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  1. Great thanks, I hate quarter glasses some are cake and some are a B%&*#...and 98% of the work I do I always pull panels unless I can remove the rubbers without having to take off the panel. Thanks again !
  2. I have a 95 camry coming in in the morning, I have searched and could not find any topic on this make and model and tips for this car ? its a strip and retint Thanks....
  3. Hey tinter's,I done a research on here and had no luck finding any slk 280 roadster on here. By any chance has anyone done this car before and this is a first for me any tips on this car ? 6 yrs experience Shop located in cincinnati OH And I meant the first time ever getting this car.
  4. What on the rear glass are you having trouble with..What method you using wet or dry ? That window looks near flat except for the top curve.
  5. This is brand new truck...some tips if your doing any 2011 4500 series. The seals come out very easily almost exactly like the 300c, one screw behind the handle..."optional" remove 1 plastic screw on each side on the panel up top and the piece that just pulls off at the top of the panel shaped like a triangle just cant think of the name of it. Tape your felt up and away you go !
  6. This is the final product came out perfect, 35% front 5% rear
  7. I never knew how to use the marker and figure how to cut film never had any luck, id like to see how its done using a marker instead of doing what I do. What I did was cracked the window, first cut the top edge then front, Squeegee the film in place. Then hold film at the bottom and lift, roll the window down till the part that pulls away finish my cut, roll window up till cracked again lift film up top spray some slip lift n cut bottom worked perfect for me...
  8. Hey tinters, I have a navigator in today and just curious to know how you guys cuts the rear roll ups ? When I roll the rear window down it comes out of the frame on the side towards the front of the window...any help ?? Thank you
  9. Film came off with no glue which I'm thankful for, and the rear deck came out easy thanks for the tips tinters
  10. Perfect, Thanks for your input
  11. Hey tinter's, I have a 2005 300c that needs stripped and re-tinted, I have read some others have said that when they remove the film on the rear glass the defroster lines come off ?? This is my first 300 surprisingly... Is this a common problem on this car, any tips on removing the film off the rear and be safe with the defroster lines? Or chances they will come off? If there is a high chance that it will jack up the defrosters I would rather not fool with it. The film has been on the car for 6 years now and color stable not sure what brand is on the car. Any advice would be appreciated.