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  1. Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

    Watched a video on Facebook about this morning about this. I defiantly want to try it.
  2. holiday special (black friday)

    Just noticed that was you Justin. Hope all is well.
  3. Corners peeling off

    Are you installing with the window up swap meet style?
  4. holiday special (black friday)

    Years back we started closing on black Friday. People want to be out mall/big box retail shopping. It has always been a dead day for us.
  5. It helps so the adhesive doesn't catch when stretching the film causing chicken skin.
  6. Roland vs Graphtec

    Just find a old DGi that they used to use with computer cut. It's like an old Chevy 350. Nothing fancy, its loud when it runs, has no bells and whistles, is an ugly cream color. You will have a hard time finding anyone that knows anything about them. But that's all ok, because they run forever without any issues.I use Rolland blade holders in mine and they work great. The parent company is Newstar Omega. So when you are looking up the driver that's what it's listed under. I would have to look but I am running under something else on my DAP software.It's a Korean company. They still sell them but I just think no one in the US is distributing them anymore. New they are not cheap, but you can find them second hand for a great price. You can get some parts and cut strips from knkusa.com.
  7. Defiantly try J&J. I used dawn with Suntek also, it doesn't play well with Ultimate Plus. Also try a spray carnauba wax on the panel before install. Lightly wipe it on and then let it haze over, then install film.
  8. Film Question.

    Just call it the luck of the draw.
  9. Last One To Post #906

    We need a can of worms emoji.
  10. Shop misleading customers

    @CostaMesaDave I am really glad you chimed in. You must be doing it right for people to be so worried about your business. As for the "Carbon" thing. IMO just some industry BS to sound good to the consumer. Weather Wincos is a nano ceramic or not, it is a top tier performance film that beats out half these ceramic films any way.
  11. Whats up BOSS!

    Ya. My wife say's "just take the money and talk crap about them when they leave"
  12. Whats up BOSS!

  13. Whats up BOSS!

    Looking for some feed back. I am 41 years old. Have owned my own shop for most my adult life. We have what I think is a nice retail shop. We have a good name in our area, work on a our share of higher end cars. For the longest time, and now seeming to become more prevalent in the last 5-8 years I am getting the " Hey Boss or Hey buddy" even a "big guy" now and then. We have a huge amount of younger guys(18-25yo) that do the summer sales stuff that are like this. Couple that with a very arrogant attitude. Mostly Vivint since it is headquartered in our area. I find it to be very patronizing. It drives me out of my mind. Probably more then it should. My wife thinks I am overreacting. Does this happen to you guys? Does it piss you off? I hold my tongue for customer service sake, but I become short with these customer.What say you?
  14. Tools

    After replacing to many Red dot's I started give a the first set of tools. If they are worn out they swap them for a new one. If they lost it they pay for a new one.
  15. Other then Quick Books

    Does it have a quick conversion to quick books for accounting? I have seen some other that do that.