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  1. @Combover Some people that post issues with a tint job they have gotten are just being overly picky. I believe are are being very reasonable with your concerns. I understand the quarter windows on these Camry's are quite tight, but i believe they can get them better then they are now. A silver of a gap is one thing, but that gap is a bit big. The front doors are obviously a redo. If the back doors and back glass have been done well that tells me they have the ability/skill to do the other windows better. Politely bring your concerns to the shop and they should have no problem correcting them. Every person in this industry weather they admit it or not has had a job that they would not be 100% proud of. It's how you take care of it for the customer that will set you apart from the hack shops. Good luck.
  2. Jake

    Changing our film line up

    Sounds like a good business practice to me. One of the reason I like being a Xpel dealer. My rep has actually called me to talk about another shop looking carrying the film to get my option of them, and if it is someone I would like to represent the brand in my area. As for reps not getting back to people, that's defiantly a put off and should be addressed.
  3. Sounds like they don't have or want to put out the coin to stock a higher cost film.
  4. Find out if switching is a option first. I called just to try out Solar FX a few years back. I told them I used Global and was informed they wouldn't be able to sell to me.Probably a boundaries thing.
  5. Talked to this company at sema. Does anyone have any info on them. THey said they are launching in January .http://www.flexishieldusa.com/
  6. How long have you been installing film?
  7. Jake

    Bad tint job?

    What kind of car is this? Not a Lexus NX by chance is it?
  8. We install XR black everyday and haven't noticed an haze. I have 35% XR plus on my personal A4 and no haze that I have notice either. But it has a very blue color to it.
  9. Am I mistaking thinking 3m dealers are not supposed to be selling film for DIY use?
  10. Jake


    @Lauren @ FlexiShield Can you clarify something for me. You said you are a manufacturer in Arizona. I know your parent company manufactures other products In AZ. Is your PPF (flexishield) also manufactured in AZ also? Not trying to imply it is not. I have just heard some chatter saying otherwise and want to clarify?
  11. Jake

    EWF slip-tac solution?

    I will third this. No matter how much i used it would tack almost instantly.Seems I always try the new slip solution when it comes out and always end up back with JJ.
  12. So what this test tells use is we should all be using the Suntek 10 mil then. Hahaha.
  13. I don't do much flat glass work, but I am surprised this hasn't been more of a concern in the industry that i have seen anyway. The last job I did was for a friends newly built shop. It was bad. The triumph blade would scratch with even the lightest pressure. I did end up just cleaning with a scrubbie and installing the film. But I am concerned about a future removal. I did a bid yesterday and test the glass in a bottom corner. Same thing scratches very easy. Not sure what to do.
  14. Not trying to be a fan boy but, we used FVD and TintTek before DAP. I feel the DAP patterns are way better IMHO. But like Jeff said above, it is the patterns for the last couple model years that i am referring to.
  15. Jake

    Do or do not keep doing dealership work...

    I would say if your business can stay busy as you want without dealers, do it. I have many reasons I would want to be 100% retail but chasing money has never been one of them. Every time I have seen shops not get paid from a dealer it was because they had failed to have all the correct paper work and po#'s on their end. I am talking new car dealers. Now the small used places would all be cash on delivery.
  16. Look up Protective Film Solution in Orange county. I'm sure they have done many.
  17. Jake

    Am I tripping?

    Here is my . Are you being to picky? Yes and no. The dot matrix sticking in 2 little spots is over board. They look good to me. A tinter can't control that 100%. The dots them selves are inconsistent on cars most the time. Saying your car would not have scratches because it is a 2018 is not a good argument. It's more then likely over a year old now. Take a trip around a car lot and look close at brand new cars and you will find scratches in the glass. Ford especially. Glass is being made so cheap now it gets scratches from the wind.Lastly darkening a window makes scratches stand out more. You may have not noticed when it was clear.Not saying they did not do it but ,saying because it is a 2018 means they did is not correct. The other stuff take back and see if they can do something about it. Remember though, every tinted car will have a sporadic dust spec here and there.
  18. Jake

    Whats up BOSS!

    Looking for some feed back. I am 41 years old. Have owned my own shop for most my adult life. We have what I think is a nice retail shop. We have a good name in our area, work on a our share of higher end cars. For the longest time, and now seeming to become more prevalent in the last 5-8 years I am getting the " Hey Boss or Hey buddy" even a "big guy" now and then. We have a huge amount of younger guys(18-25yo) that do the summer sales stuff that are like this. Couple that with a very arrogant attitude. Mostly Vivint since it is headquartered in our area. I find it to be very patronizing. It drives me out of my mind. Probably more then it should. My wife thinks I am overreacting. Does this happen to you guys? Does it piss you off? I hold my tongue for customer service sake, but I become short with these customer.What say you?
  19. Jake

    18’ Audi A5

    Don't remember it needing felt but not 110% . But I don't think you need to pull the panels. Isn't it open frame?
  20. Jake

    2015 Cla 250 Mercedes

    Just a heads up. We had them start working again after a couple days.
  21. I don't respond to post like this normally, but I am seeing it all to often. I understand your not trying to, but this is a slap in the face to many here. You say your extremely determined to start a business? Just any business, or a tinting business? But your not willing to sacrifice and do what it takes to do it right. This is a major issue in our industry. I'm all for new up and coming people, but it needs to be viewed more seriously. Although I was young when I started, I was married, and took quite a big pay cut to go apprentice in a shop and learn the TRADE. In the beginning of our business we struggled for a good amount of years. We invested 10's of thousands of dollars upfront. Even 18 years later it it can be hard at times. So if you really want to enter the window film industry, put in the time and sacrifice to do it right. It's a trade just like any other. The only difference is it has no regulation for entrance. If you just want any business and tint looks like a easy one to jump into, you will be in for a rude awakening. I know some will not like this post, and say "don't worry people will just come to you for the redo's" but I don't believe that's the case. It is a thorn in the side of the window film industry.(automotive mostly).I'm not trying to be rude. I hope you do start in the tint life ,correctly, and thrive in it.
  22. Jake

    The Chat Thread

    Haha. I was expecting it to be a bit off . That's horrible. Might as well do it yourself. He learned from youtube video's. 🤣 I have gone home and shaved my head after a bad hair cut before.
  23. Edge Prep/Probond is a solvent. If you put it on a before install it is going to dissipate for lack of a better term. Use it right before you press the area down. Just let it dry for a few sec and it will stick.
  24. Jake

    Straight cut / reverse curve windshield

    Are you referring to if it already has the pattern in the system, or you have away to make the curve in the program? Because many cars still don't have a pattern for a straight cut strip and some none at all. I hate visor strips to begin with, but am in the minority that I don't like the straight cut ones. To me they look like a smiley face on the glass.
  25. Yes everything is different on them.