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  1. I do not because we do not do paint correction. Ceramic coating are starting to be everywhere. Unfortunately I don't think that's a good thing. The guys I know that do it spent many hours and are extremely meticulous with the paint. Now it seem many guys just slap it on and go.I think it's going to cheapen the product.
  2. Did I get a bad tint job?

    Not all cars are the same to tint. You could do 2 Silverado"s in the amount of time it takes to do an accord.
  3. I have not used the Titan XT. Out of the other 3 I would put them in order from least to most Suntek Ultra then S-tek Dynosieild then Xpel Ultimate plus.
  4. Tesla Model 3 Warning

    I have 2 this week. I ordered a 60' roll.My buddy has done a hand full and that is what he said it needed.
  5. Last one to post #848

    It's 4:00pm Friday, been at the shop since 5am, and my last car just canceled. Weekend here I come.
  6. If you want more tack I think dawn will be more suited for your install style. I think it rinses better. As far as IPA, I use 15-20% alky to water mix. But that is with 70% IPA.
  7. Meth Bust Due To Illegal tint

    Had to be Utah. haha Ya H.P. here loves tint tickets. I would say they also had a tip though. The tint was just a easy reason to get pulled over. Why did they search the car to begin with. Wonder if it even had Utah registration?
  8. Solarfx and global

    I was told the same thing about a year ago. Possibly made by Garware also so they have agreements between each other. Just speculation here. Either way you get a great film which ever you use.
  9. Water bubbles In PPF

    I agree. I hate getting the weird look when I go to the pharmacy to buy them. You don't need a prescription to buy them.I always though "if I am a drug addict wouldn't you rather have me use clean needles". I ended up ordering them online. I only use them one time so they are super sharp. I bought 15 boxes of 100 needles, so i would have to get any for a long time.
  10. I opened a shop years ago in Idaho. I am in Utah. Had a old employee running it. I put up all the money to get it started. The deal was as soon as my investment was paid back he would have 50% ownership in the shop. My thought was he would have ownership their for he would run it like it was his own. It lasted about a year and cost me a ton of money as I ended up having to buy out the rest of our 3 year lease and shut it down. If it is local to you it maybe a different story. I used to have no problem getting good employees that stayed long term. But in the last 3 years or so I can't even get anyone decent in my shop now. Maybe it's me getting older and just don't have the patience to train anymore.
  11. Water bubbles In PPF

    How so? Every PPF installer I have ever known will use a hypodermic needle to pull out a small air pocket if needed myself included. I have never once seen an issue.
  12. Straight 70% alky will burn the adhesive. Most installer will use anywhere between 10-20% 70% alky to 80/90% water mix. Cleaning debris from the edged of the film will work best with a soapy water mixture. Then use an alky mixture to rinse the soapy solution to tack down.
  13. masking countertops

    I have a friend in Vegas that has been doing a lot of stainless elevator panels.
  14. Llumar Issues

    Did they give you a warranty card with the install? In the Suntek warranty (same film as Llumar) it states "to prevent lifting do NOT use automatic car washes". That being said, in our area we have a large car wash that has monthly memberships. If we told all clients they can not use it we would loose a lot of jobs.We do a good amount of PPF. We have had some lifting from the car wash, but it is rare and we warranty it. You have to remember the film is meant to be removed. When you go through a car wash with a billion psi of water spraying on the car if it catches the edge of the film it can lift. Also wrapping edges will help stop the chance of lifting. IMHO all ppf jobs should be wrapped where possible.