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  1. Last one to post # 872

    One of my best friends owns a European auto shop. We were talking about this last night. He has what he calls an asshole tax. When someone is hard to deal with or is just an all around dick, he doubles his price. He just looks at it as compensation for his time dealing with these types of people. If they shop him and go someplace else because of price, well, even better.I think I need to start doing this also.
  2. Tesla Model 3 Warning

    I have realy like it. Have no real complaints about the film at all. I went from Global to this. I use Xpel Ppf also so it made it nice to order from one place. I love Global, but it is not a brand customers can do much online research on. Xpel may not have a large presence in the tint world yet, but it has a solid trusted name in PPF so I think that can carry over into tint when customers are looking a it from a brand stand point.
  3. Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Shrinks great.
  4. Is this normal looking?

    Just take a look at any of the cars around you that are tinted and have dotted boarders. They will look the same.
  5. Hair in window tint...

  6. tesla

    I think you should rethink not doing the Model 3. After getting the first couple under my belt, I love the money from them now. I know you do a lot of Crystalline so I would say just don't do them in that. If I remember correct you are also Lulu dealer? Use CTX on them. They really are not bad at all.I just ordered 60"x25' of 35% and 20% for the back glass. I am however staying away from the windshields. I do think you are spot on with the model 3 customer assessment though.
  7. Benz no start and now air bag light.

    The common issue is on the newer Mercedes, CLA being the most prone. The push to start module is in the rear and is susceptible to water.
  8. Business Name ideas

    How about just "Veteran Glass Tinting". Keep it simple.
  9. Cutting in DAP.

    The PPF patterns are second to none. The tint patterns are the best I've used also as long as they are in the last few model years. The older tint patterns are hit and miss. I believe they must have just been purchased and loaded in from another company to fill back log. The software is a bit constraint on manipulating and altering patterns.
  10. Cutting in DAP.

    I put this here because I didn't see a DAP section in the plotter threads. When I am cutting in DAP, and say I cut some windows or PPF, then I want to cut more off the same roll that's already loaded in the plotter, if I don't hit origin the film will suck out of the back of the plotter. I know its not a plotter setting because non of my other programs do it. I called Xpel an the guy said that's just they way it is. Has anyone found away around this? I know hitting 1 button is not a big deal, but when it is forgotten it eats our cut strip. Using a DGI plotter. .
  11. Most annoying customers

    We started doing 2 blocks for the day. First block is drop off at 9am-2pm second block drop off 1pm-6pm. All PPF jobs are now dropped at 9am and pick up next day.
  12. How much time and headache did you save using a better pattern? Whats that worth to you monetarily ?
  13. Do you squeegee the panel before you lay the film? I peel from a glass peel board mounted to the wall. Back rolling the film has never been my cup of tea.
  14. Insurance

    You will more then likely have a deductible. You wouldn't want to claim small stuff like that or your rates will rise.
  15. Just look at a pic of that Alfa. Good luck with that.