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  1. Check out this video about flow on.

    That's really cool. I felt like I was watching an old Dog Town skate video or something, but it was about tint.
  2. Good on them for switching it out for the customer. Our dealers around here would just have some crap touch up guy do it in the parking lot and call it good. I feel new car quality is going south quick. I see it in glass and paint the most , but that is what I stare at all day. I also am not say one way or the other that it didn't happen while getting tinted. But people don't look at cars the same way until after they have a service done. I point things out to people all the time that had no idea about it. But I bet they would have noticed it after we worked on it. This isn't so much directed at your situation, but something is defiantly going on with Tesla. I have work on many over they years but the 2018's are not looking great. I have done 4 brand new Model X P100D's in the last couple weeks. Two Full body PPF wraps and two full front clips. All got front window tint. The paint has been horrible on all of them. Dirt nibs in the paint, even seeing wavyness in the body panels. We have a white one in the shop right now that looks like the mirrors have so little paint on them you can see the black showing through. The one we had last week had scratches all over the roof glass on the outside. The owner said he saw them when he got the car but it was to much of a hassle to deal with. Not to mention thing like having to close the hood a certain way or it will bend. Really! Sorry that turned into a rant.
  3. Cuts on glass

    And then you get the customer that wants a new car out of it.
  4. New Tint Shop Need advice

    The customers you will get with the low pricing are coming for the low price. They will refer friends for the low price. If and when you want to bump up to what you want/should be charging you are starting from the beginning, because all those old customers will leave for a low price someplace else. Also like everyone else above said, you will be working on some pos cars.You are spending a premium to carry 3m. Use the name to your advantage.
  5. I'm bummed plotter broke

    I have 2 dgi plotters. You can find them cheap used and they are a work horse. never had an issue and i got mine used. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but that's just less to brake.
  6. I would let this one walk. He will be a torn in your side.
  7. It's not a thing of some films do it and some don't. It is the polarized sunglasses catching light at different angles. Had a lady complain about it once. i explained it was the glasses. then look looked at me and asked "what are you going to do about it"? People are crazy.
  8. Anyone Shaved With a Ruler?

    Don't think it needs to be sharp. It's like back blading with a olfa.
  9. What I mean is the confusion was when they wrote the bulletin
  10. Probably confusing ceramic with metal films.
  11. Tint graphics on hair salon

    Blown away.
  12. I have found this to be true also. High end exotics customer seem to be pretty happy and cool for the most part. They don't sweat the small stuff as much. I account this to them having bigger things to worry about. Also when you get to a certain level of car you really can't stretch your self to get one. Meaning they didn't put their lively hood on the line to afford it. Now when you get into the mid level stuff like vett's and M3/M5's and the such, watch out, your in for some inspector gadget stuff.
  13. Long term lifting issues

    @PaintProtectionPro Just like social media makes people in daily life feel like their lives are somehow inferior to other from all the great stuff people post to make their lives look perfect, the same thing goes with all the install pic's and video in our industry. Although i am sure the install in this video is done well, it's a promo video for customer to be amazed. It's made to look like everything goes perfect. Doesn't show the whole story. I do everything I can to make sure our install are as good as can be.That being said we have all had installs that could have been better. Some will never admit that and say "every car they have done is perfect", but we all know that's just not true. I always wonder why do i see all these amazing install on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all the time, but never see them in the wild? I made it a point to start to see installs from different areas and states that I thought would blow me away. At the end of the day in person they were good , some even great.But nothing really that I hadn't seen before. An install can only get so good. There is no magic that can make it better. You are still putting a film on paint. I have been using Xpel exclusively about a year now. Going from Suntek I feel a lot more confident about edges not coming up.With Suntek I was getting issue with lot tech's blowing up edges with the pressure washers, and mirrors creeping back a few weeks down the road. Since i have been using Xpel I haven't had it happen once.Not saying you can push anything down and have it stay, you still need to be mindful about it. It was a learning curve to make the change to the Ultimate. But now with the Ultimate Plus the ease of install is a lot better.
  14. Stubborn fingers on window

    Also to note. See how the finger is coming up on the area your cut is choppy? Make sure your cuts are smooth, the film will lay down better/flatter that way.