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  1. first job $1.25/hr big upgrade to $3.35/hr auto aftermarket big raise $200/wk 6 days Always thought if I could get to $5.50 or even $6/hr I would be set
  2. percentage I prefer. Make as much as you want but you eat the redos. I charge the shops I go to a percentage. the number has not changed in ten years, but I have gotten a raise every year. Watch inventory, track month to month average, offer incentive bonus for keeping COM low
  3. little energizers are great, new ones 250 lumens BG's and shields
  4. glass primer is good, hard to cover large area and look good. varaprime or acid etch primer spray can, also rustoleum rusty metal primer sticks to glass.
  5. Peanut free since last post. 000 steel wool, like the old vetts with verticle lines, condensation/oxidization needs to be cleaned off. white scrubby misses the edges of the defrost lines due to thickness. noted tiny contamination that came from the grid. Probond increases bond strength and speeds dry time. high flash point, charger need to rewet towel for second half. bonds film to old frits like fords gti no glue necessary. bonds film to defrost lines!!! shrink how ever you want. shady back to 2min charger & 30 sec 300. yellow turbo to squeegee, love the prohandles but need a soft turbo to conform to the lines 900 degrees seems to be the key. cheap, worn or low temp guns give less peanuts. 1200 degree gun running close to film gives more peanuts. So low and slow is quicker then a hot gun or torch. Rapid tac 2 works great if you do get a peanut. peel back, spray full strength soft squeegee turn defrost on for 2 min.
  6. 3 cars peanut free!! Hate slowing down shrinking so came up with another solution. Probond Cleaning I recommend steel wool to clean the grid. standard white scrubby was not cleaning the corrosion or oxidization off the lines or edges of lines. Rember the vetts with the vertical lines? Scrub them shinny or get peanuts and debris off the lines. probond was wiped on sides and across lines. yellow turbo to squeegee out. softer turbo removes more water wrapping around the lines and not creasing the edge of film to lines.
  7. Orange is the opposite of blue. not sure if it would work or if you could even find a light film with orange hue.. remember green crap woman put over pimples before make-up to hide them. Was told back then green was opposite of red to cancel.
  8. Years ago I saw one that was hex or octagon shaped. old or watch display from a store I think. aprox 2ft high 1ft wide with the rotating base. each piece of glass had 3 types of film same shade. as it rotated the custy could compare the different films of same VLT and feel the heat difference. What I liked about it was no sharp edges in the showroom for kids to play with. I have used wow boxes for about 5 years in my accounts, known problems are, momentary switch on top purse or something left on top and glass broke off/on switch left on, again glass broke on shelf custy sliding glass and it falls (bolted to wall now) exposed edge yes some one got cut Conclusion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If we attempt to make something idiot proof, eventually they will make a better idiot! Summary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think we should eliminate all warnings, cautions and owners manuals from all products, and just let natural selection take care of our ever increasing intelligence issues in society
  9. If anything breaks in your house, usually $125 just to show up, then hourly. small jobs I figure shipping cost and drive time to cover expenses. sometimes more then the actual job. I do try to pre-qualify customers. why do you want tint, how many windows. a example of what the cost is for tint. patio door 6 or 8 foot cost X I get a lot of custy that want to look out and no one able to look in. If you drive to a house, measure the windows and they don't buy, up to X hours wasted. Last year I borrowed a $12/hr employee for a day. true cost to the company came to $35/hr from the time I picked him up to the time I dropped him off. I Purchase decorator from Proview, UV printer up to 72 inch, 1 day ship to Michigan and graphic artist on staff. dont do much but so far so good
  10. lots of options to choose from. fair commission varies by market, go to your competitors and apply for a job to find out. help wanted ad, top pay, interview your competitors employees. I have an assistant, for prep and clean up on salary. steady income, full time summer par time winter work. if I am open 9 to 6 and it takes me 1.5 hours to tint a car I make X 6 cars 1/2 hr lunch. with assistant takes 1 hour and can tint 8.5. do the math for your market. what do you make a car, cost you a car does the difference support an addition? total sales/invoices per year = what ya make total overhead per year/invoices what it cost ya you can break it down by week, day or by employee. can be a eye opener to know what an empty bay cost per hour
  11. i've been watching your vids. Doing a BG in under 2 minutes is awesome! How much does that blow torch help with that? Could you do your method with just a heat gun? yes, started with a heat gun, went to propane ts4000 tip. finally ts-8000 wider hotter tip. Good heat gun hits 1200 degrees, once you get it moving I ran the heat 1/2inch off the film. not as fast as torch but a hot BG and knowing your film wont be two far behind
  12. Ryker method is great method. I can not run 2 heat guns in most my accounts. You have to find what works best for you, then figure out how to improve your methods. My method of tinting changes constantly, I vid myself and others to study later. over ten years of comparisons, sometimes fun to look back and get a laugh
  13. big one is nicer and built better, unfortunately will not fit in my car. box fits in pass side back seat in front of 36. on floor 4 extra map, butane small tub with a dozzen tri edge ez reach glue probond. dr rear jump box, steamer towel bag of spare blk/wht bull dozers etc and 3 spare P2 and short 50% & 75. between frt seats, planner coffee & thermos bose blue tooth speaker (gotta have music) dash storage has mileage book spare pens 4 50pk olfa blades yes it is a 2 seater car
  14. great question!! people hate powder because of the mess. Back in the day I was pretty good at seaming, couple decades later, "defrost line? what flippin defrost line" reason for everything right? IMO men go blind as we age because woman always know when we lie. So, when they ask, and we reply, " honey you look as beautiful as the day I met you, technically I am not liying if I take my glasses off (as I grab a different pair of glasses to find and correct the the typo i just made) I buy the small trial/travel size baby powder and you have enough for 2 maybe 4 BG's on your glove. Your baby powder will go bad before you ever use a small one. And as always, the question is always "Why" Baby powder, Talc are used to absorb moisture. Heat most everyone knows rises. If you get in your car in winter, the windows fog. Flush your toilet on a hot day, condensation appears on the outside of the tank. Air compressors have a drain valve on the bottom. Heat is attracted to cold. Air contains moisture (humidity). compressors have to be drained because the compress the moisture in the air and settles on the bottom. Your breath, warm and moist collects on your windshield because it is cold and on the toilet because the now cold water in the tank attracts the moist warm air in the room. Everyone still with me? You baby powder begins to go bad as soon as you open it absorbing moisture. If you pull a colder car into a warmer shop, windows fog on the outside and baby powder does not work wet.. turn rear defog on when pulling it in and you will use less or at least let it warm up. You now will use 1/10 what you do now. if you still need more on the window, buy new powder. The BG is the heatsink to stop the shrinking process. ten times easier and faster shrinking a hot BG compared to a cold (explains ryker method) I will burn through a piece of film in under a second with my torch, film off the glass, takes 4 or 5 if it is on the glass
  15. here is the tool, great for automotive