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  1. Flat glass installer subcontractor needed by 3 installation companies that work together on projects. Safety film and Graphics installation a plus. None of us do cars but are often asked for that service so the car film business would be totally yours. If you are a car installer and would like to learn flat glass let me know. dbullard1@tampabay.rr.com
  2. oahudrew

    Frost across doors

    Here are a few examples of office privacy film installation. We mark the opposite side with a dry erase marker and put a level line on it. Pulled the strips on a film handler. The bottom right install was the easiest because I used 36" film. If you can't remove the handles you only need to split the film right at the handle and seam it.
  3. oahudrew

    residential window film suggestion?

    You have to use an exterior film or you will probably damage the windows. Solargard has several options and a 7 year warranty on Outside Weatherable films.
  4. oahudrew

    Bedroom tinting

    I am in St. Petersburg Florida 3 miles from the Madico factory so I use them a lot. Optivision works great but you should look at their film to glass usage chart on double pane windows and be cautious.
  5. oahudrew

    Moving to Sarasota Florida(need advice)

    Google tinters in Sarasota so you can position yourself in a good location. Lots more people in Tampa or St. Petersburg.
  6. oahudrew

    Decorative film suppliers?

    decorativefilm.com solargraphics.com
  7. oahudrew

    My attempt at doing window film art lol

    Cut the bands on a plotter or film handler, mark a level line with tape or dry erase marker on the opposite side of the glass, double check with a level before you finalize the install. also check out decorativefilm.com
  8. oahudrew

    Office Frost Vinyl Jobs - Transfer and Pricing

    Take a look at decorativefilm.com for off the shelf graphics that work well for most offices. Also Solargraphics.com
  9. oahudrew

    Flat glass film removal

    If the outer layer will peel off you can wet it down with heavy soap solution and use that or put a leftover liner over it to kept it wet. When you see it starting to look milky the adhesive is starting to loosen and you can use a floor scraper from home depot on it. Triumph makes a heavy duty scraper also. Be very carful not to jam one of these in to the frame because it could chip the glass.
  10. oahudrew

    Red Coloured window film

    SolarGraphics has the most colored films
  11. Film handler with extensions for safety film
  12. Your windows are unique looking. Are your sure they are not laminated? Laminated glass has a thick piece of plastic glued between 2 panes. Your pictures also look like the windows are double pane which is for insulation. When you knock on a non laminated pane of glass it kind of resonates. A laminated pane thuds like you are hitting wood. The laminated pane could be inside or out. Contact a window replacement company if you have any questions. Safety film would hold the glass together if it gets broken but most residential frames do not have enough space to use a wet glaze attachment which glues the film to the frame.
  13. oahudrew

    Best Security Film for a retail store

    I have been installing safety film since 1997 and have several clients across Florida. I would be glad to give you a quote if you provide the dimensions.