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  1. Jake

    Suntek CXP vs CIR?

    No it was always sh!t. haha
  2. Warranty is a interesting issue. I wonder if techs would need to be trained to do in house warranty's .
  3. Jake

    Brand New Shop Coming Soon!

    WOW! That is beautiful and unique. Very nice
  4. When i built my basement out I did frost on the shower doors. I had the doors off and mixed them up and did one inside and one outside. It's been about 4 years now with out issue. But I would say the outside is a better option.
  5. I feel to be able to do this at the factory level it will need to be dumbed down quite a bit. Meaning the installs will have to be able to be installed by a "worker" not a craftsman. They will not be able to risk peel up after the car ships, so it will more then likely not even be close to the edges. Also any complex curves/areas will have many relief cut and different pieces to accommodate ease and speed of install. It will take business from the aftermarket that's for sure, but it will also make our installs seem that much better to the customer.. I'm sure PPF manufactures will put a spin on it and say how it is beneficial for us and say it will bring a new awareness to the product... I could also see it blowing up in Auto manufactures face, becoming more of a headache then its worth and, will not be a option for long.
  6. Jake

    2019 Jetta

    I have done probably 100 of these with out pulling the rear deck. Passat and Jetta. The last couple I have pulled the deck, and will be doing so from now on. I feel its worth the extra time.
  7. Jake

    DGI Om-100

    Call Accugraphics. 800-268-3672 they know the DGI plotters and sell parts for them. Ron is the man to talk with.
  8. Jake

    Did I get a bad tint job on my car?

    I wouldn't call that damage. Its rubber. After a bit in the sun it should just relax back.
  9. Jake

    Scratches in adhesive

    Try using felt on your card. It slides across the film way better also.
  10. My wife's Audi A4 has Xpel XR Plus 35% all sides and back. My F-150 has XRblack 35% fronts 15% over privacy rear and 70% shield.
  11. This is definitely a issue. the problem I found with ordering online is if something is back ordered you don't find out at the time. Then later in the future it just shows up. Problem with that is you more then likely have already had to figure something else out. It has gotten better the more time goes on I would say. The tint side of things has probably grown more rapidly then they expected. I called for some white frost film to try out on a small job the other day. I just needed 25ft of a 48" roll. I was told the flat glass film is only available in 60" full 100ft rolls. Now not cutting down auto film is one thing, but that's not the way the flat glass industry works. I believe it will get better as time goes on. Film projections will also be better as they get more history to go off of to keep film stock up.
  12. Jake

    Bubble heating coils

    Search for "peanuts back window" you will find lots of post with many different solutions.
  13. @Combover Some people that post issues with a tint job they have gotten are just being overly picky. I believe are are being very reasonable with your concerns. I understand the quarter windows on these Camry's are quite tight, but i believe they can get them better then they are now. A silver of a gap is one thing, but that gap is a bit big. The front doors are obviously a redo. If the back doors and back glass have been done well that tells me they have the ability/skill to do the other windows better. Politely bring your concerns to the shop and they should have no problem correcting them. Every person in this industry weather they admit it or not has had a job that they would not be 100% proud of. It's how you take care of it for the customer that will set you apart from the hack shops. Good luck.
  14. Jake

    Changing our film line up

    Sounds like a good business practice to me. One of the reasons I like being a Xpel dealer. My rep has actually called me to talk about another shop looking to carrying the film, to get my opinion of them, and if it is someone I would like to represent the brand in my area. As for reps not getting back to people, that's definitely a put off and should be addressed.
  15. Sounds like they don't have or want to put out the coin to stock a higher cost film.