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  1. Ive caught one like it with a brand new olfa blade, seems like some makes of cars have softer glass so like simon I always use a thin spacer
  2. easy
  3. Not sure if in the right section Had a custy want to get some writing done on there rear window with company details etc, however his wife hates having the rear window blocked. So is there any vinyl you can read on the outside but not on the inside, and its just lettering and not a full decal...... cheers folks
  4. learn to walk before you can run
  5. made me giggle when u told me
  6. civics are easy, harder cars out there
  7. cant see it
  8. come to england stan for a
  9. You been to Thailand? There is a third, so I'm told
  10. x2 !
  11. and frightening with a torch he his, I run away when he picks it up
  12. good
  13. Good idea and if it has faded then complain to you know who. (not me) wouldnt cpmplain to you as you dont work for them, fuggin hopeless idea
  14. Alright smart ass I'll put new half way over it and compare it and see if its different.