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  1. VW bug challenge, I have seen the BG shrunk and installed in under 4min with heat guns. some films shrink faster and more then others. my film could never compete. torching is faster and safer then heat guns and consistent heat. with my snap on or mac I can do a 300 in 2 min or 40 sec with torch. 15 charger 2 min with torch or 10 with heat gun 1/2 inch off film. the torch saves 15min per car average reducing install time to 45min average with assistant. this lets me add one more car a day netting me an additional 15/hr. (mobile subcontractor) have to think fast and know your films limits torching and with a little practice you might get a raise yourself.
  2. 12v 180watt, might blow most acc jacks. so I put alligator clips on the ends to hook straight to battery. I also carry a 1200 amp jump box to power it or jump a car if the batt dies. 18,000 lumens, ok maybe a little overkill but I can see.
  3. after you get comfortable with shrinking your film, ditch the soap, dryer sheets and heat gun. just a touch of powder and a torch can shrink a BG in under 2 min. time is money.
  4. amazon $49 rebuilt it into a mountain T5 39 watt mechanics underhood frame. you can buy the spring brackets separate
  5. no plotter, no markers or peel board. if you want a shaved look you have to shift front and back or it will screw up your top edge. when I cut the sides my olfa usually never touches the glass. you make more mistakes with a dull blade then a sharp blade, so for doors the tip does not touch the car.
  6. I set up shops as well with a percentage split. my pitch is Dollars per hour. they have no material, labor or warranty. they call, I show up and typically make them a hundred an hour. Yes I use an assistant and train them to be tinters. as their skills progress have gotten completes to 35min while maintaining quality. Love it when they line them up.
  7. Stretch, pull, heat and pack? throw in a little prayer? learn to shrink the reverse curve. Old vid before i was old crippled and blind. before map gas and the 8000 tip, and what a blast from the past, that thing called a heat gun. God I wasted so much money on them. Same concept for old camaro's, berretta's or any backwards curve. lays like butter. Waiting to come across another, if we could take it out and flip it over, is it not a normal curve? so in my warped little world I want to snap the bottom which should then make it lay no problem as well. will vid one if I get one again
  8. loved the vid,,, needed a good 2 min roflmfao today!!
  9. gran prix BG today,,, just for you ,,
  10. when it is snowing debris in the shop, seconds if not 1/2 seconds count to get it in quick. And yes, the pizza toss is part of the "show"
  11. shoved crap in them back in the old days to hold them down. Now I shrink it and it lays perfect with little to no effort.
  12. fords can be slick and always thin my slip for them. cold winters here with low humidity caused a few challenges with tac. switched to ultra bond for a slip for the quick cure for winter and add a drop of J&J for hot humid days. I like the extra slip for the tighter gaskets and use a fushion 5ES to remove more water then a turbo can and activate the PS adhesive. I also seal the top and edges with a torch to set the film for the stupid custy's that roll them down leaving the store. have a couple vids to cure your problem with a heat gun or torch. got rid of my heat guns while back, kept pissing me off
  13. dont need one. heat the pouch not the edge. youtube Rob forbes reverse curve. even the berretta is easy once ya know the concept. If you are feeling froggy, when i was working on the peanut problem i worked on a compressed shrink concept. then I thought on a reverse curve, if you snap the bottom it might just lay flat no stretching. have yet to get one to try. been off work a month now, really wanted to test the theory
  14. took some getting used to, P2 is a little heavy for the side loop and bunches the pouch when full. pics showed the hook on the belt for P2 users. front pocket perfect for ez reach and triads. I use three different colors and can pull any easy without effort. Mini torch fits in the olfa replacement blade spot and I only allow one olfa in a pouch. shank and film stretcher (opaque marker) on left side. Inner inside pocket holds my 9 inch yell turbo then diamond wrapped in kawos in middle inner. gator and chisler on inside outer middle. fushion 5ES on right hoop and kawos for cleaning on left. main pouch for hooker, measuring tape and spotlight. close to being able to grab any tool without looking. Might add a funnel for easier access to fushion, hangs up a little. Just for the showboatin, smack bottom of fushion up and catch with hand, put a spin on it as I toss it to left hand to squeegee. Sometimes custy's watch, like to put on a good show
  15. more to the pouch then you know. bought some, we love them. going to see if he can make some custom ones, these are great for flat glass and automotive. the tools and way I tint want to see if he tweak it a little. worth every penny. bought 4 caps to match, little professionalism in the industry..