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  1. I should have moved to NOKO I was working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day (sat 6) 52 weeks a year kept asking myself and others "what is this strange thing you refer to as vacation"?
  2. Pain management monday, 3td MRI next week and possible surgical consultation. If, they sign off on disability the plan is my dog and I in a RV touring the USA visiting tint shops. If eyes do a good job, maybe ya'll can flip me some gas money LOL till then here I sit at your beck and call. You want some pointers, send me your vid. you want some hands on, come visit, still got places with cars that need done. only worked a few weeks this year, running out of internet to browse
  3. IMO it takes about a year of window tinting to get of the learning curve. so many different cars and tricks to many to avoid pulling hair. If you don't know, what you don't know, how can you possibly know? Fell in love with Blues music couple years back. decided to learn to play guitar, 7 notes, how hard can it be? A B C D E F G LOL I still really suck after a year
  4. so sorry, lets go back to everyone manufactures their own film
  5. many choices now for slip that will not harm film. carmax and burts bees is standard equipment for me to keep hands from falling apart
  6. I remember days I needed one LOL 13+ cars hey tip for ya on the scorcher days, buy teri cloth headbands in black. white ones got called richard simmons LOL rinse and light wring then toss in freezer. last 10 min or so then swap with a new frozen. keeps brain from over heating hope to have some new vids torching laminate, start to finish "dance" and some new toys. have to wait for a day I can stand a long enough. soft crease verse hard, soft wipes right out with a touch of heat, hard creases I redo. trick is having no hard creases and finding soft ones
  7. is the key word "was" in that question? up till 1993 Madico TG, AG and Al Worked for Ziebart International Corp. used in about 800 of our US stores 1994 ish sungard colbalt gorrilla stick. one of the first "contoured" film that would shrink and switched. went from teacher to tinter, suit and tie didnt suit me lol 2002 worked for a different franchise and used solargard NR and HP, HP sucked to shrink 2006 Shady Tints LLC and not so slim shady was born 2008 switched back to sungard, black purple,, I mean pearl. easy shrink, easy instal till madico bought them switched to proview films, carbon and ceramic. good product reboxed like the rest and good rep. 2017 disabled. still play here and evaluate new products. might have a new carbon ceramic 1ply nice scratchkote med-high aggressive adhesive and shrinks great. if it passes the tests, should come in about $250 a 60 inch,,, and ya dont have to buy a hundred rolls LOL to be fair, lulu is a great film, if I was tinting 2 or 3 cars at once it all fell off the car, never got past the rolled backwards stuff 3m expensive rebox
  8. many reports of glass exploding for no reason lately, ford has had many. my helper last year powdered a BG on a focus hatch, blew up before he got the film on the outside. yup, bought that one. read many reviews of other windows breaking with nothing around. tempered glass is like a crystal. small nick or scratch and it can break anytime. tiny piece of ceramic spark plug lightly tossed at a tempered window will make it explode. maybe impurities now in the manufacture process when tempered causing a stress point?
  9. good idea, will pass it along. gave up trying to tint
  10. Tape, only old felt, 10 seconds a door. or 5 min to redo if crap falls into it shrink, 5 seconds a door, insures no fingers and potential debris being sucked up and redoing it small flip line from top loading, 3sec mini torch, wait 3 sec(heat transfer) push out. Proactive versus Reactive, if 1 or 2 min of prep might save 5 to 10min redo, i'm all for it. schedule way to tight for mistakes
  11. Kewl, love a good puzzle takes some serious heat to pop tempered. I use three different torches for tint, 1 for BG, a mini for touch-ups close to moldings and a triple burner mini if I catch something after I pulled it out. I smoke, boat and its windproof, love it I would check your film roll, doubt its the problem, have seen many strange things in film over the years. the burned one my guess is vandelism, magnifying glass or torch. have seen rear and sideview melt from reflection off a tinted building. the other, lawn mower or leaf blower, check for other nicks on the car. do they work or park same place? is strange to have 2 back to back. any more details?
  12. Rick from Sun Distributing/Tint Squad has that tip, or almost identical. brass ones and I saw one with a swivel where the hose hooks up 248.469.0709 on the tool page $54
  13. salt in the softener is to clean the resin tank. should be no salt in the water. been on well water for 17 years, 3x20 pre-filter for iron and undisolved solids. 40k grain softener for the hard water. house filter have to change every 3 months or so, think its a 5 micron. they make another for after the softener in a 3x20 with 1 or 1.5 micron. filters cartridges are $10 compared to $50 for my fridge filter which I no longer have to change. so many things effect how slippery your slip will be, reason I am trying to make a tank with adjustable slip on the fly.
  14. dirt/dust control wet if not clean floors, rinse car if dusty before tinting. mist interior and ac/heat recirc, use cars cabin filter. fan and filter for the shop while preping, shut off when you hang. Under armour or other lint free wicking shirt to keep you lint free and dryer. BDU army navy pants are lint free, water resistant and last for years compared to 6 months on jeans. proper come with plastic belt and are metal free. $40 in Michigan. Merril water proof sneakers last and metal free. I love my under armour, upgraded to their socks, underwear and jacket. grow thumbs and 2 fingernails so you do not have to touch sticky stuff. you can tint a dirty car in a dirty shop in dirty clothes. just have to keep it from flying or falling into your film. who'd of thunk, geometry, gravity and electricity comprehension helps make you a better tinter.
  15. front, back and middle sides open. can keep one open for air. can't be worse then some of the shops i worked in, can't tell you how many times I or we came close to dehydration last summer. important to know the signs of it and preventing it.