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  1. Best way to remove film?

    I just use my tint solution. Never found any chemical to work better then another while bagging. For back glass glue removal I use spot shot carpet stain remover.
  2. Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    Are you a solo operation Tom?
  3. Best way to remove film?

    Bagging in the sun is still the best way. I have never liked a steamer for removal. In the winter no sun for us. I got a few IR curing heat lamps and used those with the bagging method. Works like a charm.
  4. I have never done one so I am just stating how I "think" I would go about it from the picture. I would start from the center and lay the film with out any stretch trying to work the film flat as I move outward. I wouldn't put any stretch on the film until I got to the flatter area around the edge. I know this will have a lot of fingers to work out but I don't think you could stretch the film and get it to stay down in the valleys that deep.One shot on a hod like that sucks. I would have a roll over nighted so you have a chance to redo it if you need to.
  5. pattern issues

    I used FVD when I first got a plotter. The patterns were very hit and miss. I have used DAP for the past year. I can say the patterns are way better. What I chalk it up to is how the patterns are being sourced. FVD patters are submitted from all different shop around the country. So consistency is an issue. DAP patterns are all made in house and tested before they are added to the system. This is for newer patterns for the past few years. Old DAP patterns are not always as good because they had to get back log from existing patterns that were not made by them. But, if you are looking for that perfect micro edge every time from a plotted pattern, it's just not going to happen. DAP is as close as you are going to get with out hand cutting though.
  6. That speaks volumes to global coming from you.
  7. Exterior windshield protection products

    Also ,other then the cars that have a high dollar shield retail cost to install is about or more then the average windshield replacement.
  8. Exterior windshield protection products

    Nothing. Because non of them last in a place that has any kind of winter. I see a use for high end cars that see track time but it will still need to be replaced often.
  9. out of retirement

    Some down , some up!
  10. Wax before installing XPEL

    Come on man. Let the cat out of the bag!
  11. Wax before installing XPEL

    On some parts like mirrors I use Speed Wax. Not the Lucus brand. It's on amazon. It's just a spray carnuba wax.
  12. Taillight/headlight tint

    I've used both. Seems very similar for install. I think you can see the air release a bit more in the Vvivid.
  13. Taillight/headlight tint

    @DynamicATL Are just getting the Vivid stuff of the website or do they do wholesale?
  14. Different in different regions I guess. Unless you say 3M here in Utah no one knows what your talking about.The funny thing is we have no 3m dealers around us.