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  1. PPFdistributing

    Applying PPF profitable?

    A few things to cover. First, yes it's profitable when you make the investment to actually learn and practice. Going to a class is just scratching the surface and will arm you with the tools of knowledge to use in PPF, but knowing and using are 2 different animals. The amount of time it takes individuals to learn this craft can vary, but my numbers that I use are usually pretty accurate. It takes about a dozen cars to get comfortable with the film you are using. That means dialing in the solutions, knowing the stretch, figuring out the right tools, etc... It takes about 50 cars under your belt to get efficient with your installs. That means maximizing your time, minimizing your film waste without losing the quality of the product you are pumping out. Once you have about 50 cars, you'll start to learn more tips and tricks throughout your tenure that will make the installs easier or cleaner. The estimated investment to which I think is realistic is $10-15k to get started and moving forward. You are going to burn through plenty of film just trying to hone in your skills and get to the point where you can move forward. I can tell you that PPF is more profitable that Tint and Detailing. If you are a one man show, you should be able to avg. at least $200/hr. once you get through those initial 15-20 cars.
  2. PPFdistributing

    Range Rover PPF full hood

    You shouldn't need either of those. Just a little heat underneath to get the film to grab and tack should do the trick. I've done several of those without needing any type of adhesive promoter. It's not necessary.
  3. PPFdistributing

    MERCEDES G63 2018 and 2019

    it is different
  4. PPFdistributing

    Minimizing Material Waste

    Take those 60" rolls and cut them into 36" x 50ft and 24" x 50ft. Short cut would be using a band saw but ideally you would want a professional slitter so that you have a clean edge when you cut. You could also cut them in half so you have 2(30"x50ft) so you now have some different sizes. I concur with Jeff and respond that only offering 60" is very limiting for you.
  5. PPFdistributing

    PPF cutting software needed

    Have you looked into PremiumShield and our cutting program Cut Studio? We certainly have something great to offer and are constantly updating our database on a daily basis. PM me and I can share some more info on our product and software.
  6. PPFdistributing

    Dry application of PPF

    We have dry apply electronics film which is very specific to the electronics side but could be used for similar application. You can PM me.
  7. PPFdistributing

    Tesla Model 3 Suntek Ultra Ppf w Trucut

    I would work on your alignment from hood line to fender. When you are not doing a full front end, it's one of the first things customers will notice when it doesn't match up.
  8. PPFdistributing

    Paint protection Film Spray ?!

    It's been done before and failed. Won't be as consistent and reliable as film is. Plus, you spend more time taping down the areas you don't want covered than you do installing. Turnaround time for film install will also be faster.
  9. Or you could go to an advanced training course and learn in person. Sometimes other installers would be willing to spend time with you at there own shop giving you some tips to help. The amount of installers is not vast for the world of PPF. Network and link up with others so that you can have a group of professionals to lean on. How to videos are much harder to make with PPF because its a clear product so things like chicken skin or silvering are very difficult to see with video and are much better to see with the naked eye. You'd be surprised what some of the good installers out there are willing to share if you ask. But that knowledge is earned, not just given away. Just some food for thought Aden.
  10. Tisk tisk Jeff. Shouldn't you be recommending your gel.............
  11. PPFdistributing


    Jeff is right. Where in most cases bulking a full hood is much easier, there are definitely instances where hood scoops in the hood could cause someone to lean towards a pattern or modified pattern so that they are cutting less on the car. Knife scoring skills are still something that is learned, not taught. So early in your learning process, be careful when and where you are willing to make that risk to cut as it could be costly. Patterns now are fitting better and better with better coverage so relying on them can be something more consistent in present day.
  12. Video came out well Pete. Simple and straight to the point.
  13. PPFdistributing

    Where to start?

    I disagree with drtint on the pattern side. I know from our design team's perspective they design the bumpers most of the time to be installed starting from the center. We also have a mapping system in place within the software to point out where to start and where to go. I would think a majority of bumper patterns would start from center and then move out but that is more so based on the drawer of the pattern itself.
  14. PPFdistributing

    Llumar Issues

    Agreed!! That just looks like a notch in the corner used as a relief point so that when you wrap to the corner, it doesn't pinch and start lifting. So I don't think you have any lifting issues at all.
  15. Try and use a heat gun to speed up the cure process so that the drying happens sooner. Should lend the chance to trim faster. Obviously don't melt it but use the dry heat to help with the evaporation. Then let it cool down for a few min and then you should be able to trim.