installs take much longer and there is a lot more waste. If the customer will pay for the difference then I will bulk it. If not then kits are the way to go. I also have 8-10 cars I do more frequently than others so I have gone in and adjusted the kits patterns to add material (wrapped edges) and to delete badges, So when I bring up the saved files I basically get the same coverage as a bulk install but the plotter cuts it out saving me a lot of time and material.
  10. pro-tect mobile

    Where to start?

    All depends on the vehicle you are working on BUT its usually somewhere in the middle and working out. I have never done a bumper from the outer edge in.
  11. At least you have stripes. We have done some of the factory kit cars and having stripes to seam the film up along makes it much easier.
  12. pro-tect mobile

    How to element getting dirt nibs!

    We use a pressure tank... makes flushing areas much easier than spray bottles. It also minimizes the time it takes to remove the film and lay it. Also make sure to wipe down the sheet when removing it from the plotter. There is always a little static there so it attracts dust drifting in the air.
  13. You dug this thread up to most that???
  14. pro-tect mobile

    PPF Expectations

    That's interesting. I have never heard that term used before. From looking at the pic I thought it was from where the film had stuck to itself during the removal process. If the film is dry when it happens then you separate it the adhesive will get distortions in it that look very close to that. I use Suntek almost exclusively and have never seen the "cat tails" but will definitely keep that in mind if I run across it.
  15. pro-tect mobile

    Llumar Issues

    If you use an automatic car wash you will have a ton of swirl marks in it very quickly. I always recommend not using those as they are very rough on the cars paint.