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  1. never tried dirt off. Ultrabond is a good slip and has a drying agent to help in winter months. add a little J&J on hot humid days when more work time is needed. peanut prone vehicles I use Pro-bond after basic cleaning to prevent them. If I was still tinting I would consider a separate cleaner for windows to insure grease and silicone removal to prevent potential issues.
  2. been using them, work great for checking the vehicle before pulling it out. for cutting I still like my 180watt 18,000 lumen work light.
  3. no more problems with peanuts. I use probond on the grid and frit and sticks with no issues. strong cleaner degreaser to clean and start car, turn on defrost to heat grid before you hang if you do not have probond. rapid tac 2 if you get peanuts, peel back a bit and spray straight. stuff dries quick.
  4. Welcome to Tint dude plenty of vids here or on youtube, type of film, heatgun and many other factors. have some on my channel, Rob Forbes
  5. You need to do some research! estimate all your operating cost for a year. rent, utilities and phone as well as labor, insurance and material budget for opening and continued advertising. quiz, last place you worked, name 5 business each direction and across the street where you worked. I estimate 20% cost of sale for material and 10% advertising. how many cars do you have to do per year to make money?
  6. Over the years have used many different ones. soft black in the 80's and switched to yellow, then blue and tried orange and red. Large turbos often left more water and the film textured as it dried. smaller ones give more pressure per square inch but then take longer. switched to fusion 5ES with blue max and noticed a haze instead of texture and faster cure. pro-handle is slower and more awkward for prep. Best of both worlds. Use a yellow turbo cut 9 inches for quick prep and squeegee with a long angle on one side for reach. the yellow can flex in your hand to adjust to the curve of the window. final step use pro-handle for max water removal
  7. Was mobile for 11 years in Michigan. past couple years been hitting -15 at times. Have always tinted inside a shop and alter methods for the cold weather. Inform customers the car has to thaw before it can be tinted. sucks when the slip freezes on the window when ya spray it. Tell them heat and defrost on and car warm before they arrive. leave it running in parking lot. DEMAND 70 degrees while tinting in shop and 20 to 30 min wait time before pulling it out. Switch to drying agent in winter like Ultra-bond and seal edges with heat. Use pro-handle and extra pressure to remove excess water. make sure BG is warm before shrinking.
  8. squeegees get glazed over time, run them thru a hard card sharpener to get a new edge or a little 220 grit to remove. some scratchkotes don't slide well with any squeegee, leave it a little rough its thats the case
  9. like in my one vid, figure if I keep talking, they can't. history of film during 2 doors on a truck LOL other fav thing, pop the trigger on the torch a few times and say " don't try this at home we are professionals" most walk away as the flame hits the car had many owners/managers freak as I started to torch, just said " this is how the big boys get it done" and they hide did an aveo shield in a new account, torching on the inside. owner with no expression watching. poked my head out and asked "this don't bother you?" he replied "not my car" good for a laugh. not fond of an audience, but try and put on a good show when i do with some spinning tools and flipping squeegees. anyone remember tom cruise in cocktails or coyote ugly? takes some practice but lots of fun
  10. old school tricks of the trade smooth or rough? take clear wrap off a pack of smokes or similar. put couple fingers in and slide across surface. used to do that to check paint on cars, amplifies rough spots cheap scratchkote on many films, just have to be more careful. couple tips. soft cards pick up more dirt then harder ones 220 grit followed by 600-1000 and rinse even on new ones to remove debris cover cards with kawos, perfect or miracle cloth. rinse, reuse separate cards by color. i use yellow tri-edge for flushing, orange to seal edge and ez-gray, gator and chisler for touch ups mist everthing around window and peel area. one spec falling will leave deep scratches. frames, gaskets roof, under side view mirror if peeling off car filter shop air and no opening or closing doors when hanging. have had dirt fall from ceiling into BG and shields when peeling off car. lift feet when walking, do not walk with glue exposed in same direction if you wash car, wash before and rinse after. keeps dirt out of shop
  11. I should have moved to NOKO I was working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day (sat 6) 52 weeks a year kept asking myself and others "what is this strange thing you refer to as vacation"?
  12. Pain management monday, 3td MRI next week and possible surgical consultation. If, they sign off on disability the plan is my dog and I in a RV touring the USA visiting tint shops. If eyes do a good job, maybe ya'll can flip me some gas money LOL till then here I sit at your beck and call. You want some pointers, send me your vid. you want some hands on, come visit, still got places with cars that need done. only worked a few weeks this year, running out of internet to browse
  13. IMO it takes about a year of window tinting to get of the learning curve. so many different cars and tricks to many to avoid pulling hair. If you don't know, what you don't know, how can you possibly know? Fell in love with Blues music couple years back. decided to learn to play guitar, 7 notes, how hard can it be? A B C D E F G LOL I still really suck after a year
  14. so sorry, lets go back to everyone manufactures their own film
  15. many choices now for slip that will not harm film. carmax and burts bees is standard equipment for me to keep hands from falling apart